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Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers are used to change a selection of pixels, adjusting either the brightness, contrast, or color of a specific area of an image. The Adjustment Layers feature is a powerful but easy way to modify specific areas of a photo.

To create an adjustment layer, select Layer ⇒ New Adjustment Layer ⇒ Adjustment. A dialog box appears similar to the one shown in Figure 3-1. You can then select the type of adjustment you wish to make. We cover the available options in the following sections.

FIGURE 3-1: Choose which Adjustment Layer to create by selecting from these choices.

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In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to use Photoshop Elements to make a bunch of images and create a website for a small company.

We’ll work from a bunch of photos of a small kitten (cat). Here’s the original kitten image (cat.png).

Begin Photoshop Elements 10

Open Photoshop Elements and select File > Open.

Open the picture (cat.png) and select File > Open. You will need to enter your password to unlock the file.

Choose the first choice: “Open This File” to make new documents.

Name your new file (cat.psd).

Create a new folder “pieds” in the same folder. You can add the pieds folder on the left side of the screen by clicking the “New Folder” button or by moving your mouse over the picture of the folder icon on the left, then dragging the icon to your desktop.

Drag the cat.png into your new folder. You should now see the folder icon and cat.png (the first picture) in the folder.

Open the cat.psd document and make sure it’s selected in the dopes.

Duplicate the background by clicking the background in the dopes.

Select the new duplicated background by clicking the area around the cat.

Invert the selection by pressing Command + I (or Ctrl + I on a Mac).

Open the Effects > Adjustments panel.

Open the Adjustments panel and select Curves.

Click inside the graph (circle with a line in it) and drag it to the lower right of the graph.

Make sure that you are at the bottom of the graph and that the Y-axis is set to 50%.

Click the top of the graph to select the entire graph.

In the menu bar, click the “Channel Mixer”.

Click the arrow next to the red line.

Click the blue line to invert it.

Drag the graph right until the graph is at 100%.

Click the red line and drag it to the left.

Repeat the same steps for the yellow line.

Download the cat.psd file

Click the Play button on the toolbar to start the animation. You should see this:

Open the picture (cat

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What’s New in the?

The Marquee tool allows you to draw a freehand selection.
The Navigator, which displays a “live” view, allows you to zoom in on an image to view fine details.
The Puppet Warp feature allows you to move elements around in your image, or flip them over (like puppets).
The Pen tool allows you to draw lines, circles, and polylines.
The Path Selection tool is used to select a precise path (a series of points) and apply filters or other effects to selected areas.
The Rectangular Selection tool is used to highlight and copy a precise selection of pixels.
The Smart Brush makes color, brush size, and opacity changes a few clicks away.
The Shape Selection tool allows you to select polygons and other complex shapes.
The Spot Healing Brush is used to repair small areas of an image. It works like a spot healing brush in the context of the Healing Brush tool.
The Text tool allows you to format text as well as other common tasks.
The Free Transform tool allows you to resize, rotate, and move items.
The Move tool moves objects in your image.
The Object Drawing tools include the Elliptical Selection tool, the Rectangular Selection tool, the Path Selection tool, and the Path tool.
The Object Drawing tools can be used to select, draw, delete, move, and copy objects.
The Bridge of Photoshop lets you import, organize, and organize images.

The History panel tracks actions, lets you undo and redo past commands. It also includes the History menu for performing those actions again.

The Selection tool.

You can select multiple objects by holding down the Command/Ctrl (Mac) or Option/Alt key (Windows) and clicking the objects you want to select.

The Navigator tool.

The Lasso tool.

The Marquee tool.

The Free Transform tool.

The Type tool.

The Type tool is used to type text (such as in a document) on an image. This is often called

manipulating font and font weight.

The Type tool’s A, C, U, and G keys will control font size, from small to very large, and A is to increase font weight, which is how much bolding or italicizing you want. (Italicizing is generally used for emphasis.)

The Zoom tool.

There are several different types of zoom tools.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64bit / Vista 64bit / Win XP SP3 32bit or newer
Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM (32 bit) or 16 GB RAM (64bit)
Storage: 2 GB available disk space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, ATI Radeon HD 5870 or AMD equivalent
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