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“A mix of FPS and tower defense set in a science fantasy world”
“A compelling mix of tower defense and FPS gameplay in one great experience.”
“Endlessly enticing to play.”
“A great sense of humor and interesting concepts.”
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Google Play:
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OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: Core i3 2.4GHz / Core i5 3.2GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 / RadeonHD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 10GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible stereo (A2DP) speakers
Additional Notes: Requires an Xbox 360 controllerQ:

VBA Set name property of an Excel object

In the context of a plugin like the COM AddIn architecture, I have for example the following code snippet:
Function calc(ByVal p1 As Variant, ByVal p2 As Variant, ByVal p3 As Variant) As Variant

Set calc = ThisWorkbook.Names.Add(“calc”)
End Function

My problem is that the ‘Name’ property of the Excel object does not set to the text ‘calc’ because I need to pass several arguments in the function name and I do not want to extract the three arguments using string concatenation.
On a client side, the code would be something like this:
Function Calculate(p1, p2, p3) As Variant
Calculate = Application.UserForms(“form1”).calc(p1, p2, p3)
End Function

How can I force the Excel object to set its own name property using the arguments p1, p2, p3 or how to I force VBA to extract the arguments using string concatenation?


After reading this:


Rust – Sunburn Pack Features Key:

  • Require Tablet: This app can only be played on Android devices supporting 6.0 or later
  • Local Multiplayer: Challenge your friends in wager duels to claim the line of fire
  • Unrivaled sound effects: To the left of your line of fire the world literally rumbles…
  • Easy to use controls: Navigate the world by hitting the screen or tap on a weapon option bar
  • Connect to Google Play for an awesome campaign including voice chat, boosters, auto replenish health and access to tons of sound effects.

Minimum PC Specs:

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • CPU: dual core processor and 2.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • GPU: OpenGL support V.2.0 or higher
  • DirectX: Supports DirectX 9


What’s New in this version:

  • Make to left: Make left key to queue wager duel and auto fire a given way
  • Details of combat info: Collect pretty needed combat info
  • Sound support: You will hear far off shooting sounds more realistic
  • Reload time resynchronization: Subsequent shots are auto adjusted depending on distance


Rust – Sunburn Pack Free [Latest]

Shovel Knight is a side-scrolling action adventure set in a meticulously re-imagined 16-bit world. Using both the Classic and Specter Knight characters, you’ll travel through a variety of environments, enlist the help of new characters, and battle your way through a narrative that started in the 8-bit age and now returns to the full 16-bit glory of yesteryear. With gorgeous 2D animated cutscenes, both characters can be controlled simultaneously, letting you play as both Shovel Knight and Specter Knight at the same time!
“A wonderfully artistic throwback that melds old and new like a Fabergé egg. I love it.” – Game Informer
“I can see why this game is a cult classic. I love it!” – Appreneurist
“A double-dip of amazing, what-the-heck-did-I-just-play goodness, nostalgia and unusual game design.” – Gamezebo
“Shovel Knight has endearing charm, and a way of stopping you in your tracks as you try to interact with its world, which makes it a very special game. It’s well worth a look if you haven’t played it yet.” – Pocket Gamer
“We can do it” – GameSpot
“Shovel Knight is a testament to how a small team from Yacht Club Games, veterans of the indie scene, can design a great game and still be able to run a company.” – GameZebo
Shovel Knight is a 2D action-platformer game developed by Yacht Club Games. It was released by the independent developer in June of 2014. Yacht Club’s first game, Caveman Ninja, had found a small yet devoted following during its development. When Caveman Ninja


Rust – Sunburn Pack

– 200 Magical Puzzles – Find your way through 200 puzzling obstacles and 3-D spaces – You can solve puzzles and collect items using mana gathered from various places – Some challenges may require more than one mage to be played together in a cooperative campaign – Magic is a mystery in this world, every spell may have its effect on other things nearby – Cast spells in certain places – Touch floating runes – Customizable levels – 5 different magical creatures, each with their own personality and features – A rich world full of things to do and see – Solve puzzles – Collect items – Cast spells – Cooperation with friends via LAN – 60+ puzzles, each with at least 3 levels to solve – 3-D puzzles – Satisfying puzzles – Amazing art & characters – Game length: 4-6 hours or 6-10 hours depending on difficulty level.
Game “Zephyrus” Gameplay:
– 300 Magical Puzzles – Use every possibility to escape from this strange world – Cast spells to get you through the maze – Touch floating runes – Cast spells in certain places – Puzzles with time limitations – Puzzles that need more than one mage – Cooperative gameplay via LAN or Wifi network – Endless puzzles – Support for multiple games at once – 60+ puzzles, each with at least 3 levels to solve – 3-D puzzles – Satisfying puzzles – Amazing art & characters – Game length: 4-6 hours or 6-10 hours depending on difficulty level.
Puzzle, Magic

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We’ve put together a list of the best games of the year so far,


What’s new in Rust – Sunburn Pack:

(CoG) – Final Release

CoG has been released! The mod went into internal testing a while ago (quite a while) and is now officially being released to the public. The leaderboard and portal are being cleaned right now, but here is the official release of the mod. Please post all VLCV outputs of the patch below, and any version distribution change locations for previous patches. After this, old versions of the mod will no longer be supported. Thank you!


*Icon Design
– Improved the logo, hero image, and old-style devious one.- Added new, unique and intergalactic logos and hero images for all of the continents.
– Added other colours to the titan and warlord’s icons.

*Main Menu
– Added the New Logos/Styles, as well as a possibility to select the technology by location and the difficulty.
– Changed colour variants of the logotype.
– Changed sorting of countries by Continent on the main menu, and added an all-islands view.

– Added new tutorial intro and exit.- Added ability to set the maximum skill level to ‘off’, and an improvement to the learning aspect of the tutorial.

– Added two new options to change colours and landscape.

– Changed colour of the medals on the warlord’s and plutonian’s killed tiles.- Changed colour of the player and enemy suffixes.- Added ‘Officer’ category. It has all of the same effects as the ‘Officer’ tab under player settings, but is not locked.

– Added the HP/MP/SAI bar, and a new UI for the interface.There are no new graphics, just new colour variants on the bar, and the interface.
– New Interface buttons.
– Added country colonisation system.
– Added ability to sort countries by continent on main menu.
– The main menu used the old logo, and a new colour variant.
– Moved the graphics of the currency under the ‘About’ options to the main menu, and made it look and feel identical to the continent colonisation graphics.- Updated the bottom ‘About’ options graphics.
– Added a persistent notification indicator, which is only used as a general warning to the player that the game is in the middle of a transition.
– Added the ‘Enter Travelling’ button. Now you can enter


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Thuppel is the robot now!
Thanks to the help of his best buddy human, he has learned how to move, think and feel.
Help him rescue the human and find out who’s trying to steal him.
He is a robot… with emotions.
* Over the top 2D animation
* Semi-detailed hand-drawn art and animation
* Cartoonish characters and environments
* Imagine yourself in another world!
* Interesting characters
* Smooth controls and animation
* Interesting soundtrack
* Yarn
* Big small endings and secrets
* Power-ups and challenges
* A great time with minimal frustration
* Play it alone or with your friends
* Purchase the Steam version to use all the features!
If you have any idea of direction where I could improve the game, please let me know! I will really appreciate it!
For any doubt, ask to ask. I will be happy to help you.

WPF Animation on change of datacontext

Is there a way to apply an animation when the datacontext is changed in a stackpanel?
For example:

I want to animate a transition when the datacontext is changed from employee to other value.


Here is a very basic example of animating a change of DataContext by applying a DependencyProperty to my UserControl in code-behind and doing a simple


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    Parquet (album)

    Parquet is an album of contemporary classical music written by American composer Meredith Monk for her own personal interpretation of Louis XIV’s 1667 parlor puzzle, Le Grand Jardin (“The Great Garden”). It is Monk’s first album with her own name in the title, (except on the limited edition) and was originally released on January 10, 2001, on the AUM Fidelity label as #9-01-0020.

    Le Grand Jardin and Parquet

    Like all gardens in a French palace, this was a garden filled with allegorical meanings of the art of the state. The first item of significance to the suite is the painted frieze of cherubs, the tutelary spirits of the garden, found in the center of the garden and above the doorway. She compares this earthly realm to the paradise that is being created through her music, and its force. Elsewhere, she


    System Requirements For Rust – Sunburn Pack:

    Apple Macintosh
    Pentium 133MHz
    Download the Torrent
    Run the.exe
    Mac OS
    Run the.dmg
    The End!
    Update: I just added a second level, there is some major rewriting in the game so it might crash, but it should be usable.
    Update 2: I just took out the second level, fixed some serious bugs in the first level, and added some more