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Link Commander Serial Key is a fully automated links management application. With Link Commander you can search, organize, sort and synchronize all your web links via easy to use interface. Link Commander ensures that all links you visit are collected and catalogued into one of the predefined groups. You can also sort links by name, date or time. Links can be verified by password, category or path and the web site’s contents can be quickly reviewed using customizable “News Ticker” mode.

Time-saving surfing.
You can import all your favorite web links right from the browser or keep in Link Commander. You can sort favorite links by name, title, website or date. So, once you finish browsing and decided to organize your favorite links, just press “Sort links” button and have all the information you need sorted at the click of button.

Flexible synchronization.
You can synchronize whole current favorites collection or only selected folders. You can set password protection, compare old and current collections (incl. news, e-mails and other files) and control access by individual users and groups.

Find your friends.
The application can generate a personalized link category based on your email address or the content of your favorites. It allows you to add friends and keep in touch via e-mails with one click.

Network folders.
Using the built-in network support, you can sort and catalog all your link categories on your home PC and keep them synchronized in Link Commander.

Create your own links categories.
You can create your own link categories by adding the favorite links. So, you can organize your web links into several defined categories, just like in real life. You can also sort this categories by date and name.

Edit by hand.
In case you are not satisfied with the automatic sorting done by Link Commander, you can sort links by hand. Every link can be sorted by name, date and category. Also, favorite links can be sorted by name.

Email support.
Create link categories and add favorite links right from the application. You can also sort favorites and set verification mode at once. In fact, you can use Link Commander as a convenient link e-mail client.

Password protection.
You can protect your entire favorites collection by individual password, as well as the selected folders. You can also define password strength and set delay between tries.

Compatibility with any web browser.
You can synchronize links with your favorite web browser.

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Link Commander Serial Key is an innovative and unique link management application. It helps you to keep track of all your favorite web pages and securely synchronize web links between your home and office computers. With Link Commander, all your links are automatically captured and organized into unique groups. After this process is done, you can set the preferences for your entire collection or for specific groups of links. Link Commander is an all-in-one solution that would save you countless hours in maintaining web links collection and in exploring the web.
There are no limits to the number of groups that you can create. Several parameters allow you to sort, filter and organize links. Link Commander allows you to add file extensions for your groups. You can even synchronize your current and backup links collections between your home and office computers by using its password protection feature.
Special features:
Completely automatic capture and organization of your bookmarks. Link Commander captures not only favorites and bookmarks, but links to any open web pages! You can even export selected links, save the process and start using them on another computer.
Easy sharing of links between home and office computers. Link Commander synchronizes your collection between Windows-based computers. You can even import and export backup copies of your links to save your changes and recover them later.
Interface customization. Link Commander comes with a large set of visual styles that let you choose the one that best suits your needs. These styles are localized into several languages.
User-friendly interface. Link Commander is a very friendly and user-friendly application. You will find its interface intuitive.
Multilingual interface. Link Commander is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
Synchronization between home and office computers. Link Commander allows you to set individual link verification options, set your password for access to all or specific groups of links, etc.
System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
500MHz processor
128 MB RAM
Windows Media Player required to display video files from link.
Main Features:
Capture bookmarks, favorites and open links.
Organize links into custom groups.
Import and export links collections to and from the program.
Automatically sync all of your links to any other Windows-based computer.
Organize links by easy to use groups, sort them by, set individual link verification options and set search criteria for specific groups of links.
Create groups with pre-defined file extensions (for example, “.xls”, “.doc”, “.pdf”, “.jpg”, etc.)

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Possessing all the links you have saved in the past into a personal link collection enables you to surf the web easier and visit the places that you need most often instantly!
Link Commander automatically imports all your favorite web pages or Web sites into a single links collection, properly organized into groups, folders, tags and sorting options based on your defined criteria. This allows you to browse the web right from the tool, regardless of all the site’s location.
When you are ready to visit a site, simply right-click on the link and pick the appropriate application from the context menu. In addition to that, you can set individual verification options and verification code for every visited website.
Should you need to organize links in accordance with your criteria and set personal bookmark shortcuts, you’ll be able to fully customize Link Commander into your link management application of choice.
The software sports a convenient two-panel classic interface, localized to several languages. It is easy to get started with and configure with the help of detailed help file and an extensive link-list help section.
Link Commander may also synchronize your existing link collection with personal link collection(s) stored on your personal computer. This might prove to be useful when you need to access the links in a different location.
Link Commander supports password protected collections. While the entire collection can be protected, you may also choose to protect only a selected set of links or even a single folder.
Who is it for?
Link Commander is designed for those who need link management and organization functionality in the browser. It is also a great tool for geeks, programmers, network administrators and system administrators and any other computer user who simply wants to improve productivity and efficiency while browsing the web!
Link Commander Features:
– Synchronize existing and new favorites or bookmarks to a personal collection
– Browse the web in a convenient two-panel classic style
– Automatically import links from any Internet browsers or personal collections
– Import favorites and bookmarks from an online web store
– Password protection of collection or individual folders
– Sync either entire collection or a single folder
– Automatic collection backup and restore
– Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape compatibility
– Support for many languages

I was surprised at how often users asked for a program to manage web sites that they had been saving as favorites in Internet Explorer, when it turned out that Link Commander could manage this very easily.
I would have expected that a user wanting to use a browser’s favorites as a list of his favorite

What’s New In Link Commander?

Link Commander is a links management application for Windows with excellent support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers.
The application will automatically index all your favorite web sites, organize them and build a collection for your use. The collection can contain: web sites, bookmarks, favorites, mailto: links, AdWords ads, blogs, images and any other type of URL.
By default, the application allows you to define a collection of one or more of your web browser favorites as its main components. The collection is indexed and stored in the program’s collection database.
It is possible to organize the collected links in categories and further define individual link settings. These settings include (but are not limited to): description, image, link status (active or inactive), group structure (web site, bookmark folder, link within bookmark folder, link within bookmark folder and so on) and password. You can browse the collection and set options using either classic two panel interface or the application’s more suitable desktop interface.
After a brief and customizable registration, your links database can be backed up and restored at any time.
You can also provide duplicate backup files for comparing and reverting to previous versions.
The application is completely standalone, does not require a web browser and it works on any version of Windows. It also allows to synchronize the links collection across multiple machines and computers.
Link Commander Features:
✓ Multi-platform and multi-language support
✓ Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers (selective support)
✓ Automatic links collection indexing
✓ Automatic links collection auto backup and restore
✓ Password protection of individual folders and sub-folders
✓ Password protection of entire collection and all the available sub-folders
✓ Password protection of internal links
✓ Password protection of external links
✓ Convenient desktop interface
✓ Classic two panel interface (transition to classic two panel interface – Alt+Tab)
✓ Ad-based image display
✓ Advanced link visibility settings
✓ Customized options for existing collection (not applicable for newer collections)
✓ Automated signature removal
✓ Clean web site links web site management
✓ Customized (overlay) image display of internal links
✓ Customized sorting options for collection folders and sub-folders
✓ Customized sorting options for internal links
✓ Customized sorting options for external links
✓ Customized (list) display

System Requirements:

– Intel Core i3-540 or similar
– 2GB of RAM
– Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
– 500MB of disk space
– Intel Core i7-860 or similar
– 4GB of RAM
– 1GB of disk space
– Ubuntu 14.04 or newer
– Windows XP or Windows Vista
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