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Note: You can download trial, freeware and reader only versions from this page.
Every project needs to be broken down into multiple steps in order to efficiently reach its goal. Now with a computer on almost every desk and activity environment, planning can easily be done on a computer. In this regard, Rillsoft Project comes with a rich set of features to assemble a team, specify resources, and keep track of progress.
Visual design and import options
Although the application might feel a little overwhelming at first, the application is wrapped around the popular Office design with the ribbon menu, which makes it easier to get familiar with how things work. Additionally, several color themes are at your disposal, as well as the possibility to thoroughly customize project display colors.
Moreover, you might also be able to collaborate with Office projects, especially because of the possibility to import Microsoft XML projects, along with CSV, and web XML. The same types of formats can also be used as export methods, or directly print out customized reports and project sheets.
Project overview, and resource management
Most of the space represents the interactive Gantt chart where you get to place, view, and modify projects. Moreover, the Gantt chart provides a neat overview of all project steps. A project can simply be created by choosing a specific cell on the chart, and filling in corresponding details in the bottom properties panel.
However, it’s best to set up your work environment and resources first so that management becomes easier later on. Two types of resources are available, such as employees and machines, none of them being mandatory though, just to provide the flexibility you need.
All of these elements can be viewed, and handled in the resource pool window. Here you get to handle all types of resources starting with the calendar, roles, teams, employees, material, up to machine types, machinery, project category, and project status.
Resource and project management
The calendar is where you get to break down a weak into working hours. An actual calendar is provided to easily view the schedule with corresponding colors for holidays and other tags. This resource goes hand-in hand with teams and employees, which need to be tied to a specific schedule.
These last mentioned resources are easy to fill in, with specific requirement fields for general, and project related details, including cost. All values also represent column headers of the tables they’re shown once items are created. In fact, the creation process and table view mode is the same for all other resource types, and only requirement fields being described accordingly.
When all resource fields and groups are filled in, the Gantt chart conveniently displays all of them in your projects. Various filters can be used to view details of interest, while editing is possible on the spot. Completion status is filled in an intuitive way by simply dragging a slider inside the project box.
In conclusion
All in all, Rillsoft Project offers a complex set of options you can use to define, and keep track of any kind of project. Since none of the resource types are mandatory, you can enjoy the flexibility you need, both because you’re not restricted, and that you can include an impressive variety of item types. It’s sure to improve the status and efficiency of any domain of activity.


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Overview of Rillsoft Project :
Rillsoft Project is an application from Rillsoft. This app is developed by Rillsoft company. Rillsoft Project can be installed on the following platforms, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 8 Pro x64.
Rillsoft Project Features & Functionality:
Rillsoft Project is the new revolution of the project management software.
With Rillsoft Project, you will be able to effortlessly manage multiple projects, with multiple people working on them at the same time.
It’s a project management program that can help you plan, schedule, manage and control projects with a minimum of effort and time!
Rillsoft Project installs a simple and friendly interface. All the relevant icons and menus are placed on the ribbon that stands for all the project work.
Rillsoft Project can be used effectively by anyone irrespective of experience or level of skill.
And it is suitable for you if you want to quickly plan, schedule, control and track your work, whether you’re a one man band, a small work team or a group of 10 people.

Rillsoft Project can be used to plan and control the work of small or large teams.
Project managers can control the schedule, resources and time allotment for each task and item.
You can easily record all the requirements for the project and its tasks.
You can easily create, view and control resource calendar to manage the availability of resources for your project.
Project managers can easily monitor the progress of all the projects, tasks, items, start time, end time, duration and cost.
Rillsoft Project is a very powerful project management software and is easy to use with intuitive interface.
Some of the highlights of Rillsoft Project are as follows.
Rillsoft Project works on a Gantt Chart.
You can add major and minor tasks by using drag and drop functionality.
Categorize the items into major, minor and action items.
Rillsoft Project comes with color themes. You can easily view the project schedule and status in different color themes.
You can customize the whole look and feel of the Rillsoft Project by choosing from the color themes.
You can easily create reports and view reports in PDF format with the help of Rillsoft Project.
You can save

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Rillsoft Project is the best task management tool for windows. The application not just focuses on the task management but also provides you real time visual tools to define and control your projects.
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This software program comes with a complex set of features that you can use to define, and keep track of any kind of project. Because resource types are not mandatory, you can enjoy a high level of flexibility in terms of what you can include, all the while handling a large variety of items. This project management software has been designed with respect to the popular Microsoft Office, and provides a similar functionality by which you can design, create, edit, track, and manage projects.
Given the complex menu and navigation options, Rillsoft Project might be a little overwhelming at first. However, it provides several handy tools, such as the good looking Gantt chart, resource pool display, and project overview. Given that, a great deal of customization possibilities are at your disposal, and that certain restrictions apply.
The only available feature set is limited to a few project types, project categories, resource types, a resource pool window, and an important features description, while none of these are mandatory. With regard to resource types, you get a calendar, teams, and employees, none of them being mandatory, but they go hand-in-hand with any project types. Moreover, resource types are further divided into the following groups:
Managers and executives.
Time-tracking and scheduling.
Material and product.
Personnel and hourly employees.
How Rillsoft Project Works:
As mentioned earlier, a project can simply be created by choosing a specific cell on the Gantt chart, and filling in corresponding details in the bottom properties panel. The Gantt chart provides a neat overview of all project steps. Moreover, a project can also be edited directly on the Gantt chart. Adding resources and arranging steps simply involves drag-and-drop of items into predefined cells. A good number of color variations are available to let you focus on what you really need to display, while various filters and editing options can be used to go through detailed information.
Since everything is represented in a tabular format, including step details, values, and completion status, virtually any way you’d like to view the respective project elements can be worked out. Moreover, to help you decide on completion status, the software comes with a nifty completion percentage slider, which makes it easier to set a specific completion percentage.
In fact, it’s best to set up your work environment and resources first so that management becomes easier later on. These can be a combination of calendar, teams, employees, and

What’s New in the Rillsoft Project?
Key Features:
Custom import of MS Project XML, CSV, and web XML
Create your own CSS colors and export your own settings to the format of your choice
View, change, and export progress to any CSV, PDF, XPS, and image format
View and edit project schedules with flexible project and resource management
Connect resources to project tasks (time and cost) and resource levels
Import tasks and sub tasks based on MS Project XML
View Gantt charts in HTML and HTML5 format
Calendar with holidays and weekly tasks
Show and manage all items in a cell of a Gantt chart
Work area, information, and time and cost requirements
Multiple payment and material types
Schedule and resource updates for every task
Track progress and estimation using a powerful progress bar feature
One-way or two-way estimates and completion
Export tasks and projects to MS Project XML, CSV, web XML, and image formats
Customize project task and resource display with colors and groups
Import, edit, and export resource groups
Read and write MS Project XML files (XML/XPS import and export)
Advanced Task and resource management
Total visibility of all task, employee, and resource information
Flexible access control through the project task hierarchy
Tracking employees, projects, and tasks
Manage all project and resource information through the Gantt chart
Employee editing using an intuitive user interface
Reporting and visualization through various export formats
Use customizable, HTML-based reports and charts
MS Project import from a clipboard
Prioritize tasks based on the status of all resources
Precise time-tracking through the progress bar
Integrate with Microsoft Project

RillSoft Hyper – a handy project management app

RillSoft Hyper project management app is a simple and helpful app that’s ideal for project managers. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly interface, this program will take you right through the process of managing your projects. Whether you’re creating small projects for a personal use, or large-scale projects for large corporations, there’s no scale that this application doesn’t cover. Even though it’s being used by businesses, this app is completely free, and you can download and install it on your computer without any hidden costs.
Software Description :
Hyper is the complete solution for project management. It starts with an intuitive interface, and powerful tools that help you track your projects

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: 2.4GHz dual core processor or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 11 capability
Storage: 12 GB available space
Additional Notes: Wireless connection is recommended, but not required
Processor: 3.0GHz dual core processor or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM