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The fantasy world of Elden Ring Cracked Accounts is a mysterious and vast land located in the Lands Between. It is a vast world with a large variety of new content, both in the dungeons and in the open fields. As you explore, the joy of discovering new and overwhelming threats awaits you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

In addition to the main story line, you can play the game by just creating a character and experiencing the exciting action battles free of charge.


The game was developed by the famed FINAL FANTASY® TACTICS® development team. FINAL FANTASY TACTICS® was released on the PSP® on May 24, 2010.




OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7

CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 700 MB RAM

Video card: nVidia® GeForce® GT220 1GB/AMD® Radeon HD4850 (c)(1), which provides that “[t]he term

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Features Key:

  • A vast world with thousands of square kilometers of beautiful and unique worlds to explore
  • Class wars that allow you to become an Elden Lord. You can forge your strength and belong to an army with thousands of other players
  • The game is based on a vast world that rewards exploration. You can find unique areas, dungeons, events, etc.
  • Get yourself the all important Silica and then plunder the entire world!
  • Class and Race battles as well as domination against rivals
  • Fight the classes, races, and creatures of the Lands Between
  • Play the epic story, and avoid the doldrums of endless adventure
  • A wide variety of items and equipment, combining powerful weapons and armor with spells, and more!
  • Play in a world full of loot!
  • Recent Updates:

    • Added Jafar’s Caravan to Scenario Navigation Maps!
    • Two new outfits: Samus and Siren, the protagonist of the recent Super Metroid game.
      • These outfits will be available via Point System at 2 points! You will also be able to use the bag and frame exclusively for these costumes.
      • Bonus! For the month of September 2013 you can take up to 5 points out of the minimum point requirement of 15 for a total of 20 points and receive the costume!
    • In-game messaging has been improved
    • Added the Key Item Action category so that you can use the equipment that you have equipped in battle or during the storage process to create a new item!
    • Increased the minimum and maximum number of days in the “Point Reqriurem” feature from 5 to 8.
    • Added a new guild invite feature from the guild tab in the friend list.
    • Various operations can now be performed without being in game.
    • Accompanied by 2 new Postscript Cards, characters from the popular manga series of the same title “Dragon Quest”.
    • Enhancements and adjustments.

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      As of March 2016

      We’re working on a PC game called “Rise, Tarnished.”

      After a great escape from prison, you decide to join the mercenary band Coppelia in order to take revenge on the man who betrayed you and saved your life.

      There are no classes, and most of the characters are customizable.

      Character creation is divided into the appearance, abilities, and equipment.

      The main character can have three-four modes of battle, such as using a bow or magic.

      There are various battles, from boss battles to acquiring information.

      RPG elements are brought to the world of a mercenary band.

      ○ Development Progress

      We’re planning to release the game in winter


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      Key Features of ELDEN RING


      Large-scale dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.


      You can converse with up to three other players through the online environment.


      Battle with a friend and earn experience points to level up your character.

      Reviews of ELDEN RING

      “I have an expectation of playing fantasy games, and one of the things I look for is ‘game design.’ While there are fantasy novels and anime that have very expansive and interesting stories, I really enjoy playing games that go beyond just finishing a particular set of objectives. Games that tell an immersive story filled with interesting characters. This is a very fulfilling experience, and the upcoming RPG, ELDEN RING, promises to deliver.” – Dice-Kuro (D5)

      “ELDEN RING is a game that could not have been made any better. It has a distinct atmosphere that is much more satisfying to the eyes than other games.” – Bandai Games-Der (D8)

      “If I were to summarize this game with one word, it would be: epic. […] I have played it on a variety of devices, including the Vita, and it has a nice feel to it. The only thing that I hope is that this game is not confined to a single device. I think most people would agree that all of these comments make this game sound way better than it is.” – VideoGame Drama (D7)

      “ELDEN RING can be likened to the Japanese RPGs of the past, but with a modern twist. Fans of JRPGs may find it a bit tricky to adjust, but there’s definitely something there for those that love the genre.” – VideoGamePoint (D6)

      “ELDEN RING is an action RPG with a twist. Where it differs from other action RPGs is that it is based in a vibrant world instead of being out in the middle of nowhere on a spaceship. It will also have plenty of polish to make up for the fact that it won’t have any voice acting.” – A Geek in a Coma (D8)

      “ELDEN RING can be described as a cross between Final Fantasy


      What’s new:

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      Need More?

      • Fortune Force (Android Game) APK (1.5 GB)
      • Lifestyle of Kingdom (Android Game) APK (1.2 GB)

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      Updated/Fixed Summon Warden & Arbalest – PoSeidon & Charaic2.0
      To Download and play:

      To play for free, you have to download and install the game initially onto your device then it’s free to play. For devices like Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WiN or Mac, you can download directly from the Playstation Store, Xbox Live Games, (somewhere…), or from your Mac App Store (for the Mac OS) then use your Disc Launcher or your Game Collection Manager. To play for free online simply connect to any of the following worlds: Slitherine Games Online, Open Beta etc.
      Opening the “game” file will extract a ZIP file on your computer that you will need to extract.
      Inside the ZIP file there is a folder called “thespacesjp-2.0”, which means the update works on both English and Japanese versions of The Spaceship, which is dual text. Inside the folder you will find four more folders, titled: MSS, DSS, CDO, and GEN.
      ========= REQUIRED UPDATE ==========
      Main Body
      ========= REQUIRED UPDATE ==========
      ========= REQUIRED UPDATE ==========
      Main Body
      ========= REQUIRED UPDATE ==========
      1- Enable Network playback (optional!)
      Press X to view your existing subscriptions…
      Click the “+” sign on the left side of the game window to add a new subscription….
      Click MSS: “Add”
      Change MSS to “with subtitles”
      Add the following:


      System Requirements:

      Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (32 or 64 bit)
      1.1 GHz processor
      2 GB RAM
      4 GB free hard disk space
      1280×1024 or higher resolution monitor
      Input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or joypad
      Sound card
      DVD drive
      Game Launcher is compatible with all major video game consoles (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, N64, and Wii U)
      Key Features
      Game Launcher is packed with great features


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