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Sim Racing Telemetry is dedicated to record actual real-world driving conditions.
The ESS® FUEL® Power Support contains the most advanced road surface data capture technology available for simracing. Drive and drift your way.
Drive and drift your way.
Driving conditions that you encountered in real life will be recorded in your simracing championship with Sim Racing Telemetry.
How does it work?
Sim Racing Telemetry is a companion app to the game where you record simracing timelaps under real-world driving conditions in the “Challenge” mode.
Data capture and validation
Driving conditions that you encountered in real life will be recorded in your simracing championship with Sim Racing Telemetry.
A real car is in front of a setup of sensors that capture the real world road conditions, which are then used to update the track environment in your game.
Tailor your driving to actual conditions with real-world road data.
No need to tweak visual and physics settings on the screen as you drive. All data is collected at the road, all at real-world speed, to create a data logbook for your simracing world.
Record data for each lap of your timelapse and then select the race and/or championships that you want to use to compare to your performance.
There are two tools you can use to record and validate data:
1. “Finish the lap” validation: This will create a log of all the laps you can enter your data for.
2. “Real-time” validation: This will validate data captured during each lap of the timelapse.
Record any laps of your timelapse in real time.
Collect logs of all the laps you can enter your data for.
Validate data for each lap of your timelapse in real time.
Select which championships you want to use to compare to your performance.
This app does not replace racing games where you use racing games with lot’s of settings to tune the game for real racing. Sim Racing Telemetry is not a tool to modify the game to real racing. The settings and the data logged for simracing will remain the same, even if you play a real racing game.
This app only records racing situations you have experienced in real life, and does not collect racing data from the race itself.
Challenge your way and drive your way.
Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 7+ – Mac OS 10.9


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Download Setup & Crack ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Unbelievably beautiful Arctic environment
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Various missions with challenging gameplay
  • Dynamic endurance system, you can increase or decrease your endurance level
  • Arctic clothing system, in which you can regulate the temperature in equipment
  • Arctic environment textures
  • Arctic weapons are customized and upgradeable
  • Available feature such as boat ski
  • Approximately 20 frozen regions (production reserve)
  • The opening of the Arctic becomes the most important area of the world
  • Use a helicopter with flexible missions and gameplay – very realistic
  • Offline mode support
  • Friend online
  • Work with industrial size
  • Rate according to real world
  • Available various scenarios
  • Approved by various international games that have helped us in the production of the game.
    If you like our game please give us a rating. And if you want to know how high you are,
    feel free to give us a feedback. Thanks!


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“Darkness 2” has more branching storylines and more story depth than its predecessor. An evil force has permeated the mind of the planet and the world is plunged into darkness. But, there is hope: A young girl is left behind in the darkness. When she awakens, she discovers she has an extraordinary power: the power to wield the Light.
Play as two different characters in three different levels in each of the three game chapters. Each chapter features a unique storyline, graphics, music, and a new Boss.
With the new “Save and Restore” function, save your game and return later.

The immediate thought that comes to mind when I hear F1 is usually one of fear. The drivers usually don’t. Yet, over the last decade I’ve witnessed their courage grow immensely. From started off as a very competitive teenager, now I watch them drive their way through the Grand Prix field trying to make it all the way to victory lane. There’s no greater feeling on the face of this planet.

The people who watch F1, need to know something more than just about cars and drivers. We need to feel the heartbeat of those who push their heads to the limit to find out who will become the next great champion. From Monday through Sunday, we’ll get the unofficial daily player-to-player stats from The website is here to make things easy for you and the gamers. Simply visit the site, sign in using any of your favorite social media services, find your favorite game, pick a player and follow that person throughout the season. You’ll be surprised how much you learn – and will learn to love.

Sign-in to the F1Stats site, click the button below. You’ll be brought to the screen with the online scoreboard at the bottom of the screen. Next to it is a blue PLAYERS box that will be populated with the players that you follow.

All of the Racing League stats will be there, too, as well as statistics for the NASCAR. And obviously you won’t get the league stats for soccer, tennis, basketball or baseball. However, the action on those is pretty busy these days.

Initially, you’ll probably want to keep it simple. Here’s what we have for the summer Olympics Games so far:

Once you sign in to F1Stats you’ll need to select which language you prefer. That should be easy for you.

Now you can start to see the team of players


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Gameplay Avenger Bird is the second unit in the Global Protection Squad series. Developed by All Effects Games, a company founded by Jens Bergensten, a core gamer who has a history working for ZAP Games and Simutronics. The first gameplay unit was introduced at Casual Connect Sydney 2012 and since then many updates were made to the gameplay unit. For instance in April 2012 the Armor mode was released in the game, which includes many new features and a new UI. And the multiplayer version was released in June 2013. Gameplay Avenger Bird shares the same gameplay mechanics as all the other Global Protection Squad units, that is: the global protection is done by an AI that makes sure the patrol is covered by a group of units with different roles.

The design of the gameplay unit was influenced by the many comments the gameplay unit received at Casual Connect Sydney 2012.

Gameplay Avenger Bird was first introduced as a conceptual unit at Casual Connect Sydney 2012. After its debut it got many updates and improvements to make it an all-round gameplay unit.

The gameplay unit has been built to be multi-layered, that is the AI will evaluate the incoming waves of enemies and react to the threats based on the situation. The unit will also dynamically change its coverage based on the new threats or new situations that the player may face during the game.

Please check the gameplay videos below for more information about how to use the gameplay unit in the game.


Gameplay Avenger Bird can be deployed from a flat surface.

Gameplay Avenger Bird can be deployed on flat surfaces.

Gameplay Avenger Bird is the default unit in the game, it has the least firepower and thus it can be used on flatter surfaces.

Gameplay Avenger Bird will move automatically along the surface.

Gameplay Avenger Bird can walk along the surface or it can get rolling for its best advantage.

Gameplay Avenger Bird cannot deploy from a vehicle.

Gameplay Avenger Bird is a versatile unit, it can be deployed in the team’s Main cover as a default or with a Grenade launcher for maximum effectiveness.

Gameplay Avenger Bird can be deployed on 3 surfaces: flat, rolling and skidding.

Gameplay Avenger Bird can be deployed on 3 surfaces: flat, rolling and skidding.

Gameplay Avenger Bird will automatically move along the surface.

Gameplay Avenger Bird will automatically move along the surface.

Gameplay Avenger Bird is made to traverse the surface and also to shoot the ground.


What’s new in Infinity Trip:

In the near future, that world lies in the hands of Isaac Niede. On his 49th birthday, the teenage genius opens up his computer, and embarks into the world of Virtual Reality and his unique thinking.

Well, as usual it all looks great, I didn’t want to judge it on it’s looks since I haven’t actually played it yet.Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait when it’s out and I’ll tell you if it got better since this is my first time playing Oblivion.

From the Mass Media

“Over the world, virtual reality is spreading.”

– New York Times

“Scientist Isaac Niede is addicted to virtual reality. To a computer he’s also addicted, and he’s the craziest of the Crazy.”

– Newsweek magazine

“Isaac Niede changed the world.”

– USA Today

“…a blazing talent who is utterly unique.”

– The Guardian

“Isaac Niede is the craziest one of all.”

– The Tribune

“Birthday special: Isaac Niede, the coolest kid in school.”

– Time Magazine

Major Characters of the Game

Isaac Niede (18)Currently resides at: The Mansion of Madness in Ebbvith City, ☣, ☮, ❧,, and if he’s not in his underground laboratory, then he’ll be in his attic room, because this boy lives above all other things. His laboratory is a direct reflection of his dreams.He lives out all of his dreams, creating his virtual world from his imagination, and his constant thirst for knowledge. Isaac wears a unique hat and blue vest. He is the youngest student of Einstein High. He wears a black pompadour. His room is called his attic room, well, he prefers to call it his own front yard. He is fifteen years old.Appearance: 19th century Niede, a somewhat playful boy. Character: A yet to be written.

Jo Moltmann (23), once a Niede servant, now stands at his side. Jo has a scar on his head, from a fall. Jo is his caretaker. He takes Isaac on various missions to do the tasks of the upper class around the world. He is both the smartest, and the most mysterious of the Niede servants. Jo wears a black suit with a black necktie,


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It was a peaceful world. A nice house and billboard lighten up when evening comes, weather forecast telling you if it is suitable for going outside though you seldom gave it attention. Before the nightmarish Infection burst all of a sudden, spread itself everywhere and turn most human beings into brutal zombies, human leaders seemed to have to released their control and fell into the attack of wild nature the once brothers. Long period of struggling must begin. Maybe it’s gonna be long enough for you, one of a few survivors turns the once real history into nonsense in your mind. But wait, will you give up? You know struggle would make a difference. You know you remain reluctant. And only keeping alive can there be a chance for hope, though hunger, thirsty, coldness and zombies will all threat your life, other survivors may also be your enemy in cruel environment. Start to act! Craft weapons first to attack the enemies. Build the strong house and advanced equipment. And find partners to cooperate. Could the mankind society be back? Who knows?Let’s Start the Game and See What Will Come.
Tips to Add Your Life Hours:
Pick up wood and stones to craft tools.
Craft weapons to defend yourself against zombie harassment and rob materials from zombies and wild animals.
Keep an eye on your health point HP.
Try dispersing your enemies then act, sneak attack causing more damage and making you hard to be found by them. Kill them and you can get close to the boxes for precious survival materials.
Learn to cook and make thick cloth to keep you from the hunger and cold.
There is nothing more important than to build a comfortable and stable house.
Be careful when you see other survivors before you are sure they are kind. Possibly you need to fight.
Build the kennel and keep a dog. That may make the crazy zombie world a little warmer.
Fix the radio to collect useful information.
Craft workbench to upgrade your equipment and weapons.
Craft traffic tools to travel to farther places quickly.
Once you unfortunately die, get back to your body and collect your items within 10 mins.
Explore more open land to find more survival resources.
The crazy apocalypse world might be frightening at first, but there is no need to be totally desperate. You can choose to explore and grab enjoyment. Why not? You have nothing to lose. Hope you can strive and survive longer in this Wasteland island before the return of mankind


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  • You may choose the install location where you want to save the Game.
  • After this step done successfully, the Game installed on your pc and is now ready for use.

System Requirements For Infinity Trip:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX compatible (12.0c compatible with Vista and Windows 7) and OpenGL 3.3 compatible
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c, DirectX 10.0c or later
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS (or GeForce GT 630M or Radeon HD 5870)
Please read the list of hardware requirements carefully before purchasing –


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