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Download Setup & Crack

Download Setup & Crack



The gateway to the Lands Between, the Elden Ring.
Gaining strength from the powers of the various evils.

Take on the role of a Tarnished in this fantasy action RPG. What awaits you?



?? According to the story of the Lands Between, there is a ring that can restore the world of the Multiverse. These lands are united under the rule of the Elden Ring. You, as an adventurer, are traveling to the Lands Between to hold the power of the Elden Ring.


Multiple, seamless open fields. These can be randomly generated and are connected seamlessly with huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs, all of which are included in the content.


In addition to equipment, you can customize your character with various enchantments. You can change the stats and skills of your character, and the attributes of items such as weapons, armor, and items.


Hunt monsters to obtain an endless number of badges. Collect items and trade them to other players to make your own set of badges.


Use the cards to fight! Summon monsters from other players, and defeat enemies to bring down your opponent’s defenses.


Learn and improve each skill to suit your needs.


Team up with your friends and travel with them as they adventure through the Lands Between.


No matter how many enemies you fight, you will be able to clear the huge and complex dungeon!


Mycelium refers to the infosphere of the Lands Between. It is a comprehensive network that connects all life on the Multiverse.


The Lands Between are densely populated, so you will always be able to travel to new areas with ease.


You can set your character’s outfit to suit your play style. Use different types of weapons and armor to become an adventurer that suits your play style.


Every adventurer has a unique character spirit.



Download Setup & Crack

Download Setup & Crack

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Evolution of the PVP match
  • Player-controlled object
  • Enchant Scroll to modify weapons and armor at the Exchange Trunk
  • Change in the style of PVE quest and PVP
  • Elden Ring is the newest fantasy-themed action RPG by GK Garage that takes place in a world where people used to fight with sword and bow to conquer the land. They met Poseidon the sea god and destroyed their civilization. Now a few hundred years later, they start to awaken the art of magic and fighting skills once again. They then face endless trials inside “The Lands Between” and continue to battle Poseidon.

    A powerful class and a variety of weapons and armors that can be gained depending on the equipment improvement process by leveling-up, plus the ability to learn skills such as magic at exchange stores have been added.

    In battle, the enemy’s movement pattern is displayed by being on a grid-like game field and the results are displayed with the highlight of a colorful attack line. Meanwhile, tapping the screen during the time when you are not attacking draws in the movement of the enemy.

    The glorious eons of mankind’s evolution and tragic fall. Lost in the depths of the sea for 1000 years, they have reawakened. The Master of nine celestial weapons is on his way to Earth. The Elden Ring will commence the tenacious struggle against the Ancients and advance for the sake of the future of mankind.

    Elden Ring takes place in a world where creatures called “Nymphs” were once alive, but after a group of them went into the sea for 100 years, a part of the sorrow of mankind surfaced. They are slowly waking up again, just like the Elden Ring.

    You will be inspired by the advent of mankind and step into the endless land of the heroic Elden Ring. Become a hero through FATE and start the fight to defend the miserable man and revive the glory of man’s power!

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    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Crack For Windows and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

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    The new fantasy action RPG is a fantasy action role-playing game in which players can create and develop their own powerful protagonist, each with their own unique style, and share online stories and adventures with other players. The game presents a vast fantasy setting filled with countless surprises, and offers a variety of quests and adventures with gripping plots and multiple endings. Players can combine their own weapons, armor, and magic with the equipment available to them in the game, customizing their character to their own taste, and can create their own personalized dungeons.

    In addition to playing as the protagonist, the game also allows players to meet up with other players’ characters in the game and get together in the shared online world. In this way, players can form a party of up to two characters, and together they can tackle the most difficult quests and challenges or complete quests at their own pace.


    The setting of the game is “The Lands Between,” a world of fantasy between the world of humans and the world of the gods. Players can take control of the protagonist, a young man who is a member of an elite warrior group known as the “Elden Ring.” They are charged with protecting a sacred crystal known as the “Elden Stone” as well as preventing the evil god of the dark land, Malboros, from obtaining the divine artifact and using it to destroy the world of humans.

    At the beginning of the game, there is a brief opening sequence where players can select a protagonist with the appearance of a common character. After completing quests and progressing through the story, players can change their protagonist’s appearance in a variety of different ways, including learning new skills, developing character relationships, and choosing their own weapon, armor, and magic. Players can also combine their equipment


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    · Utilize your ability to create swords, weapons, armor, and magic, and improve them to beat big monsters in battle.
    · Take care of your character, which is equipped with various weapons.
    · Activate abilities, acquire abilities, improve equipment, and grow.
    · Fight various monsters to obtain points, and improve your equipment.
    · Take care of your own castle to enhance the defense and food supply of the castle.
    · Four classes that each have a different fighting style and level cap, and diverse online multiplayer.

    How to Play ELDEN RING (PC)

    1. Click the arrows below to change classes.
    2. Click the number below to view your character’s stats.
    3. In the Equipment Window, click the number below to view your character’s attributes and skills.
    4. In the Equipment Window, click the number below to view the effects of your attribute or skill upgrades.
    5. In the Inventory, click the number below to view the items in your inventory.
    6. The various menus that show the characters’ status, inventory, and so on can be accessed by clicking the number below.
    7. Create units or invite other players by clicking the icon (circle with a white +) below.
    8. In the Dungeons, click the circle with a white + below to enter the world of dungeons or click the icon (round button) below to return to the world map.
    9. On the world map, click the number below to select the destination of your travels.
    10. Explore and fight new monsters to gain points, which can then be used to purchase better equipment.
    11. Acquire experiences to increase the levels of your attributes and skills.

    What is an Asynchronous Online Element?

    The game supports an asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of other players in your own game.
    For example, if a player visits your castle, your castle will have an increased defense and food supply, and the monsters nearby will get stronger.
    The number of other players who visit your castle will also be displayed on the world map.
    This is an exciting battle to fight!

    What is Required to Play ELDEN RING?

    ELDEN RING can be played using a PC or a device equipped with a PC, such as a smartphone or tablet. ELDEN RING supports both portrait and landscape modes on mobile devices.



    What’s new:

    Smartphone game for the Game patch 2.1.

    Google Play (version 2.1 or higher)

    1. Download and install the game

    2. Start the game.

    3. Choose the Japanese OS and language version.

    4. Tap “START” to start gameplay

    5. Tap “CONNECT TO THE MODEL” to connect your phone to the PC.

    6. Tap “CONNECT”

    7. Choose your “Model type”, “Model name”, and “Number of participants”.

    8. Tap “Connect”

    9. Enter your “Participant name” (You can choose to remain anonymous).

    10. Tap “START”

    11. You can install the model (PC version).

    12. The participants can see the effects or messages of the combat and the information of the player (lobby).

    13. The participants can hear the sounds from the surroundings.

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