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A fast-paced rhythm action game that let’s you travel the world, exploring over three environments: a dense forest, a futuristic cityscape, and an industrial facility.

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Fresh off the announcement of Beat Saber’s latest update, the developers at Digital Anvil have put together a list of all the new features in the Update 0.75.0. The update includes the new game mode (“Beat Hero”), audio and graphical tweaks to give Beat Saber a boost, and play modes that allow for harder and more time-consuming gameplay.

New Game Mode: Beat Hero

In the new game mode “Beat Hero”, we’ve focused on speed and smoothness, while adding a few new gameplay features. In particular, the way your hero jumps now ensures a consistent movement speed no matter how the player uses their controllers and has proven very popular with players.

We’ve also added new elements for more advanced player builds: new environments in three main locations and 3 bonus modes. In addition to that, the game mode Beat Hero is now playable in either single or local multiplayer.

Theme Updates

We’ve added new animations, weapons and music which help to round out and enhance the overall look and feel of the game.

It is possible to now find all the current themes and play the newest update within your Steam.

Added some optimizations to increase overall performance and reduce the overall count of assets for better battery life.


Gameplay Optimization

Enemies may now correctly respond to your attacks

Enemies now collide with you when dead

Improved how the game handles various events like the enemy player jumping, and for better performance we’ve introduced several optimizations which help to reduce the overall number of assets required for the game.


Adjusted the sound effect when the player moves a handle

Added more ambient sounds to better convey the tone of the game

Addition of new music tracks

Music tweaks to increase audio quality

Higher quality animations for the player and his controller while in movement

New UI Messages

Added a system to communicate between the player and the game mode

Added a system to communicate between the player and the game mode

Gameplay improvements



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    Designed by:

    • Ramon J. Boiquet

    Gamestar Studios runs. (Beware of Gamestar Studios)

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    • Steam!
    • Windows OS
    • Minimum System Requirements:


      Starry Moon Island Star Ocean MP07 [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

      Put on your tiny white gloves and enter the authentic adaptation of Monkeyshark, Princess Mononoke, Alice in Wonderland, Psycho, Gollum, Jumanji and Reservoir Dogs.

      You will become the feature attraction of the circus, the best clown in the world and the leader of the Parisian assassins. Do your best to survive in this world of show-biz.

      Are you up for the job?

      Big and Small

      You will be able to find several game modes based on your choice:

      Solo Mode.

      You will be playing by yourself. Set the tension to high and use the best strategies to survive.


      Beat as many other players as possible in a given time. You will need to set your strategy accordingly.

      Team Survival.

      Play with your friends and win.

      Player Ranking.

      Top 100 players will be shown on the leaderboards of the game.

      Let’s go…

      Circus P-hacks is a fast-paced stealth action game where the player is dropped into a place of death and conflict. You will get the opportunity to be the witness of a wild and bloody story where everything is possible.

      Game Mechanics:

      You will be performing solo or in a team.

      You will be facing a lot of enemies.

      Various weapons: knifes, guns, bats…

      Riddled and true costume…

      Decorations, oils, candies, special effects and more!

      Buy upgrades and costumes to improve your performance.

      Game Features:


      Set in Paris, the game will take place in a world full of craziness and danger. You will have the opportunity to witness a story of revenge, betrayal, murder, torture and many other crimes.


      You will be able to enjoy incredible settings and environments where you will find people in various situations. You will be facing a lot of people with different situations, moods, attitudes and skills.


      The game will have riddles and minigames that will have some twists and surprises. You will also have a vast variety of weapons that you will be using. You will also need to know how to play with and play against all the people in the game.


      Play as a guest in the world of death and show-biz


      Starry Moon Island Star Ocean MP07 For PC

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