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Our protagonist travelled a long, long way searching for something.
They stopped here, outside a church that is in the middle of nowhere.
They want to rest a little and then try selling their wares.
We can see the light of the church in the distance.
The doors of the church seem to be closed, so they cannot go in.
The sun has set, so maybe it is about to rain, perhaps…
It has started to snow.
Many things about this church make the traveller uneasy.
For a start, we can see that this is a convent.
Most convent buildings are in the middle of town, but here, this is in the middle of nowhere.
Moreover, it’s a sunny day, but the sun has set.
As we can see, it’s completely dark.
It’s like this for a whole night.
So, why would a convent be in the middle of nowhere?
This church is in the middle of nowhere.
We can’t go in, so this is where our travellers sleep.
They take a blanket from their bag and sleep.
The next morning, at 10 o’clock.
The travel continues.
After a couple of hours, the traveller notices that the sun has already risen.
The city of Castella is just over the mountains.
Our protagonist has gotten a small, but more or less, steady stream of customers.
But the nature of this revenue has been extremely disappointing.
They have no money, but they have to keep traveling around.
After travelling for a couple of days, they reach the city of Castella.
They find a small inn in Castella, and they go inside to rest.
The traveller wakes up on the 3rd day.
It’s their anniversary.
A stranger made a cake for them, and gave it to them.
Of course, they have no idea who it was.
The cake is delicious, so they share it with the stranger.
The stranger leaves before the travellers arrive back at the inn.
The travellers have no money, and barely enough food.
The travellers just hope for the best.
The traveller goes to the tavern in Castella.
They look over their options.
They seem to have no money, but they can eat just about anything.
Having to subsist on the fruits of the forest is not an option.
They want to eat food that they can cook in their bag.
The traveller heads


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