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Inpho 5.5 Crack


InPhoSoft (Japanese for ‘In The Homeland’) is a system of Science and Math software for home and schools developed in 1990. It was the first such system to include a national Phys. olympiad. Since 2001, InPhoSoft has been managed by the Japanese Association for Science and Technology (JAST) to the support of the InPho system.

InPhoSoft is being supported by its international partners around the world, including Europe, America and Australia and other countries.

The “In” in the name refers to its roots as a system that used to only be available in Japan but has since expanded to other countries such as England and Germany and is now available in English. InPhoSoft is being adapted for international use via its partner software company MT Labs Japan to allow English and other languages.

InPhoSoft is modular, allowing it to adapt to new demands and changes. For example, the company has introduced a new system called InPhoCurriculum which allows teachers to easily conduct practical quizzes and tests. By using the parts of InPhoSoft, teachers can create practical and easy-to-use systems.


The name “InphoSoft” uses Japanese characters which were chosen to be used internationally. Here is a list of versions:

Current Version

InphoSoft is the only Phys. olympiad still using a system called InPhoCurriculum. This system was introduced in 2002. Since 2004, it has been undergoing an update process, allowing for the addition of new modules. Version 5.5 and onward use the InphoSystem.

InPhoSoft 5.5

InphoSoft v5.5 was released in August 2016. It contains new modules such as Inpho-OS and Inpho-CM. Inpho-OS (or IOS) is a plug-in for Mobiage and allows for easy and quick content updates. Inpho-CM (or ICM) is a plug-in for the Moodle Learning Management System. This supports teacher-led lessons using the course management system.

InphoMedia (IM)

The newest version of InPhoSoft is called InphoMedia (IM) and was released in January 2019. Some of the features of IM include:

Convert images into multimedia files

Sharing high quality multimedia files

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How is glBegin() working with glTexCoord()?

Let’s say I have a 2d array of length 5000 and I want to draw a triangle. Then I would use this code
void drawTriangle(GLsizei *vertices, GLint* colors) {
glTexCoord2d(1, 1);
glVertex2d(1, 1);
glTexCoord2d(1, 0);
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glTexCoord2d(0, 0);
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I set the values of glTexCoord() as the vertices in my array. I am confused as to why it is working. How is a loop being formed so that the glVertex() function is invoked for each vertex in the array.


I am confused as to why it is working.

The array you pass to glTexCoord defines a two-dimensional texture region in which the texture coordinate is the first array element and the texture coordinate goes from zero to one from right to left in each dimension, so (0, 0) is at the very right, (1, 0) at the very left, and then (0, 1) at the top, (1, 1) at the bottom, and so on.

How is a loop being formed so that the glVertex() function is invoked for each vertex in the array.

The loop is formed by the GPU driver. As the GPU driver knows nothing about the vertex array, the CPU has to tell the GPU which pixels of which texels to access on the next frame.
void drawTriangle(GLsizei *vertices, GLint* colors) {
glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0); // Just for now, since nothing will be