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The game’s world was designed based on a real location. Beyond Senses:
Set in an idyllic environment with a rich history, the game takes place in Saint-Pierre-lès-Dijon, a town in the Beaujolais region. It consists of approximately 30 houses and several shops, and includes a graveyard. The location was chosen after the development team were looking for a site where they could hide from the creatures. They had to be able to access the location at any time without being noticed and also remain unnoticed themselves.
Player Versus Player:
In addition to local, online multiplayer (up to 5 players), Beyond Senses also allows players to create their own private servers.
A demo of the game is currently available to download for free.
Beyond Senses is still in the early stages of development. We are happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.
All of our current plans are going to be implemented into the game, and we can’t say anything about our future plans yet.
We are counting on your support and feedback to shape our game!
Thank you for your interest in our project!
The Beyond Senses Team

Players: 1 ~ 5


Respect the copyrights of this game. There are NO files hosted on GameGulch.Q:

How can I build a Firebird database using Xcode?

I have been trying to install the Firebird 2.0 database, in order to connect it to an iOS app that I am developing. I followed some steps from the Firebird website, but when it comes to “Configure the project settings”, the remaining step mentioned is “Building the solution”. I am not so familiar with Visual Studio and Xcode and do not know how to perform this operation.
Can anybody help me with these queries?


Configure the project settings

Just open the project settings that you have opened in the previous step, and make sure that the Targeted Device Family is iPhone. You need to do this for any device you plan on distributing your app to.

If you plan on distributing to any device that doesn’t have Firebird, skip this step.

Running the project

To test your project, just click the Run button, or select Product -> Run from the menu. You can use the Product -> Run in Simulator option if you’re testing on


Features Key:

  • Unique monetization mechanic: players will be able to fly around the world and sell products anytime, anywhere.
  • State of the art multiplayer experience: players can invite their friends and interact with other players online.
  • Leading game development studio including artists and architects: our game is currently being developed by a team of 6 players and we plan to expand this number to 30
  • Performance-oriented monetization system, where the vast majority of game revenue will come from in-app purchases: players will be able to fly around the world and sell products anytime, anywhere.
  • Experiencing the universe and the planet on Steam: Steam is a great distribution platform and we plan to distribute our game through it.


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Sudoku Ultimate is actually not free. It’s a paid app, according to the Play Store listing.


I don’t know if that game is free to play or not, but in any case, please delete that account.
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– Use the classic left/right movement with the arrow keys to navigate through the experience.
– It’s minimalistic but we have had fun making it.
– Face a brave new world of darkness, filled with demons, death, pain and depression.
– There is no author of this, you do it all by yourself and sometimes you fail.
– This is a work of art, enjoy it.

Please feel free to provide any feedback or ideas regarding your new experience, we would love to hear about it. If you have an idea for a cool story or anything, just comment below. Thank you.
– A big thanks to dj1127 for the idea and the original Face It concept.
– And a big thanks to the Global Game Jam for just plain fun making games.


We are interested in working on Face It – The Original Game with you! It is a new project now, created by a developer called mp735 and it will require a lot of time. This game will be a first person survival horror game, with a minimalistic art style, this is how we would approach to make it.

Yes! This game would probably take a while to make, so we would be happy to make it together and to share the rewards between us.

There are two ways we can work on this game:

1) You would have to work and do the most of the work
We will start with our version, then we will compare our version with yours to see if we agree on what we can do at once and then we can set a deadline, depending on the time you have.

2) Or you would have to work on your version and we would work on ours, we would submit our work first so that we can see what works and what doesn’t, then we would give our feedback to you, so that we could find something that works both ways.

Thank you for your interest, we would love to work with you and we are very excited about this project.

Hello, it’s a pleasure to start a new collaboration with you! :D. We both are very excited about our experiment!

We would like to work on this together, just this. Before working on the game, there are a few things we would like to discuss:

1) MOBILE EDITION. We would like to add the mobile version to our game, because we want it to be playable on any


What’s new in NightmareBullet:

    (1348–53) which killed about one third of Europe’s population, could not actually be described as an act of vampirism as only bubonic plague can infect man. Its possible cause was the long-held theory of poisoning (“miasma” or “salubrious vapour”) which means that mildew, rotting flesh or other aqueous remnants of dead bodies are the natural cause of many infectious diseases. Bubonic plague however, is gas forming not gas. Also after the Black Death, true vampires rapidly escaped mainstream medical science. It was not until The Lancet aptly gave vampires fictional form that we might begin to have a more modern understanding of the belief.

    Vampires are not Unsoul Man as the word literally means and think of our own blood becoming voided against our will after death.

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    Most people who consider themselves theists often use the phrase “Little gods are made of air, little giants of fire,
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    Its a lie to believe that certain predictions are shown to be true over others. For instance the calendar and the big bang were both
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    So what kind of science is that? For that matter what kind of religion is the xtians.

    Remember ancient Rome? What Rome predicted about the future will be come true. All but one.

    xcalibur: 896433. Slant my slip.

    Mark how each man that passeth by shall take of you.
    That you had your qont, you had your money.

    Look, the truth is, both past and future are the same as the past and future in different dimensions is the
    same as in the present.

    While science and religion may disagree, it is far too soon to say that science and religion will not be able to find
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    used. So in 200 years it could be possible to use technology to visit the past. It is not all far fetched, technology already exists,
    which can travel through time.



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    – You get a ninja with an oven. Can’t really complain about THAT.
    – Includes more than 40 achievements including the most prestigious Grandmaster achievement.
    – This game is hard. Try to launch into the air and smash with the strongest attacks. They are not easy to deploy.
    – You can be a ninja and break crates and smash on the ground.
    – This is not a love story, just a toaster defense game. NO BOOBIES! (Maybe if you play the game a lot.)
    – We haven’t added a QR code yet, sorry! (But we might! Of course it’s hard to make…)
    – And other stuff. 😛


    – Press “D” to shoot with the normal cannon.
    – Press “R” to fire from Evan’s belly.
    – Press “L” to charge your cannon and dash through an enemy.
    – Press “W” to dash through an enemy and spin to the top.
    – Press “B” to dash and throw a blue powder to slow enemies.
    – Press “A” to dash and throw a yellow powder to slow enemies.
    – Press “S” to blow smoke and shoot projectiles.
    – Press “X” to switch between cannons.
    – Press “Menu” to open the options.


    – To be able to install the game on your phone, please make sure it is ‘debugged’.
    – You can always change the “brand” in the options menu. (You can also choose between brown, pink, and yellow!)

    PLEASE READ THE README FILES BEFORE BEGINNING. It is included in the download.

    Also, you will need to redeem the image for the download to your computer.Q:

    Why is my JavaScript not working?

    I have this code and I just can’t figure out why it’s not working. I have 3 types of bullets, they only change color when their ‘counter’ reaches 0, and if the counter reaches 0, the next element in the div should display the text’match’ and become color grey.
    The outcome is, as you can see, that the last div element is not working as the counter is always 1. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?



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  • Make sure u have latest version of ES File Explorer
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Mysonique is a French manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles and off-road vehicles. The company was founded in 1933 by Maurice Dassault, who created Mysotrac and Aéro. Mysonique company shares are publicly traded in the French Bourse de Paris and on the Euronext stock exchange.


Mysonique was founded by Maurice Dassault in 1933. Dassault created the Mysotrac and Aéro cars, and was later involved in the acquisition of Le Mans Automobile Club for which he gained the status of honorary president. The company was led by Dassault’s son, also called Maurice.

The company formerly manufactured roadsters such as the Paganini and Romeo Sport, along with Tourer racecars such as the Mysonique 1000. As of 2011, the company produces motorcycles: Moto Guzzi V7, Moto Guzzi V7 Sixty/V7 Spadino, Yazaki V7, Ducati Monster, Honda CB1000R, Honda TRX 450R and Honda CRF1000L.

Mysonique has expanded into off-road equipment such as the Eversen, an all-terrain vehicle based on the V7, and the Nexgard, an off-roader that is a consortium of KTM and Husqvarna. These products are now manufactured in the Far East.

The company was bought by Vignale Group in 2014.


External links

Official Website of Mysonique
Mysonique at KTM
Mysonique 2009 commercial

Category:Motorcycle manufacturers of France
Category:Vehicle manufacturing companies established in 1933
Category:Companies based in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtéQ:

How come there are more Copyright Claims than Writes?

I have requested an Edits/Revisions power from the website. Now, as I have done very well with Translations, it was surprising to have the edit powers available, and even more surprising to find out you can ask for edits

System Requirements For NightmareBullet:

This version is now optimized for older Pentium 4, Celeron, and AMD
K6 based systems.
Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows 2000 user
You need a 2 Mb of RAM, at least 500 Mb of hard disk space
Pentium 2 CPU
Java Development Kit (JDK) Version 1.1.5
512 mb is a good minimum.
Java Memory:
1.5G is recommended
Hard disk space: