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Part of You is a puzzle adventure, puzzle platformer and visual novel. In Part of You, you are a person with amnesia and you need to find your identity. On your journey, you will meet colorful characters, explore the weird world of Hacksaw Springs, & use tools to flip, change, & rearrange characters’ faces.

Awards and nominations

Dazed Awards 2013: Nominated for Best Game Award.
Gamescom 2012: Named Best Indie Game (German).


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Official Website
Board Game Geek Entry
Part of You on Tumblr

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Category:Webcomics in print
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Limitations and perspective {#jgh312177-sec-0028}

Using a case‐only study design limits our ability to infer a causal association in the observed effect. A study population with more severe disease than in this study population may demonstrate a different pattern of PPI use in those with IBS‐C. Observational studies cannot prove causality, but it is unlikely that the degree of weight loss in IBS‐C is related to the PPI response.

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Removing or recording the history of a file that has been downloaded?

I am currently trying to create a mock up of a security system. I have made something that will download a file and print it to the printer. I am wanting to see how secure it is so I have been downloading an extremely sensitive file (a spreadsheet of my bank account) to test things. When I use a program to download a file it records the path of the file in a log. This will be a huge disadvantage as I will be able to see exactly which files I have downloaded because it has a log of their location.


Features Key:

  • Amazing 2D graphics
  • 32 scenes with Hollywood movie pictures
  • New and improved game mechanics
  • 16 Characters: Joker, Sherlock Holmes, Leper, Dragon, Princess, Julia, Little and Old Man
  • Amazing sound effects
  • New collection of stages: Club, Restaurant, Party and Boxes
  • Free Gameplay and 45 Balls Bonus packs
  • A special place
  • Prizes – 9 bonus game balls and 5 replicas of the Free Game Play
  • Availabe on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Forum and Bandcamp
  • The Adventures of Marion, #1

    Zaccaria Pinball – Marion,

    • Anna is Marion and the King’s daughter! Marion has to go around and save her kingdom from the evil King…
    • The heroes are taking Marion to the city of Olympia to save the princess Chastity, the powerful Wardobe the Dragon – the Fire Lion and the counterfeit King-in-law, in which Chastity is being held captive.
    • Marion is a princess in a kingdom by a wicked King, he devoured the princess Chastity, while Marion holds a weapon that can bring the Fire Lion to life.
    • The master of fire is after the princess Chastity and after that, to destroy his enemies who have helped him. Marion has to go through this kingdom in order to find the evil King and save the Princess Chastity. However, Marion is in this adventure alone, there are no heroes beside her. Is it worth it?
    • The story is full of intense action and beautiful graphics.

    Zaccaria Pinball – Marion,


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    In a year of Onrush, Bioshock Infinite took first-person shooters to new heights. The studio has announced that it will return to this world on May 26 with the Bioshock Collection, bringing together the three games in the franchise (Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite) for the first time ever.

    Bioshock Infinite includes the entirety of Infinite, along with all DLC that went along with it. That means the special edition and Batsuit DLC will be available, as well as the official poster, in-game card, and all three soundtrack CDs.

    The day the game was released, if you went to the Steam store, you could download the demo for just $4.99. We put together a video review and told you about all the important features.

    On the same day, you could get the bundle for just $29.99. It comes with all three games, the official poster, all the in-game cards, and all three soundtrack CDs. You can see our video review for that one, as well.

    Bioshock Infinite is the studio’s masterpiece, including everything in the original game plus all the DLC. For the $40 price point, it’s the best deal you can get. Check out our video review above.

    Bioshock Infinite also comes with the official poster and all three soundtrack CDs. They’re available individually as well, but the bundle is the cheapest way to get them. Check out our video review above to see how the soundtrack sounds.

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    Bioshock Infinite has now been rated by the ESRB. It received a rating of “Mature” for “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Drug Reference, Use of Tobacco, Occult Reference.”

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    Bioshock Infinite did not only reign supreme at the Game Awards, but it also won a slew of Game of the Year awards, including from Polygon, Kotaku, and VG247. There was just one problem: the game doesn’t come out until next year.

    Mark Darrah, executive producer of BioShock Infinite, admitted as much when discussing the game’s quality with Edge magazine. “There’s only one perfect game, and it’s not out yet,” he said, “so let�


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    – 3D ambient graphics designed from the ground up
    – Attractive garden themes.
    – Each level consists of 50 different plants.
    – The game is in English, German, Spanish and French and playable with a controller or keyboard and mouse.
    – Key/Mouse button assignment:
    – G
    – Asterisk key:
    – Arrow keys:
    – Press and hold the SHIFT key to activate the inventory and –
    – Arrow keys to plant or tap on a plant:
    – Movement:
    – Space bar:
    – Menu:Q:

    How to set a one-way binding in Angular2 – to show info in one component, and be displayed in other component?

    I want to
    I have two components



    link 1
    link 2

    Set comp1
    Set comp2

    My 2 components are very similar except their class name and router outlet.
    When the buttons are clicked, I want the two components to exchange information. The reason for doing it this way is that I’m using the existing project structure, and would prefer not to refactor things.
    To my understanding, there isn’t a one-way binding to accomplish this. What should I do instead?


    You could simply set the variable within the router outlet from your header component (header.component.ts) :
    import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’;



    What’s new in Void 21:

      Ghostkin Capers is a Spaghetti Western action comedy film directed by Manolo Blahnik and starring Hong Kong actors Benny Chan, Peter Chan, and Tatsumi Than Ga. It was released in the United States in 2002 by International Video Group, under the title Doctor’s Ghost of Slaughter Bay.

      During a duel a rescue worker is buried alive. A patrol moves in to dig him out and discovers a parasite in his chest. They are attacked and almost killed by the parasite. It begins to disintegrate and they believe they are over safely. Almost immediately their convoy is attacked and set on fire. As they emerge from their vehicle one man is killed by a bullet from a fallen comrade, and a second man can be saved only because he is wearing a gas mask. One of the others, later named Cop, is so enraged by the parasite’s actions that he attacks it, chopping off its head. The rest of the squad goes to his aid. They find the remaining parasite growing inside the victim’s upper back. So they smear the group with liquid soap, soap the corpse and the remaining parasites, and scan the area for more.

      The parasites explode and Splatterhead (who appears to have just had a heart-transplant) starts to flee into the wilderness. The squad chases after him and discovers that not only are his feet providing the body’s propulsion he now has wings. The squad attacks him, killing him. They locate his medicine and find out that they are located on a toxic island, which they begin to loot. Instead of drugs it contains psychotropics and other medicines. They all succumb while high. One of the squad comes to and passes out from an overdose. It is saved by a bottle of wine. But when it comes to and takes up with a bottle a sharp-tongued lady, the squad has to split up and hide, leaving some in the wine’s bottle.

      Ridethon (A former Soldier of Fortune accomplice) is now a big shot living on an island with his family. He has a new identity and set up his businesses. His source of income is shooting criminals and asking for a bounty. When told of this by his wife, he becomes angry, thinking he was only doing this to make money and now accuses her of lying to him. His “family” is all that is left of his former comrades. His son, Race, is revealed to be a psychopath since birth, and both of them are obsessed with destroying


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      If you enjoyed farming in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, then you are going to love this new experience in Farming Simulator 14. Now, not only can you reap the rewards of the land but also the results of your hard work. Although the game has also received a new player interface, you can still use all the functionality that was included in the original game.
      *Complete your personal story in Free Play mode and get your crops growing
      *Participate in Competitions to give your community more pride
      *Experience the new layout and new activities that you can do in FarmStory and the new Theme Parks.
      *Start your own farm for free in the new Quick Start Mode and get yourself and your farm a boost
      *Play with 3 other people in Multiplayer mode in local and online multiplayer.
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    System Requirements For Void 21:

    Titan Quest: Lost Kings is a single-player experience, which means that you play as the titular hero, Ammon. You can play with friends over local Wi-Fi, play with other people on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One, or use online multiplayer with another titan.
    I recently purchased Lost Kings on Xbox One and was surprised when I realized it was actually the second Titan Quest on the Microsoft console. The first is Titan Quest, and the new one is a remaster of the original.
    It’s worth


    Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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