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This item is coming soon. Re: embroidery v2 photoshop actions at 11:47 a.m.
What is Realistic Embroidery?
Here’s what I did on my commercial logo: I opened the original file
in Photoshop. The original logo was a basic white-on-white design. Next,
I launched the Photoshop embroidery app. The app is free and you use
it to design the logo from scratch. You can choose from a variety of
“styles” to perform the design. You start with a white background and
then use dots, triangles, line work or a combination of all three
methods. You can also choose from a variety of patterns and finishes.
The best part is that you can save your work at any point and return
to it later. To apply the logo to your shirt, you print your design
from the app, stitch the design on the back of your shirt, then cut it
off and put it in an envelope.
Here’s a close-up of the end result:
I love the way this logo looks on my shirt. In fact, I’m thinking of
customizing shirts for my brother-in-law, my brother-in-law’s wife and
myself. I’m already working on the designs.
What are the disadvantages of realistic embroidery?
First, it is very time-consuming. When I did my logo I spent hours
starting from scratch. Second, you can’t get your logo onto the back
of your shirt. It has to go in an envelope. For example, I’m not
allowing myself to use this logo on the back of shirts.
What are the advantages of realistic embroidery?
You can use different threads and embellishments to create logos like
I’m considering using my new embroidery design on
shirts for family and friends. I’ve already developed a
few designs and I’m in the process of getting samples made.
For example, I might make a “Keep Calm and Carry On” tee
for my husband. It would have a dragonfly on the back
where his name and wedding anniversary would be
For really cute designs, I’ll use a sewing machine and
a thread more than two


Features Key:

  • +              + Large world with countless monsters and equipment+               + A large number of weapons and equipment+              + A large number of monsters+              + Thwart a Great Evil not only by yourself, but also share your discovery of the path with your allies+              + Selective map display that predicts the routes of monsters+              + Richless replayability through skill points+              + Unparalleled post-launch support for a long time
  • +           &nbsp


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    “The game’s map can be simply amazing, with a bit of the feeling of playing in the classic Final Fantasy series’ rich and dense world.”
    – GameBak
    “The new FF7 ARPG is pretty cool if your into that sorta thing.”
    – Steam
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    “Cloud Strife, Alto Saan, and Lancell from Final Fantasy 7 – Get yourself an issue of Official Dreamcast Magazine to read!”
    – Official Dreamcast MagazineThis application is based upon and claims the benefit of priority from the prior Japanese Patent Application No. 2000-191011, filed Jun. 1, 2000, the entire contents of which are incorporated herein by reference.
    1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention relates to an optical pickup having an objective lens which has a plurality of lens surfaces, and an optical disk apparatus having the same.
    2. Description of the Related Art
    In an optical disk apparatus, laser beams irradiated onto an optical disk are reflected by the disk, and then, are condensed on the disk by an objective lens of an optical pickup to form an image on a photoelectric converting element disposed on the light receiving side. The objective lens of the optical pickup is disclosed in Japanese Laid-Open Publication No. 7-164305.
    In this publication, when an objective lens to be driven in the focusing direction and the tracking direction is a single lens, the single lens is fixed to the apparatus body by means of a holder, which is a ceramic member, while using a bonding agent or the like. Therefore, a large amount of stress is applied to the bonding agent. Further, the lens fixed to the holder may shift from its position when the bonding agent is rigidly cured. If the optical axis shifts to an offset axis, and the focal position shifts due to the vibration of the apparatus, the resultant angle deviation may cause the astigmatism, and hence, the quality of the reading operation may decrease.
    To solve the above problem, it is conceivable to make a lens surface of the objective lens a convex surface, and to place the optical axis of a light beam on the surface of the objective lens in parallel to a focusing direction. When the objective lens is made the convex surface, the distance from the center to the periphery in the objective lens becomes smaller than the distance of a lens surface. Therefore, the effective aperture of the objective lens is increased, and hence, the numerical aperture (NA) of the objective lens can


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    – The command of the main hero.

    Tap a button to do a basic action.

    – The command of a different character.

    Tap a button to perform an action in the second slot.

    – The command of a third character.

    Tap a button to perform an action in the third slot.

    – A special character which can lead to unique achievements.

    Tap a button to use the special character.

    – Special items which can be used to solve various situations.

    Tap a button to obtain the item.

    – Magic

    There are three types of magic.

    * Magic 1: Magical spirit of a certain element which allows you to command a special character.

    * Magic 2: The power of elements, which is the ability to materialize objects and change magic attributes.

    * Magic 3: The main component of spells which allows the player to directly control the magic power of a certain character.

    There are four types of spell.

    * Holy spell: Special spell which can only be used by a priest.

    * Holy spell: Special spell which can only be used by a priest.

    * Dark spell: Dealing damage to the enemy, which can only be used by a druid.

    * Attack spell: Attack power which can only be used by a warrior.

    The power of the weapon can be upgraded.

    There are three types of weapons.

    * Sword: This is the most basic weapon which can deal up to four times damage.

    * Bow: The bow deals damage based on the power of the arrow.

    * Dual-wielding: If you equip both swords, you can use one sword to defend and the other to attack.

    Each character also has a different set of attributes.

    Each attribute has three stages:

    * Spirit: The number of points added based on the strength of the character’s spirit.

    * Body: The strength of the character’s body.

    * Attack: The number of attacks that can be made for each attack.


    There are multiple paths.

    – The main hub area where you can go to collect items.

    – The grid map of each area.

    – The items that you collect.

    – A variety of scenarios such as dungeons, monster raids, and main quests.

    • Monsters


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    With its unmistakable storytelling born from a myth, its deep characters, and its exciting and diverse set of playable scenarios, Lindum is sure to raise your expectations.
    • House of the Caused Lands Chronicles
    The Lands Between. A world of slavery that lies long forgotten under the world of Regnum.
    • A Fantasy World With a Unique Narrative
    Blank fields bleed, castles reach higher than the clouds, and dungeons teem with death-dealing monsters.
    • A Colossal Open World Space
    From the hills of Sepsis, along the serendipitous route that is the Barrier Sea, to the drow den of Ardmoor, the legendary Lands Between is waiting to be explored.
    • A Single-player Campaign with Replayability
    The familiar story is delivered with the most exciting and engaging elements of the genre. The heroine is you, and she will live by the choices that you make.

    With Support for Leaderboards, Chatting, and Social Integration, Lindum is one of the first titles that have been fully optimized to take advantage of these features.
    • Leaderboards
    Show others your high scores in-game by competing for the record number of kills, money received, or time it takes to summon a summons tool.

    As an online game, Lindum lets you freely enjoy the innumerable free updates and items for your sake. More new quests and weapons will appear and level-up items will be released. How will you play?
    And it’s recommended that you keep saving to cash it all out. In addition to storing your money in a gacha pit, a random dungeon where you can obtain items by defeating monsters, more rewards and items will be available in turn-based battles against your friends. There won’t be any rolling in the deep end if you can’t afford it.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As


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    Version: 2.0.6
    State of the game (review):
    The next step are a few impressions about this game with version 2.0.6.
    – The combat is nicely played and easy to control.
    – Battles take place in real time that for the first time full control over.
    – The unit types have been increased and the number of available spells have increased.
    – The world map of the game is made even more varied as a dungeon.
    – The techniques have been greatly increased and extended.
    – The majority of the enemies have been increased in strength and the fighting techniques has increased.
    – A unique feature is called “After Burner” which can be triggered once during combat.
    – The world map has been enlarged, it’s now possible to fight even on mount.
    – The world map has also been improved and a new quest system has been added.
    – The skill system now supports different types.
    – The following characters have been added to the game


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