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Unless you plan on doing any serious professional photography (more on that in Chapter 6), you’re better off learning other image editing software rather than spending lots of time on Photoshop.

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The 6 types of RAW images:

As a beginner to Photoshop Elements I was unsure of the difference between RAW and JPEG images. RAW files are described as being uncompressed, while JPEG files are compressed. JPEG is a widely-used file format for photos which greatly reduces file sizes. However, RAW files, which are used by professionals to capture and store images, contain more information and are not compressed.

If a camera or scanner captures images in RAW format, they contain more information than a standard JPEG file, which will reduce file sizes. This means that images saved in RAW format have a larger file size than the same images saved in JPEG format.

RAW files are better for printing because they contain more information than the JPEGs that a printer requires to print the same images. This means that the printed image is sharper, colors are more accurate and more vivid, and there are no image defects.

This section will briefly describe the benefits of RAW files and compare them to standard JPEG files.

RAW files:

• Uncompressed: RAW files hold more information than JPEG files.

• Original: RAW files are the original image file format.

• Autochrome: When an image is captured in RAW format, the camera also captures the exact settings used to capture the image. The camera’s settings can be applied to the image and reduced exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, tone, colour balance, hue or tint, all at the time of capture. This makes it possible to reproduce the exact look of the original image.

• Lineless: RAW files hold more information than JPEG files and can display an image without a layer.

• Undistorted: By capturing images in RAW format, distortion in the image is reduced as compared with JPEG files.

• High-DPI: Only available on certain models of cameras.

• Greater detail: Images captured in RAW format have more detail than those in JPEG format.

• More variations: RAW images are not limited to only one variation.

• Expandable: RAW image files can be expanded to increase the quality of the image.

Standard JPEG:

• Compressed: JPEG images are compressed and reduce file sizes. JPEG has been designed to store images on mobile phones.

• Automatic: When saving images in JPEG format, the camera will automatically select the settings used to capture the image.

• Undistorted: When images are captured in JPEG format

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​Treatments for Vitiligo (also known as Leukoderma):

Vitiligo is a condition which is commonly misunderstood and under-treated. Vitiligo is not always a disease with associated symptoms. The condition is a permanent loss of pigmentation in the skin, resulting in white patches. It generally affects the skin around the eyes, nose and mouth (they’re also referred to as “vitiligo calico”). It is not a form of albinism.

Vitiligo is sometimes misunderstood as a skin disease affecting only the skin; however, it is not. It is a chronic autoimmune condition and can affect the whole body. Some examples of autoimmune conditions include lupus, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, vitiligo, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Treatments for Vitiligo

Treatment for vitiligo often requires a combination of several treatments:

-Sun protection – You should wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you are outdoors, regardless of the weather. Wear your sunscreen all day and before bedtime.
-Avoiding the sun – In general, avoid the sun. It may be helpful to wear protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeved shirts. If you are staying in the sun for long periods of time, it is best to use sunscreen and reapply often.
-Diet – Check with your doctor if you have any health problems, particularly if you have diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Vitiligo is also associated with celiac disease and Epstein-Barr virus.
-Topical medications – Some people also find it helpful to use topical medications. These can usually be purchased over the counter and can be used to lighten areas of vitiligo.
-Steroid injections – Some people experience symptomatic improvement with injections of steroids into the involved areas. Steroids come in different forms, such as creams, ointments, gels, and injections.
-Skin tattooing – This is not recommended for most people. But some doctors may tattoo the areas of vitiligo, especially children.
-Skin grafts – Often used to treat widespread vitiligo, skin grafts take a piece of healthy skin from one part of your body and place it over a white patch. The skin grafts can make the whiteness more even, but they are not a cure for

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Please note that when installing this mod, you will need the Skyrim Data files for your version of the game. The zip file also includes a readme.txt file which explains the installation of the mod.
When you start the game, you will be greeted with a dialogue box asking you if you would like to install the Alchemy Pack. Click ‘Yes’ and the mod will be installed.
Update 1.3
Fixed an issue where the “Tail of Lucid” recipe sometimes could not be obtained.