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While Passliss might look like another password generator, if you do go the extra mile and check it thoroughly, you will discover that it manages to combine an old recipe with a brand-new face. If this matters or not, that's up to you. The application features a password generator, a key strength checker, and a couple of features to tailor the app to your needs or preferences.
A brand-new interface
The problem with most tools these days is that developers tend to forget to spend some time on the looks of the app. Passliss is definitely not one of those tools. It looks modern, with a minimalist, round-shaped corner window that includes most of its features. Choose if you'd like to use Uppercases, Lowercases, Special characters, and Numbers. Decide on the length of the password. Once it has been generated, make sure you copy the result with the help of the app directly to your clipboard and into whatever account you will be securing.
Password power is key
The trick to a secure account is having a lot of strength in your created password. If it is weak, it won't be of much use when and if somebody decided to attempt and access your personal data. In case you're undecided, or simply if you'd like to double-check, Passliss includes a very useful password strength checker. This will instantly tell you if your created password is strong or not. All you have to do is paste your creation in the only field available. It can work very well with already-existing keys. If you want to see if it's worth changing your password, you could simply use this app to decide.
Passliss is a great option when it comes to individuals who'd like to create secure passwords. It doesn't require much effort or knowledge and even includes two themes, based on your preferences, for the best possible integration with whatever OS you've got running on your machine.


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Having trouble remembering your passwords? Passliss Free Download is the perfect application to help you create secure passwords that are easy to remember. Right from the beginning, the application will give you a hint about how strong your next password is. Once you start creating the password, you can have it checked at the end. If you want to, you can use Passliss to help you create shorter passwords with the help of the password strength checker. Just create a password with Passliss and it will automatically be checked for you. Passliss is a great tool for creating secure passwords and it can help you to remember them.

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Create strong passwords in just one click – Faster and easier than having to add numbers, special characters and other characters together.

Create ultra strong passwords with a strength of more than 110 bits.

Strong passwords are not only practical, but they also make it a lot harder for someone to gain access to your accounts and personal data.

The fastest and easiest way to create secure passwords that have a strength of over 100 bits.

No more mixing numbers, special characters and other characters together.

Create any amount of unique strong passwords by simply selecting which character type you want to use for each unique password.

Create passwords that are perfect for your needs – Store them in your account, share them with others and publish them on Twitter.

Save created passwords directly to your clipboard – or, alternatively, to your account – so that you can quickly copy them into other programs.

No more typing the same passwords over and over again. You can use your most used passwords in as many accounts as you want.

Get regular password audits, so you know how strong your passwords actually are.

Get useful information on your password strength right in the app.

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Create secure passwords of any length, so your private information is safe!
Create passwords, quickly and easily. Don’t have to remember them.
Password strength checker for secure passwords.
Text and numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.
Highly customizable.
Available for OS X, iOS and Windows.
App Store

Google Play

Highly customized, customizable, unique and easy to use. Will give you password strength and security analysis.
An easy to use tool, but still highly customizable, suited for password strength and security analysis
1.Copy or cut the body of the text.
2.Open the notes and paste it into a new note on your cell phone, Tablet or Computer.
3.You can move the notes between pages and change the theme
4.Try the app and test it.

If you need to create a secure password, in a hurry, without going through the trouble of setting anything in a traditional password manager, this is the app for you. Instead of using all your eggs into one basket, you can keep them all safely stored using this app.
PICKPASS Password Generator creates your private password by combining a long and a short, as well as by using numbers, special characters, and other components.
You can generate different types of passwords, depending on your needs. If the tool was created to protect you from another person looking at your messages, it would offer a simple username and password. As it stands, it’s designed to create passwords to help you protect your personal information.
The tool includes a password generator, an app for Android, along with various help guides.
To use the app, you will need to download the app, choose what type of password you’d like to use, set a password length, an area to save the password, and then enter in your word for the password. The app will then create the password for you.
If you don’t like the result, you can go into the in-app settings and change all of the settings yourself.
Create easy to remember passwords with this app.
Create unique passwords for your confidential information, by using a combination of words and numbers.
Protect your personal

What’s New in the?

The best approach to creating the ideal username and password is to do all the checking you can, before you enter your password and username into web accounts. This can be something as simple as making sure that the letter combination is different from another on the web you may be using, or checking the strength of the password using a custom calculator. If you are unsure of anything related to using a web account, check out a web browser that will perform the tests for you, and if you are worried that your computer is being targeted, do a password check on the web using a tool like LastPass, which will allow you to store all your login information. These are all important, and should be done before you enter any information into your web account, so that even if someone does get into your account, they will have a much more difficult time.
Passliss Key Features:
Password Generator
A completely free online password generator with no watermarks
Check Strength
A password strength checker that works with any site
Custom Themes
Two built-in themes to help you with customizing the UI to your liking
Useful Tips
Trick out your account and keep your information safe
Use Passliss to turn a standard, boring username and password into a unique password that will keep your information safe, and help you protect your identity.
Passliss is for any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – that is running either Windows or Mac.
Download Passliss for free from Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

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