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■About Tarnished Mists
A fantasy-oriented action RPG for Switch. Tarnished Mists is set in the Lands Between, a land located between the mortal world and the Lost World.
The Lands Between is a realm of grand adventure where the player can freely manipulate the world as an adventurer, while freely exploring a vast world full of many different things.
The player is given free rein over the world and can freely go anywhere, except for the land controlled by the Aristocratic Union (A.U.). Fight against hordes of monsters in dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, form your own party, and complete your quest.
■Features of Tarnished Mists
◎Adventure Mode
Explore the vast world and freely go anywhere in the Lands Between.
Fight the monsters that come to life in dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, form your own party, and complete your quests.
◎Dynamic Battle System
Due to the simple but dynamic battle system, it is easy to learn, but boasts varied movements and adaptable techniques.
◎Create Your Own Party
You can freely create your own party by combining various weapons, armor and magic.
◎Social and Free-Style Combat
You can freely control the way you fight, based on the conditions in the world.
◎Easy Quests and Fast Progress
You can enjoy several quests at once, and even enjoy tasks that take very little time to finish.
◎Dynamic and Evolving Adventure
The character will grow as you play, gradually strengthening as you fight.
■Development Team
Gina Hibiki
Aki Mamiya
Aki Mamiya
■Ree Mijima (PC)
○Playable Characters:
•Emma (Switch)
○Playable Characters:
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Since the beginning of the modern day there have been a few, at least two, people


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    Travel between the open fields and vast dungeons seamlessly.

    • Traversable World Map – No Boundary
      Explore the Lands Between filled with dark and foreboding dungeons, plants that roar, and diverse monsters.

    • Vast Fields – Huge Dungeons Full of Depth and Mysteries
      A huge dungeon that you can freely change between as you wish.

    • Rushing Speed to Conquest – No Restrictions
      An open field where you must fight many battles to conquer it.

    • Never-End Battle – Endless Game
      With no boundaries to power and resistance, your battle is guaranteed to go on.
  • Create your Own Character
    Weavings of furniture and armor give you the appearance of your character’s physical appearance.

    • Weapon – 3D Weapon System – Intriguing Utilization of Items
      Each tool can be equipped as you wish using items, allowing for interesting use of equipment.

    • Armor – 3D Open-Hearted-Armor System – Plenty of Possibilities
      Equip armor that expresses your play style or maintains the atmosphere of each field.

    • Magical Rods – Skillful Crafting – Endless Possibility
      At the end of the great war, such as in the case of the Great Twilight, several mysterious magical rods become available.

    • Equip a variety of Items – You Can Make Your Own Dream
      Through the weavings, equip your ideal item that maximizes your character’s attributes.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    Weaving multiple connections, create your own story and help build the story of the Lands Between.

    • Complete Choose-Your-Own Adventure – Selective Drama
      In the Lands Between, there is a path where you can freely choose to take on various missions. Choose for yourself, and enjoy the journey of heroism!

    • An Epic Romance with Cutting Drama – Multiplayer – Supported Role Play
      Fans of drama and rom-com will appreciate the deeper meaning of various events as you develop your


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      ” The Aesthetics and the Function is Delivering”

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      “A huge amount of content, sound, physics, and characters”

      [4.5/5] – Namco Power Play on GameZone


      “A bright fantasy with much gameplay variety and a strong network quality.”

      [4.5/5] – Krea on GameFaqs


      “This game pulls off many challenges well and it’s just a great fantasy experience overall.”

      [4.5/5] – Six Fan on Metacritic


      “If you are interested in this type of game, you will love this! It’s a very positive experience.”

      [4.5/5] – GameOn on GameFaqs


      “Elden Ring is a nice entry point into a MMO environment.”

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      “Very good job by Ninja Division on this product and model in general!

      I enjoy the game a lot.”

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      “Unrealistic, epic fantasy with lots of content and a strong MMO feel.”

      [4.5/5] – Zoeykrah on GameFaqs


      “Not only is it easy to get into and play, Elden Ring delivers a lovely game to keep you invested for a long time.”

      [4.5/5] – Crowee on GameFaqs


      “Elden Ring has an excellent single player experience as well as a cool online element. It’s a very positive and immersive experience.”

      [4.5/5] – Renoulis on GameFaqs


      “It’s a beautiful game, it’s very well made, it’s fun, it’s fast paced, and it’s a ton of fun.”

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      #1. A High Speed Action Experience
      An action-adventure fantasy JRPG is reborn into a new game! Craft your own character and unleash your special skills into a vast world that feels more dynamic, with a high speed action experience.
      #2. An Epic Story with an Unfinished Ending
      A multilayered story of myth and legend is born into a game! The game offers a variety of elements and quests, and provides an experience that makes you feel like you are a hero in a fantasy world of epic stories and fantasy.
      #3. Brandish the Power of the Elden Ring
      An adventure awaits you as an awakened hero in an epic fantasy world of myth and legend! Become a hero, brandish the power of the Elden Ring, and experience exciting teamwork with your companions.
      #4. A Unique Online Game with a Multi-layered System
      In addition to online multiplayer, the game also supports a unique asynchronous online element, which provides various quests and content, such as a game that allows you to battle a challenging beast.
      #5. A World as Real as You Want It to Be
      Experience the Lands Between in a vast world that is created anew each time you play the game. The world you want to exist can exist just as well as reality!
      #6. A Part of the Online World
      You can directly connect with other players and experience the thrill of offline teamwork. This is the world in which you can be closer to the people around you.
      ALL GAME INFORMATION can be found on the official Facebook page!

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      All Rights Reserved.

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      What’s new:

      “The land is divided, but unified in action,” he (or she) says. Or something like that.

      Following Eorzea’s destruction, the Lands Between has risen up and its populace is just beginning to explore and witness the vast, world-spanning adventures that await them. The ways in which you play the game and the kinds of players you meet are all different – it’s pretty much freedom to shape the world in your way as you’re in it, from the classes of Job, Burglary, and Beast Tamer to the variety of crafting materials, companions and mounts that exist in the new role-playing game.

      If you want to explore and find things, start up “Play Mode,” the basic story mode. A dedicated Witch Riding-type character is all you’ll need though, there is none of this left in free-form, “pick a job” stuff anymore.

      But the land is still divided, though united in action: The Land of Calamity is split into three parts, with Inferno and Earth out in the unknown regions and Norg and Perion in towns. Eureka, Sharlayan and Aram, our two protagonists, must venture into these “uncivilized” parts of the Lands Between and establish the lands as their own. And a dynamic story plays out across this new game world, concluding on a grand scale with the destruction of Calamity and the Big Bad being defeated.

      “The deep and undiscovered world of the Lands Between is born again,” says team director and main planner Shinta Egami. “With new powerful menaces, scary new troops of monsters, and the most exciting online mode yet, people will be able to experience and enjoy the gameplay of TERA and easily spread the word of things such as skill penetration for character positions, the creation of gear, and action-packed multiplayer.”

      What is TERA, you ask? Well, it’s that fantasy action RPG I was talking about, right? So it’s basically an ancient online game, heavily focused on monsters, which is currently available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With a reputation for being one of the best multiplayer online games out there thanks to having a completely free-form combat (you can taunt someone into returning fire if you want to!), TERA allows


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    Elden Ring Concept & Design by Seungjin Cha  textures by Olaf Weser

    I believe you are referring to the Unlimited Trial Version of the game. for that, you need to contact Blizzard or this thread can be a good alternative:



    As for the Dungeon Tycoon Full, you can find more information here:




    – GreyDragon



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 or later
    Hard disk space of about 100MB
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.3 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    HDD space: about 100 MB
    Show Comments
    12-14-2011: Added Elf Wizard and Innerworld.
    12-06-2011: Improved Wall graphics.
    05-21-2011: Added Dungeoneer.
    04-21-2011: Added Lizardman.
    04-21-2011: Added Barbarian, Cave


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