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Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG game by a new Developer!!

This game is the fantasy action RPG game developed by R3dhTape, who was supervised by the author, vKUDOS.
The RPG world that Tarnished Eyes shines in is the Lands Between, where multiple dimensions are linked and intertwined.
You can discover the Lands Between using the Jewel which is the Life Source of the game. Then, you can freely travel between the dimension of your choosing.
The game features a dynamic and open world and the character of the game allows you to freely customize your own character.
The game is currently in the final stages of development.

I’ll keep this update to simple, simple, simple.

The game is about an average girl living in the early days of a new world. She was born with a Tarnished Eye, and thus gained some powers.

Doesn’t really matter how her powers came about, but when her father and mother were both killed, she decides to go to the lands where her mother originally was raised.

Now, she must go all the way through the lands, and the elite monsters called Elden Lords that live in them.

Basically, she decides to be on a quest of self discovery and ultimate power.

She makes her way through the various lands, using the Jewel, and gets various power-ups along the way.

Thus, she can fight and do other stuff to advance.

Now, the story is incomplete because I need you to help me write it.

I need about 30 pages written, and I really need it in the next week, maybe sooner. So, PLEASE, ask if you’re having trouble.

But, while we’re waiting for a story, I can tell you about the game.

It’s mainly the idea of a new fantasy RPG.

The world is fun and dynamic. It’s high fantasy, but not as fast as other games. It has a battle system much like Final Fantasy and other games of that kind.

But it has some unique twist to it.

You can use elemental runes much like Final Fantasy. And you can even merge those runes to create more powerful elemental attacks.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Smartphone support.
  • Various visual expressions.
  • A variety of formation abilities that give you new ways of playing.
  • Summary:

    The year is 2297.
    On the border of the Avalon and Oblivion Lands, a battle is occurring between the Elden Ring — an organization to uncover and raise fallen angels — and the undead army.
    Through three levels, the players “rise, tarnished” from a non-Eden Throne.
    The Lord players fight against the evil forces of the Underworld.

    The Elves, Mage, and Archer are highly guarded.

    All of the characters are connected by rumors of the “Elden Ring” and their magic.

    From the first online fantasy action RPG that has the Illusion of a Variety of Different Worlds, ALTEIRON, released on December 23, 2015 and it will be updated monthly.
    ALTEIRON will be updated after 2 months of release, and will be updated monthly.
    Note that the above content is subject to change for daily and weekly updates.

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      Elden Ring

      “It’s hard to explain the depth and excitement of the game with words. I can only

      speak for myself and say that I can’t stop until I’ve finished it.” ― Rachel,

      “Elden Ring is an outstanding action RPG for $19.99. I can’t recommend it highly enough

      on a day-to-day basis.” ― Timothy Zahn

      “I had a lot of fun while play testing Elden Ring. I think it’s a game everyone should

      try out in the store.” ― Michael,

      “Elden Ring is fun, intense and energetic. It is a good game and one that you should

      check out for yourself.” ― Darius,

      “I tried to resist, but I’m hooked. If you want to feel like you’re playing an epic action

      RPG, with an epic story, this is the game for you.” ― Mike,

      “Elden Ring is a unique take on the action RPG genre. If you are a fan of other

      old-school RPGs, you’ll want to check this game out. If you’re a fan of the MMORPG

      genre, you should try it out.” ― Angela,

      “Elden Ring is a throwback that combines action with RPG game mechanics into one

      genre-blending bundle of fun that will make you smile, gasp, and feel the power of

      the Elden.” ― Trent,

      “It’s a good game from the artists who made the epic Twentieth Century

      experience. It’s beautiful in presentation, and it plays beautifully. I tried to resist, but I’m

      hooked. If you want to feel like you’re playing an epic action RPG, with an epic

      story, this is the game for you.” ― Mark Tacyk,

      “Sure, it’s a gorgeous piece of art, but if you’re looking for a pretty game, you’re

      looking in the wrong place. The gameplay is


      Elden Ring Crack + Free

      About Digital Reality, Inc.
      Digital Reality, Inc. was founded in 2011 with the aim of creating games that are full of excitement, action, and purpose. The company’s flagship title – HEX: Shards of Fate – has been awarded “Best Player Action Game” by PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

      Contact Information:
      Director, Digital Reality, Inc.
      株式会社デジタルリアル株式会社ディテールグランドプロデューサー 雨木茂夫
      Tel. +873 9581-9511

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      What’s new:

      With Old School RuneScape, play the classic classic fantasy RPG; whether it’s using RuneScape’s book-based or automatic experience system, fight dangerous and hostile enemies, raise your skill and level, gain experience, get money and level up weapons, and show off in multiplayer.


      • OS: Windows 7
      • Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
      • RAM: 1.6 GB RAM
      • Hard Disk: 15 GB (16 GB preferred)

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      3:30 pm February 10, 2019

      Installed and tested it on windows-10.

      What changed since the last version?

      It still looks boring…..

      Until somebody will tell me how to produce and mix the music with an mp3-player.

      How can it get better?

      Somemore informations on the contents or power of the audio-visual-software and maybe a small drawing of the game’s world view.

      Add picture

      Would be really nice.


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    How To Patch:

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    How To Activate: