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• 320 levels!
• Up to three robot at once!
• Killer robots!
• Robots come in different forms!
• Robots move!
• 19 weapons to destroy bad robots!
• Launch your own attack on enemies to defeat them!
• Shoot enemies and use their bullets to protect yourself!
• Capture bonuses to speed up upgrades!
• Hundreds of different combinations and tactics!
■Be a robot hunter!
Use the controls below to make your robot walk, run, or even jump.
Turn & jump: tap the right arrow key to turn left, and the left arrow key to turn right.
Walk: tap the down arrow key to move forward, and the up arrow key to move back.
Jumping ability: Tap the space bar to jump.
Climbing ability: Tap the left and right arrow keys to climb up or down an obstacle.
Jump: Press space bar for a double jump.
Sprint: Tap the down arrow key to sprint forward.
Breathing ability: Tap the left and right arrow keys to breathe in or out.
Let the shooting begin!
Kill all the bad robots!
There are two modes of gameplay in this game: the Free-roam mode and the Online Battle mode.
In Free-roam mode, you can roam around freely on the map. The free-roam mode of gameplay allows you to capture bonuses as you move around. If you capture it, you will unlock a new ability to use to destroy robots.
In the Online Battle mode, you and other players can battle it out on a map made specially for online battle.
If you beat your opponent, you’ll go into the next round, and if he or she loses, you’ll go to the next round.
During your time in the Free-roam mode, capture achievements to increase your energy.
High scores and your level will increase the further you go, and from there, the more difficult your enemies will be.
Be careful and be tactical. The fate of the robots depends on you.
Gain experience by learning new abilities and tactics.
Let’s move!
On your left, you’ll find the robot tutorial screen. If you don’t understand what’s going on, tap the plus sign to go back to the robot introduction screen.
Open the Game window (you’ll find it below the tutorial display) and tap the


Features Key:

  • Armageddon Empires is a realistic empire-building game.
  • In the survival endgame, you need to be able to collect resources, build structures, fortify your land, and protect your territory to win


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Fixed and improved performance.
More realistic lighting.

This add-on has been tested to work on the following hardware platforms:

• Windows 7 x64

Game Installation Instructions:Make sure you have Steam installed. Launch Steam and log in. Launch Steam Tools, find the “Options” icon in your Steam library, and open the “Steam” menu that appears.Select “Software Settings” from the “Tools” menu.Select “Set Launch Options” from the “Software” menu.Select “Set Launch Options” from the “Software” menu and select “Extras” from the window that appears. Enter the name of the game in the “Name” field, select “Remote Access” from the list, and click “Add.

NOTE: If you use this add-on with an older version of FSX, the version will default to FSXSE. This is because the Steam version of the game is used and Steam checks your Steam version. We would recommend updating if you plan to use this add-on with older versions of FSX (anything prior to FSXSE).

Summary:Night Environment: Sweden For FSX: Steam Edition is a downloadable scenery add-on, released for FSX: Steam Edition.

Requirements & Notes:————————-• Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems• A compatible hardware platform with at least: 32GB of free disk space and 2GB of video RAM.• 512 MB of video RAM (or more) for better performance.• A 2 GHz quad core processor or higher• The latest version of FSX.


High quality scenery for night flying in Sweden. Sweden’s night scenery features up to 60 mile radius lighting.

Fully customizable control of the night lighting.

Night Environment™ adds a new lighting for Sweden and other Scandinavia locations. The night lighting, consisting of both highway and ground lighting, is calculated and represented with up to a 60 mile radius with adjustable intensity, other than the normal attenuation.

A new interactive location (namely a certain road intersection in Sweden) has been added. The location, known as “SKR”, includes a parking garage with many lights.

Several Swedish lakes, Litter älv and Tuna, have been re-scored for improved FSX performance.

The configure mode tool allows you to configure the night lighting as you wish with the features available below.


What’s new in Jungle Z: