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Keeping track of changes and checking whether they have introduced any new problems into the software is probably developers’ main concern, which is why they often rely on additional programs to help them analyze their code base and specify the design rules that need to be observed.
Such a tool is Visual VBDepend, an advanced and comprehensive software solution aimed at programmers who work with Visual Basic 6, as it can significantly simplify the process for them and spare them from a lot of useless effort, at the same time.
Highly detailed yet suitable user interface
Appearance-wise, the utility can be slightly overwhelming, particularly for novices, but tech-savvy individuals will surely have no problem navigating the numerous menus and tabs, to obtain the result they need.
The start screen of Visual VBDepend allows users to view recent projects, create a new one or open an existing file from their computer. At the same time, they can compare two versions of a code base and identify differences.
Code analysis and comparison operations for Visual Basic developers
When starting a new project, users can work with Code Query Linq (or CQlingQ), a set of over eighty rules and queries provided for them and which can easily be customized to meet their own needs, as well as yield the necessary results.
Moreover, Visual VBDepend offers around sixty code metrics pertaining to code structure, organization, classes and more, that can be applied to the application, projects, packages, types, methods or fields, as required by the developers’.
What is also quite helpful consists of the fact that different versions of the same code base can be compared, allowing users to swiftly identify evolution or regression in their project, going beyond regular text comparison techniques and identifying comment and code changes, or what was added, modified and removed from the file.
An effective Visual Basic code base analysis tool
Overall, Visual VBDepend proves to be a feature-rich, professional-grade program that developers can rely on for thoroughly analyzing their projects and comparing code base versions to emphasize all sorts of changes between them.







Visual VBDepend (2022)

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Visual VBDepend review – how to automatically detect and eliminate obvious bugs in your code that may reduce code readability

Many people often feel frustrated during the software development process because they tend to introduce bugs in the code they write. Some of them are obviously visible to the naked eye (e.g., spelling mistakes), but they may be far more subtle. Unfortunately, it often happens that such problems remain undetected because there are no adequate code analysis tools to detect them.
Taliya, the developer of Visual VBDepend, has addressed this problem and created a highly effective set of coding rules that help developers identify some common coding issues that, although they are not visible to the naked eye, can negatively affect the readability of source code. Visual VBDepend tool can automatically analyze your project and provide you with a detailed report containing these issues. This report will help you to find and eliminate coding problems that are often overlooked by developers.
The software will help you to:
? Automatically detect the most common issues in the code such as unused variables, uninitialized objects, missing variables, code duplications, and misspelled constants (i.e., Constants misspelled as Constant or Constants misspelled as constants).
? Automatically detect forgotten reference to modules and designer objects.
? Automatically highlight methods and properties that have the same name but different signatures.
? Integrate the software into the development process, so it can work in parallel with your VB development tools.
Visual VBDepend Review:
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Visual VBDepend review – a highly effective and easy-to-use software that can help you to automatically detect and eliminate errors from the codebase

Automated code analysis is a crucial task that can prevent many bugs from sneaking into the source code by revealing those areas that are prone to programming errors.
The Visual VBDepend is a fully-fledged tool that not only easily integrates with Visual Studio but can also analyze individual code files regardless of their type or source language.
The tool will help you to automatically detect and eliminate errors with

Visual VBDepend [32|64bit] 2022

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Professional Visual Basic code base analysis tool

Identifies the evolution or regression in the projects based on comments, code changes and other code modifications

Particularly effective when it comes to pinpointing code changes and different changes in the project

Perfectly suited for searching for problems in the project and fixing them

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What’s New in the?

Visual VBDepend allows analyzing projects for bugs, creating rules, and generating message boxes. It supports automated searching for in-built and third-party libraries, including Ionic and JavaScript libraries. It has features for building and testing ios apps, and runs on both Windows and Mac OS.
Agnostic since it can also analyze Java programs;
Supports generating code snippets;
Includes VB6 project generators;
Compiles project files and offers diff reports;
Supports project and file templates.
MSDN Documentation:



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