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‘Star Wars’ working with Drake, Justin Bieber on new record? – aya

I really hope this is accurate! I’m a huge fan of “Feel Like That” and I
wouldn’t mind it being a “holy crap, that’s so cool” record.

Does he expect for someone to believe this? Just gets more and more ridiculous
each day.

Like how Kanye was quoted as saying he made this record after hearing “All Of
The Lights” by Justin Bieber.


Can’t get ListView to fill screen width?

I’ve been using this tutorial
The only thing different about my project is that I’m using a ListView instead of a Spinner.
I can only get the ListView to fill about half the width of the screen. (Check the image attached below.)
How can I get it to fill up the entire width? Or have it so it fills up the entire width like the spinner?


Don’t use a ListView for this. You don’t need one.
You can use GridView like this:

The GridView layout is similar to a ListView, except that a GridView displays a two-dimensional matrix of items. You create a GridView using the GridView XML resource described in Creating GridView Layouts, above. To make it fill its parent screen, specify the android:stretchMode attribute in the GridView’s layout. Defaults to android:stretchMode=”fill”.

Check here


You should use


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Skill and Race based World with limitless possibilities
  • Character creation and evolution as you play
  • Dynamic Battles and a vast amount of skills
  • A rich story brimming with emotions
  • Randomly generated dungeon and lands
  • Over 200 pieces of equipment (11 new warriors return)
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Warring System
  • An epic drama that splits into a multitude of characters
  • Define your Path
    Judging from the changes youve made to your party, youve chosen one of the four paths. Your surroundings reflect your choice and will change as you ascend to a higher level.

    The Lands Between has been destroyed and has been overtaken by vile monsters. A power from the past has appeared, perhaps calling for you to rise and become a warrior who should be feared by everybody.

    Dream Chaser, a powerful demon faction, has suddenly appeared. Its goal is to conquer the Lands Between and destroy it. The fate of the world is at stake and the selection period for the heroes will be in progress.

    In this situation, various new features, like a campaign world and the Adventure Journal, will be introduced. Moving forward, new features will be introduced to facilitate seamless transitions as you progress through the story.


    A variety of playable characters, each with his or her own abilities and occupation.

    Race: Races include humans, humans with high attributes, elves, elves with high attributes, magians, angels, demons, and elves with high attributes. You can freely choose a race, but within each race, humans with high attributes command the highest position and mages the lowest. They can also freely choose their jobs on their own.

    Character Class: Characters choose the classes of warrior, priest, mage, and rogue in order to specialize in a particular combat or magic. You cannot choose all four classes in a single character, but you can freely distribute the classes among your party.



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    Elden Ring Activation

    A large and challenging world with multiple quests.
    • A Large Adventure World With Intense Combat
    The world is a large and open world that includes a range of locations from a remote village to the castle of the Elden Lords. The open-world design allows you to immediately experience the thrills and intensity of battle, while allowing you to freely explore the world to discover new locations and be rewarded for completing quests.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Large and Challenging Battle Arena
    The worlds of ELDEN RING are like fantasy action games with a rich environment. There are action scenes in which you directly face a variety of powerful attackers, while there are battles against boss monsters that are challenging to complete.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Large Array of Attacking Enemies in Battle
    Enemies that include humanoids, monsters, and massive beasts appear throughout the game world, resulting in an online battle with a wide range of attacking enemies.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A User Interface with a Wide Variety of Actions
    A simple interface is intuitively used for fighting with enemies.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Robust Portion System for Attackers and Defenseless Enemies
    As you progress, a variety of attacks and magic will be strengthened, adding to the complexity of the game. In the case of the increase in strength of your attacks, additional attacks will also be added at the expense of the durability of your armor and accessories. In addition, enemy attacks can also be weakened if you attack them while they are defenseless.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Large Array of Magic
    The in-game world is a large area. In addition, the Magic system is unique because you can learn magic in each step.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Large Array of Accessories to Build Up Your Equipment
    Equipment includes weapons, armor, and accessories, each with their own unique properties. Your equipment can be built up by increasing the durability of your equipment or improving the efficiency of your skills and magic.

    Features of the GAME ELDEN RING game:

    A Large Array of Enemies to Challenge in Combat


    What’s new:

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    Cakephp App Namespace – unique namespacement – Correct pattern to load different classes

    The Problem:
    I want to create a different function for each model that uses the same model class. Since i want them to have unique namespaces i dont want to use namespace/Appname/Modelname. Just make an App / model / whatever
    I found this solution at but i cant get it to work with a namespace.
    My code:
    In my AppModel i have a common function and then for each model with it’s own code i have empty functions:
    public function commonFunction(array $data){


    function commonFunction(){


    function commonFunction(){


    These functions are empty. They do not execute and is only made to check if the class of the model is at the top of all.
    // Check if the model belongs to the correct namespace
    var $uses = $this->uses;
    $this->namespace = $uses[‘App’];

    if (!in_array(new \ReflectionClass($this->className), $this->namespace))
    // The object it-self is in the wrong namespace
    $this->associatedModel = false;

    // Check for associations
    if ($this->associatedModel)

    The problem is that the resons to this is that only one common function of each module is run i.e. only one commonFunction for all the models is run.
    I tried to change the function to:
    function commonFunction(array $data){



    and then
    function commonFunction(){




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    Bash script to copy and replace?

    I want to make a script to simply replace a file on a server with an older version.
    I figured out how to save the file to a different location, but how can I go about finding the filename of the file on the server to replace it with?
    Here’s the script I made to first save the file to an alternate location on the server:
    /usr/bin/find -name “name.txt” -type f -print >> backup1.txt

    How can I get the filename of the file in the backup folder?


    You need to use a different command in your find,

    find / -type f -name name.txt -exec cp -iv {}../backup/ \;


    find / -type f -name name.txt -exec mv {} /backup/ \;

    To replace with an older version, you can set a variable like
    var=$(echo “filename”)

    and then in your find command

    /usr/bin/find -name “$var” -type f -print >> backup1.txt

    Explanation: the process find runs inside the shell executing find, so $var represents the output of the shell; a better way to do this is to make a script which sets the variable, and then run the script as find.


    You need the full path, so
    /usr/bin/find / -type f -name “name.txt” -print -exec m


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install the game
  • Extract the game using winrar
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  • Run the installer
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  • Read and agree to the EULA, then press Next
  • Select “Install the game” and press Next
  • Accept the EULA again and press Finish
  • As the installation completes, press Finish
  • On the main menu, select Customize
  • Select the Cracked icon
  • Allow the game to install patches, then press Close
  • Run the game if you still have the last session
  • If you have not activated your illegal copy of the game and you change your account, you will be forced to reactivate the game
  • Enjoy the game!
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    System Requirements:

    Dear Readers:
    Before we launch the game, I need to let you know,
    “Wii U is not a handheld device, it’s a HOME COMPUTER!”
    You may use Wii U for browsing web or playing games, but…
    Wii U doesn’t have enough processing power to run fully
    optimized game on its own.
    Some of you might be asking: What’s the processor of Wii U?
    Firstly, the following diagram tells you it is not as powerful as CPU used in


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