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With the aid of Tiff Teller you can view detailed information about PDF documents and TIFF images, as well as compile reports and customize a wide array of settings. This is a simple-to-use software application that contains intuitive options for all user levels.
Clear-cut setup and interface
After a fast setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble, you are welcomed by a user-friendly interface, represented by a large window with a clear-cut structure, where you can use a built-in file explorer to navigate disk directories and locate the files you want to examine.
View file properties and manage files
The program shows the name, extension, full path, date of creation and last modification, number of pages, size, description, height and width (in pixels), physical height and width (in inches), along with the compression level for each file.
It's possible to view file properties just like in Windows Explorer, filter files by type (e.g. only PDF or TIFF), delete, rename, copy or move files to other locations, customize the columns to display (e.g. minimum and maximum height and width), as well as define actions for copying, moving or deleting files.
Documents can be previewed, and you can zoom in and out as well as change the page orientation. Tiff Teller also lets you print information.
Compile reports and configure numerous settings
When it comes to generating reports, the tool puts a wide range of customization options at your disposal. For instance, you can pick the output format between Excel, text, ODS, Word, CSV, ODT, RTF, DIF, HTML, XML, LaTeX, PDF, DBF, SQL, and other file types.
In addition, you can choose the columns to include in the report, edit the date, time and currency format, create a header and footer text, allow captions and set their width (e.g. file name, page count, size), and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
There were no stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the program didn't hang, crash or prompt error dialogs. It had minimal impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM.
To sum it up, Tiff Teller comes loaded with a surprisingly rich set of customization options for generating reports with various file extensions using data obtained from TIFF or PDF docs. It's geared toward all user levels. No recent updates have been made, though.


Download » https://tlniurl.com/2slWI2

Download » https://tlniurl.com/2slWI2






Tiff Teller Crack+ Download [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

Tiff Teller is an application dedicated to the analysis and management of TIFF and PDF files. It allows you to preview and extract information from TIFF and PDF documents, and identify, sort and manage such documents, such as images and archives. The application also supports bulk TIFF and PDF document operations, including the ability to generate reports.

The compact interface clearly shows the file type, creation and modification dates, file attributes, description, page count, etc. You can also extract and alter any data you want, including generating reports based on fields and index values.

The program supports advanced file operations, including copying, moving, renaming, compressing and extracting files and archives. You can even extract data from scanned images using high-quality extraction tools. The application features a large number of options to define analysis and management settings, including filtering by file types, file attributes, page ranges, and file sizes, as well as enabling the preview of the individual pages of the selected file.

This software is compatible with the freeware version of TextPad and Notepad, and you can also create your own personal databases and reports using the supplied database features. The program supports the HTML, XML, CSV, XLS, DBF, SQL and PDF formats for exporting data. It also permits you to edit, open, compress, split, merge, convert, extract, copy, move and print files.

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Tiff Teller Crack + With Serial Key For PC

It has been long since a graphical program was developed in-house to evaluate and manage TIFF documents. Tiff Teller can produce reports in PDF or Excel formats. A report can contain images of TIFF and PDF documents, as well as detailed file properties. The program is simple to use and works on all types of Windows platforms. Download Tiff Teller to have a custom solution for easily viewing, managing and compiling reports for TIFF or PDF documents.

Tiff Teller Client

This client is the official component of Tiff Teller. It supports the creation and management of reports with a wide range of file extensions, including PDF and TIFF docs. Besides, the program lets you view and remove multiple files at once.

Create and manage a wide range of reports in PDF or Excel formats, and also compile a report from the TIFF images

Filter files by type, remove multiple files at once, and compress multiple TIFF or PDF docs

View file properties, preview documents, and customize them to your needs

Print a report, customize the header and footer text

View TIFF image files

Support a wide range of file extensions

Edit header and footer text

Compress and expand TIFF images

Support customizable settings

Tiff Teller Client supports Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista/7/8/10.

Tiff Teller Client Requirements:
Tiff Teller Client is a standalone program. There is no other component within it. Since it is an application, you should have Administrator privileges to use it.

Tiff Teller Client Size:
3.8 MBytes (1943 KB)

Tiff Teller Client Installation:
First of all, you need to download the client itself (a 19 KB program). After installing it, launch the application and locate the TIFF Teller folder in your system. A shortcut to the program is also automatically generated.

Tiff Teller Client Review:
Tiff Teller Client is a nice-looking tool that supports creating and managing reports with a wide range of file extensions. The program compiles a report from TIFF image files, and it can also produce PDF reports. Moreover, it helps you view file properties, preview documents, and customize them. It has an intuitive interface. The program is simple to use.

Tiff Teller Client Requirements:
As you can see, there are

Tiff Teller Crack +

With the aid of Tiff Teller you can view detailed information about PDF documents and TIFF images, as well as compile reports and customize a wide array of settings. This is a simple-to-use software application that contains intuitive options for all user levels.

Tiff Teller – Tiff Teller Description

Free Download Tiff Teller – Tiff Teller torrent freeware/freeware/trialware/demo/reviewQ:

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What’s New in the Tiff Teller?

Tiff Teller – Simple but powerful PDF document converter.

Tiff Teller Overview:

Convert pages, panes, images, table of contents, bookmarks, footnotes and more.
Easily convert over 200 file formats and image formats like GIF, TIFF, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PSD, CR2, DNG, PDF, PNG, PS, and even XPS.
Let Tiff Teller help you convert your files to a wide variety of file formats, including those specified by Adobe®, Microsoft®, QuickTime™ and Apple®.
Convert any number of pages and pages to PDF.
View detailed information about PDF documents.
Tiff Teller is a small, yet powerful PDF document converter. It is capable of converting pages from multiple PDF files into one, then saving to multiple formats.
You can convert one or more pages of a PDF document into a wide array of other file formats.
This means that any PDF can be converted to TIFF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, CRW, PS, EPS, ASF, PNG, PDF, TXT, MP4, 3GP, MOV, and WMV with just a few clicks.
You can even create new PDF files from the converted pages.
Let Tiff Teller convert your files to a wide array of formats.
You can convert multiple PDF documents at once or use auto-conversion to convert your file, one page at a time.
Read more…

Tiff Teller Editor is a PDF document editor.

Tiff Teller Editor Overview:

Tiff Teller Editor is a full featured PDF document editor for Windows. It lets you easily edit PDF files using a drag-and-drop interface, while offering advanced options for text editing. The editor supports over 200 file extensions.
Features include:
– PDF to PDF document conversion
– PDF to TIFF conversion
– Advanced PDF text editing and rearrangement
– Export options
– Clipboard support
– Text editor included
– Drag and drop interface
– Over 200 extensions
– Free trial version
– No download
– No setup
– Suitable for both beginners and advanced users
– Easy to use, no training needed
– Supports Windows 10 and above.
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Convert documents with the aid of Tiff Teller.

Convert documents with the aid of Tiff Teller.


System Requirements For Tiff Teller:

Run on a Windows PC
(Exact System Requirements in the main menu)
Run on a Linux PC
Run on a Mac
Run on iOS
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Mac OS X
Exact system requirements and gameplay:
Precursor’s Promise (STAGECRAFT