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The story of ELDREN RING is set between two universes. The Netherworld, in which the value of life is far lower, and the World of Light, in which the value of life is higher.

“Life is beautiful. If we lived by that, death would be the ultimate victory.”

-The candidate who enters the ritual to become the new lord of the lands between, a place that has been dubbed ‘The Tarnished Lands.’

“Whenever I die…unlike them, I shall never be born again. I shall die forever, a piece of ash that will never be recycled into a living being…Thus, I shall be eternal.”

-The new lord who is determined to become the ultimate lord of this world, wanting to rule over all. He cannot rest until he becomes an Elden Lord.

“I am not a god. I am not a demon. I am not a woman. I am a man. I shall not be bowed by your scorn. I shall not be broken by your judgment. I am still me, when I am alone.”

-The “Iron Knight” who seems to have lost his will to live. He goes to the party that will grant you his life.

“When I die…unlike them, I shall never be born again. I shall die forever, a piece of ash that will never be recycled into a living being…Thus, I shall be eternal.”

-The new lord who is determined to become the ultimate lord of this world, wanting to rule over all. He cannot rest until he becomes an Elden Lord.

“I was born outside the Netherworld.I have never seen a soul. In this world I have no regrets. As for my past, I shall never speak of it.”

-“The Outcast.” The only one with a unique story.

“The party is a gathering of free will.

The choice is in your hands.”

-The invitation to a hunting party.

※ Genre:RPG

※ Style:Action RPG

※ Release Date:2017年5月29日(水)

※ Platform:PS4(PlayStation 4)

※ Genre:RPG

※ Style:Action RPG

※ Release Date


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A New Fantasy Action RPG with a Unique Action System:
    Utilizing an innovative action system that includes 4 elements (Up/Down, Right/Left, Attack/Block), battles are seamlessly enjoyable in a variety of situations. The flexible action system is an ideal system to create the desired difficulty for each character.
  • Play with a Beautiful World:
    Elden Ring provides a vast and exciting world where there is a lot to see. In addition to open fields, riverside paths, and villages, gigantic monsters stand as fierce enemies, forming the landscape of the environment. Discover these monsters by heading to the places where they are most likely to appear, such as towering mountains, dark caves, and hidden village ruins.
  • A Great Fantasy World :
    Elden Ring features a huge and visually unique fantasy world that lets you dive into a three-dimensional drama. All of the scenery in the world, such as vegetation, plants, and structures, have been added using 3D technologies, giving it a realistic world that is incredibly fun to experience.
  • Fantastic Fighting:
    Experience battles in which the positions of your fellow party members have a strong impact on the battle outcome. Equally skillful weapon-users will always fight hand-to-hand, while the dueling style of magic users wields a sword and shield. With your companions, assemble your team and make sure you have the right techniques to complete the mission.
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    Elden Ring Activation Key Free Download (Latest)

    – By Pixelmind

    ” Just like PVP in Fallout, you can not only run around solo, but take on other players in the same area at the same time. However, unlike PVP, PvP in El Dal Ring is more like a VRMMORPG than a PVP game, so it is more like an adventure game, without the light questing. You can wander around and hunt around for resources and places to explore, but don’t expect to get anything out of it, instead of leaving the game to simply shoot things for points.

    So why is this game good? For one, it’s free, which means you can just download it and start playing without needing an account. If you have an Xbox Live account, though, you can play online with up to eight other players in your region. If you don’t have an Xbox Live account, the game supports Google Play Games. No, I don’t know why either.”

    – By Herokyakuma

    “It has the same promise as the first game in the series, but this time the entire world is so detailed that you may want to put this game aside for a bit to fully enjoy everything that it has to offer. The soundtrack is fantastic, but honestly if you are new to the series you would be better off not getting this one, as it pretty much takes you right back to the first one. The content is mostly the same, but from the different points of view and the different stories. The first game was mostly focused on the main story and since it was a pretty good game, they kept that. This one is a little different, but still good.”


    Elden Ring License Key Full [Updated]

    • Face the Nemesis of Ragnarok
    As you continue your adventure in the Lands Between, you meet various people and receive information about Ragnarok, the world’s mythical being.
    • Gameplay Overwhelming With New Features
    Its core elements remain the same, but a variety of new features have been added.
    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
    • High Difficulty and Wide Variety of Monsters
    A high-difficulty, vivid environment full of epic monsters.
    • The World of Experience
    A world with various settings and layouts, providing a completely immersive experience.
    • A True Asynchronous Action RPG
    An action-oriented role-playing game that allows you to take on new challenges in a variety of ways.
    NOTE: Limited Time Pre-Order Offer.
    (1) Option to Download Title
    (2) Option to Pre-Order Deluxe Package
    If you pre-order, you will receive a download code for this demo at the same time as the release of the full game.
    ■ Deluxe Package
    7,000 yen (tax excluded)
    (1) Xbox 360/PS3 Game
    (2) Seventh-day Adventist Bible
    (3) Sakura Ring
    (4) Gift for Trip to Japan
    The Seventh-day Adventist Bible and Sakura Ring are given as a free downloadable bonus.
    ◆ 確定特典
    (1) 電撃オンラインメールとログインキャンペーン
    (2) 全世界を旅し、お土産、訪れる最高級商品へ
    (3) 電撃オンラインで開催
    (4) 本特典はお届けまで1週間です。
    (5) 受付期間は2015年7月8日(金) 18:00まで。
    ■ PC/PS Vita Bundle
    4,000 yen (tax excluded)
    (1) Digital Access to Title
    (2) Physical Copy of


    What’s new:

    Sound: Dualistic sounds of evil and good. 

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