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Name Planets Under Attack
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.96 / 5 ( 9324 votes )
Update (11 days ago)




(All release date and content updates will be announced in Steam’s Release Notes)
The game is still in a pre-release Alpha stage. The purpose of this Early Access has been released: to have a community of gamers that would play the game and would be critical on the design, use and general progress of the game. We did it right and we could not afford wasting the valuable time of our community. We want to produce a really good game and we need your help in order to do that. You will be able to help us in guiding us and giving us your feedback. Because we will listen to your voice. We will do our best to improve the game and enhance its experience. Of course, we will change the game if you want us to. You will always be part of the development team!


Broken Axe Games is a new indie game developer located out of Alabama. The game features 3 different hero classes, 3 waves of enemies that you will fight, which include…


Main gameplay is Clash of Clans hack and slash, however due to the game style coming from Combat Monsters it still has a lot of depth. Currently the game is in a Beta mode of testing and the team is looking to get early feedback on the game before releasing it. They are open to suggestions and changes to the game. With a strong community they can help each other come up with ways to improve the game!


You may want to check out Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
We ran a Kickstarter to fund a major update to the game, and it was successful. Here is a short video interview with the composer/musician on why he made a request for the song in the game. I think it helps explain why you should check out this game, and maybe want to consider contributing to their Kickstarter:

Hey, Stephanie – doesn’t that picture say a thousand words!

I’ve been thinking about wine lately, so I hope I’m not being too pretentious here. In the last week, I’ve learned this:

Drinking wine has a smile effect on your face. Trust me. You could see it after you watched my friend at the bar over the weekend.


Features Key:

  • Master the enemy!
  • Survive fearsome enemies and free your friends
  • Survive frenzied hordes of monsters and terrifying traps
  • Journey through randomly generated dungeons filled with danger
  • Explore the land of Midgard


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In the Andromeda galaxy there are countless star systems in the most diverse environment, untouched by the Goo: stars, planets, moons. Humanity is one of the most advanced races and is blessed with a lot of knowledge: to what is unknown, they can make a spell and they can make a machine. The new threat is increasing: The Goo are rising and humanity is aware that the galaxy needs help.
“It’s your goal to make a difference in this galaxy with your ship “. In most cases you will find that the Goo are already on the way to you, your job will be to stop them there, at your planet. In this case, you have to use all your knowledge and experience to survive.

Like the original but probably a bit easier, I was hooked from the start. The game is a nice mix between Slay The Spire, Spellbound and possibly also X-Com.
The first one hour I lost over and over until I finally won against the computer to save myself from a mid-game brain glitch that made me lose everything. But after the mission I won’t play another turn.

Mechanically I really like the game. I feel that every decision is needed to be considered, so that you never can “lean in” or “lean back” which can easily lead you out.
The complexity of the game is probably too high. Even with the detailed tutorials and the numerous hints that every ship can get, I didn’t find myself having everything figured out. And even if I did, then there are more nuanced things to be aware of, such as which tech you need for your upgrades or how you are supposed to defend your planets depending on their location in the system.
But nevertheless, the game is interesting and fun and is trying to do what Golem did well for me, providing a simple strategy game that requires a lot of thought and strategy. So I can recommend it, especially for beginners.

I still find an android version not to exist (except for the free one that should be good, but also is a bit hard to find due to the small release), and as a consequence, I buy the game only if it has an iOS version.
Game design itself is good, with a simple game concept that the developers tried to build but they have overreached themselves in some areas.
The game board (the one used to play your turn) for the rather small system, is not so simple to construct/use. More importantly, it is not suitable for


Planets Under Attack Incl Product Key

Single player:

Single player is just about classic retro platformer; smash boxes and collect medals to get to the next level and conquer the boss.


Jay Fighter: Remastered has the add-ons; collect boxes for high scores, buy powerups to help you get to the end.


Up to 3 friends can play Jay Fighter: Remastered together with you on a single device. You can each take control of different team characters; Joe, Roy and Red.

Social Networks:


Firaxis Games is committed to adding new content and features. Any updates for the game will be listed at the end of this list.Q:

IIS website that directs to local file, requests to run as administrator

Our company hosts a portal that is hosted on an IIS7 webserver. The webserver is running on Windows Server 2008 R2. Some users are complaining of IE10 (or maybe I’m just assuming) that if they access the website and click on a link to a local file, the request is routed to IIS7 as administrator, instead of as their user.
I’ve already tried the suggestion on a blog here, as well as several suggestions on Stackoverflow (see my edits to question). I’ve been told by IT to either 1) disable the IIS impersonation stuff and/or 2) fix the file locations.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this to happen? Can I disable the impersonation stuff for a single site or web application? I’m open to any other ideas.
I created a brand new application in IIS7 that is not published, and I’m just using it to test. I was able to hit it from the web and get a normal 404.
Then, I created a new site within IIS, and I went to localhost/testsite. I then tested it from the web and got a 400 error.
If I go to the AppPool for the app in IIS7, and then hit testsite directly, it works fine.
It’s only from IE10 that this problem occurs, and it’s only for one specific file in the site.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?


After several tests, I’ve found that it’s not


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