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Name Elden Ring
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that combines a vast world and unique game systems to create a rich and diverse world.

Designed as a game that allows you to actively develop your character based on your style, and where the choice of the player character is vital, the game features five playable classes: Warrior, Mage, Knight, Rogue, and Dark Knight.

Warriors have the most offensive and defensive capabilities, Mages specialize in Magic, Knights excel at melee attacks, Rogues excel at special attacks, and Dark Knights are the most powerful.

The class-exclusive weapons and armor are also great for individuals.

The world of the Elden Ring is filled with relics that hold the wisdom of the legendary heroes. These relics are divided into four classes, and greatly help you as you rise.

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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where the action revolves around the basic character development system. By completing the different actions that result from the class-specific skills for your character, you will gradually develop your character while ultimately overcoming the stories that the game presents.

In the game, players freely customize their characters through a vast world composed of vast fields and vast dungeons, all while experiencing the three-dimensional atmosphere of the Lands Between.

As you freely accept the challenges that appear before you in each game, you will become a hero in the Lands Between and overcome the realities around you.


The game is set in the Lands Between, a place with a deep mystery, and within a land filled with an infinite number of weapons, and hidden everywhere are the tears of living creatures.

In the Lands Between, five nations live side by side with the Dragons, where humanity and other races converse with each other with a polite air.

However, because the Lords of the Four Kingdoms have abandoned their responsibilities, the peace and serenity of the Lands Between is tainted by the power struggles between the other three nations.

The curtain is slowly pulled back, and the mystery surrounding the Lands Between reveals itself as a tale of love, betrayal, and betrayal between nations.

In the game, there are also ruins and dungeons that are of great interest to those who seek to explore. In the vast fields that are interspersed throughout, players can meet people and converse with them while adventuring


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Vast World: Rich Expanse: A world full of possibilities. There are more than 100 places and no specific place. There are various biomes such as oceans, mountains, forests, deserts.

  • Range of Combat Settings: Strong combat is battle-ready, and fantasy is born of brutality.

  • Heroic Battles and A Complex Combat System: A variety of Noble and Beast species, their class differences, and conflicts, and a combat system that allows combatants to freely approach the combat situation and perform various characteristics.

  • Fantasy Setting: Elements of fantasy (the ability to slaughter dragons and high-class equipment) were artistically and technically woven into the background scenes.

  • 1st Person Character Direction: It is a unique style that lacks a fixed point of view.

  • Striking Artwork and Beautiful Scene: To create the feeling of high fantasy. From flowers to ancient ruins to tigers, dragons, and orcas. With a striking aesthetic.

  • Story of the Characters: Greed, Destruction, the Fallen This World. Through the machinations of different incidents made by them, there is a story of a world that ends itself. Their fateful emotions, their conflicts, and their individual struggles with unknown circumstances … are all placed one upon another.

  • Variety: The Lands Between: The Lands Between are a mythological place where the ultimate key is given, an unknown world in the back of our mind. I made this game to unlock the door to this world and reveal it to everyone.
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    Developer: JAST, Inc.

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    Released on: 2018-07-05

    ***Elder Scrolls Online Review: My Experience***

    Title: Elder Scrolls Online

    Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios / ZeniMax Online Studios

    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

    Released on: 2014-11-05


    You know what it’s like when you’re out and you come across something really great but not too great? *start a new game* It gets tough to continue when the game changes, but the new experience doesn’t feel the same as the old one. That’s what I thought Elder Scrolls Online would be like—it has a great opening but after a month of playing, it’s just not the same feeling as the main game.

    In Elder Scrolls Online, you play as Almalexia, a member of the Imperial Legion who was born to protect the empire. You’re a three-armed warrior and the players are only equipped with one hand, but that one hand is still powerful enough to kill an imperial guard, so you just have to figure out how to use the environment to your advantage. Everything seems to be a fortuitous breeze, but when you come across an enemy, you have to decide when to attack—is the enemy weak or strong? Elder Scrolls Online may be a new game, but I feel like I’m playing an old game.

    A few hours in, I was already starting to feel the weight of the developers; it felt like the game was slowing down and becoming more difficult. At this point, I realized that the game is about survival more than it is about combat—I was on my way to build up a garrison that would let me have the time to focus on crafting resources.

    There are 11 different crafting recipes that will allow you to craft various items and furniture, and the new expansion introduces new items and furniture, so I was really excited to begin using it. *cough* You know how to craft the Crossbow, but you’ve never really mastered the art. I wish I could have had a few hints on the new items, as I tried to make the best items I could, and since Elder Scrolls Online discourages players from using the crafting menu, I never found out that I needed to use the new items to make them.



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    How to play The Elden Ring game?

    1) You will be prompted to enter your creation data to start.

    2) Customize your character.

    3) You must create a name and a background. Your character is known by your name. Your background is known by your bloodline or family.

    4) Choose what type of body you want.

    5) Customize your character’s appearance. The more pieces you choose, the more you will be able to customize the appearance of your character.

    6) Choose what weapon you want to equip.

    7) Choose what type of armor you want to equip.

    8) Choose what type of magic you want to equip.

    9) Go to the world map.

    10) Explore.

    11) Fight monsters.

    12) Improve your equipment.

    13) Go to the World Map.

    14) Explore.

    15) Fight monsters.

    16) Improve your equipment.

    17) Explore.

    18) Fight monsters.

    19) Explore.

    20) Fight monsters.

    21) Visit the town you chose.

    22) Talk to NPCs.

    23) Level up your character.

    24) Explore.

    25) Fight monsters.

    26) Improve your equipment.

    27) Explore.

    28) Fight monsters.

    29) Travel to the next area.

    30) Explore.

    31) Fight monsters.

    32) Explore.

    33) Fight monsters.

    34) Explore.

    35) Fight monsters.

    36) Travel to the next area.

    37) Fight monsters.

    38) Explore.

    39) Fight monsters.

    40) Explore.

    41) Fight monsters.

    42) Explore.

    43) Fight monsters.

    44) Explore.

    45) Fight monsters.

    46) Visit a town.

    47) Customize your armor and choose to re-equip.

    48) Fight monsters.

    49) Explore.

    50) Fight monsters.

    51) Visit a town.

    52) Customize your armor and choose to re-equip.

    53) Fight monsters.

    54) Explore.

    55) Fight monsters.



    What’s new:

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    Eyes of the Elden? The Grasp of the Elden? The Vanescence of the Elden? The Determination of the Elden?

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    Dice name: Elden Ring’s Method

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    Please, do not post a question in this topic. Post it in the proper topic where you can reach other users.

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    Chill, Im not a helper and cant go through each game and find out for you. Red Steel 2 is dead, no longer supported. Which file did you download? and did you double click on it? If you are getting an error while installing it that means it doesnt work.

    A lot of games have been removed from the list. Users haven’t updated their posts and we have to remove them. Don’t post asking for what game is missing in the list.

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    I could have sworn it was specific to RSPack, but I don’t understand why would it be

    There’s a lot of misinformation in this thread.
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