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The owl is the all accepted symbol of wisdom. If you want to have an owl on your desktop the Night Owl is a theme worth trying.









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The Night Owl Crack Mac is a free multicolour theme for Gnome 2.6 and higher. It’s a bright and colourful theme, with lots of subtle features to make your desktop look more personal.
You can choose between two different color schemes, the universal and the dark. The universal is based on the dar (dark) theme, the dark on the default (dark) theme. The taskbar has a different look as well. But what about the desktop icons? Are they all black? No, you get only black icons with the dark theme, and this makes it quite suitable for casual computers, where black icons are comfortable to use. The light theme, on the other hand, gives you a whitish background for the desktop icons.
The Night Owl has many features and enhancements that make it really a nice theme. In addition to the standard brown color scheme, you can choose between two light effects. These light effects are also used for the desktop icons and the taskbar and are a very subtle (but very cool) way of accenting the theme without looking too cluttered.
The Night Owl has a dark taskbar on top of the screen and a light taskbar on the bottom. Which taskbar is which is determined by the screen position, if the taskbar is placed on top. If you move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen, it turns light, but you are then not allowed to move it back to the top. This little feature is a clever addition, and once you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back to a simpler taskbar.
The color scheme of the Night Owl is built around brown and red, which is a signature theme color. Even for the icons, you’ll notice that the icons are brown and red. This can be kind of boring, especially for icon lovers, but the change can be set in the preferences.
In the preferences you can choose from several color schemes. The default is the universal color scheme, which offers you the default light background and the new “taskbar” color scheme. The dark is a brown color scheme with a light background, and the dark red is a very bright red color scheme with a light background.
The theme has a gtkrc (the configuration file of a theme) editor for changing almost all elements in the theme.
Night Owl Features:
The Night Owl has a set of features to make it a worthwhile theme.
The light taskbar
The theme has its own light taskbar,

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Not just a dark theme, but also the ability to change the icon set and fonts! The most recent Night Owl release is available as a PPA!


Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
It’s good, but not that great!
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This icon pack represents that dark side better than any. Weighs in at 5MB, with no PPA to install.



Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
Icons of a dark blue colour scheme.
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Night Owl icons are a dark blue like the one above. They come in 5, 10 and 15MB versions, and are available for Linux and Windows. Search for “nightowl in the Ubuntu Software Centre or the Windows Software Centre.



Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
The darker the the better.
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It’s a nice dark theme, but only if you change the icon set and font to its own. But that is an extra cost, so if you aren’t satisfied, get the Night Owl icon pack!



Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
Icons that don’t look good.
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Installing the Night Owl icon pack will make your icons darker than the original ones. You won’t see an advantage of installing it, until you use it on the Dark Side of the Force.



Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
Very bad icon pack.
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Night Owl, yes. Icon Pack, no.



Night Owl Icon Pack

Night Owl Icon Pack is the best available icon pack for the Dark Side of the Force.
Night Owl Description:
Stunning. But…
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* Inspired by Samarkand 3D theme.
* Works with ANY driver (not commercial drivers)
* Works with ANY mouse driver
* Works with ANY task manager
* Works with ANY wallpaper
* Works on ANY operating system

i’d like to know if you bought the theme. If you want to transfer your own theme, i’ll refund all your money, and you can download it from the forum for free.

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What’s New In?

The Night Owl is made for hard core laptop users or computer tinkers who want to tweak their computers on the fly. Whichever way you look at the Night Owl, it’s the perfect dark theme for your computer.

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System Requirements For Night Owl:

– Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
– 1 GB RAM
– 25.5 GB available space
– Internet connection to play the game
It is recommended that you start the game while connected to the internet.
“Internet” refers to an internet connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the internet connection to the game servers, and local area networks (LANs) such as home internet connections.
A game requires a constant internet connection to play.