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In a world where the Internet connects the majority of computer users, the PC is still the primary way of going online and storing stuff you find interesting or need. As such, you don’t want to spend a lot of time with offline navigation through an abundance of files, and this is where applications like Portable Launchy come in handy, providing the right means to quickly launch programs.
Only shows up when needed
As the name successfully tricks you into believing, this is the version of Launchy that requires no installation. Apart from the fact that system registries are not altered with, you can easily store it on a removable Flash drive and use on other computers as well.
There’s one thing in particular you need to know. The application only shows the main window when you need it, and stays hidden as a process in the meantime. To bring up the main window, you need to press Alt + Space. Don’t worry, the hotkey can be changed from the settings menu.
Various options for a quick and efficient search
Apart from hotkeys, the settings menu provides quite a decent amount of options to manage. The general panel lets you set auto-hide options for the GUI, with fading effects or hotkey trigger, make it hide when focus is lost, permanently display the main window, and more. The interface can also be changed to several others.
Searching for something reveals results as you type. However, you can make the whole process even faster by specifying what folders to include and exclude in the process. This can be done by adding custom directories, choose to include subfolders and executables, as well as the value for search depth.
You might also specify the number of suggestion to be given on results. There’s also an icons slot for quick identification in case the target program is fitted with an intuitive picture. The application is not a regular search engine, but rather specialized in quickly letting you launch programs. It also works for searching online, even on several other engines that Google, with configurable settings.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can safely state that Portable Launchy is a practical little utility, not only because of portability, but it can be used to keep your desktop a free space and launching all items of interest in a matter of seconds. It’s almost invisible, only running as process, while results as retrieved in real-time as you type. You won’t regret giving it a try.







Portable Launchy Crack Activator Free Download [32|64bit]

Cracked Portable Launchy With Keygen – The Ultimate Desktop Launcher is a program to do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s very simple to setup, easy to use, and also comes fully packed with features.
Main Features:
★ Provides and easy way to launch programs. – Open, close, and switch between programs.
★ Loads multiple programs (within limits) – Easily load multiple programs by double-clicking on them.
★ Easily switch between them, even if running – Using hotkey, you can easily switch between the running program.
★ Easily bookmark shortcuts to – Easily bookmark programs and create shortcuts.
★ Keeps a list of them – Easily switch between programs, even if running.
★ Detailed options – You can choose different colors, fonts, and even if to show the windowed mode.
★ Detailed commands – You can choose to show the buttons in the bottom and show the windowed mode.
★ Works on other computers – Portable Launchy is free to run on other computers, regardless of their system.
★ Easy and fast to setup – By the time you’re done, it’s nothing but a pleasure to use.
★ Highly configurable – You can completely customize the application’s features in the settings.
Extra Features:
★ Runs as a service – You can use Portable Launchy as a service on other computers.
★ Counted as a pin manager – Portable Launchy counts as a pin manager, so there are no ads and the application doesn’t consume CPU power.
★ Counted as a RSS reader – Portable Launchy counts as an RSS reader, so you can easily read your favorite feeds with it.
★ Counted as a scheduler – Portable Launchy counts as a scheduler, so you can easily set the application to launch your favorite programs at certain times.
★ Counted as a password manager – Portable Launchy counts as a password manager, so you can easily save your login and passwords for your programs and sites.
★ Counted as an feed aggregator – Portable Launchy counts as an feed aggregator, so you can easily read your favorite feeds from your favorite websites, as well as automatically download them.
Help and support:
Please do not report any issues via the send feedback option on GitHub. Please instead use the Portable Launchy support forum. Issues must be posted with the Portable Launchy app. If you have a question about how to fix a reported issue, please post the entire contents

Portable Launchy Crack

With Portable Launchy Crack Mac, you don’t have to waste time searching for programs manually. Just type what you are looking for, and this utility will search for it in every folder in the system to find the program you are looking for. No limitations on the number of results, everything is going to be there for you.

Hot Keys:

Space – Show main window

Alt+Space – Hide main window

+ – Adds custom folders/directories to ignore when searching

– – Adds custom folders/directories to ignore when searching

0 – Starts hidden search, with the default search depth set to 2.

9 – Starts hidden search, with the default search depth set to 1.

F – Configure interface:

Fullscreen Mode:

Hotkey window:

Status bar:

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Portable Launchy Crack Free Download

Portable Launchy is a multi-platform executable that lets you launch a bunch of programs and shortcut files in a matter of seconds. The application works for both 32- and 64-bit OS, and is designed in a user-friendly way.

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What’s New In Portable Launchy?

The Flash video in this presentation shows the installation and testing of the Trine 2.0 demo, ported to run on the Windows CE platform. This is an excellent demo of the Unreal Engine on Windows CE and demonstrates its full potential. At this point the Unreal Engine is a powerful, highly scalable 3D game engine.
Key Benefits:
Unreal Engine 2 was specifically designed for mobile and embedded platforms such as Windows CE
The Free Source Engine (FREESource) provided the foundations for the engine. It is a powerful, industry proven software development platform. It enables programmers to build highly interactive and scalable games for Windows CE devices. FREESource is available from
The Unreal 2.0 Engine offers the same performance scaling as Freesource on the desktop, but with additional features for the embedded platform.
Includes Unreal Tournament 2 and 3 Source code
Unreal 2.0 features full source code integration with these games, so you can incorporate modules for all 3 games into your mobile or embedded projects.
Includes Game Project templates.
This is a large file download which takes approximately 4 MB to install. After installation the.h and.cpp files will be extracted to the C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Unreal 2.0\Source folder. The content is mapped as follows:
C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Unreal 2.0\Source\Content\Game/:D:\Temp\Demo/
C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Unreal 2.0\Source\Content\Game\Demo/:D:\Temp\Demo/
C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Unreal 2.0\Source\Content\Game\DemoTemp/:D:\Temp\DemoTemp/
Unreal Engine 2 Description:

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System Requirements For Portable Launchy:

You will need an internet connection and a working microphone, as well as a laptop or desktop computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista. For best results, a separate DVD drive will be needed to install the game.
In addition, at least 20MB of free disk space is required.
Finally, a 32-bit version of DirectX is required to play the game.
An unsupported game mode that appears to be a black box featuring an image of a penguin may be installed during the game’s installation.
Technical Support Policy