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A dark and mysterious adventure game, full of intriguing characters, hidden paths, and shocking twists and turns. In the dead of the night, assassin Stéphanie suddenly gets the opportunity to leave her life behind and her marks all over the city of Paris.
• You, an independent operative, receive an anonymous message in the form of an encrypted audio file. You must search for the truth behind Stéphanie’s secret.
• Search abandoned locations. Find clues in photographs and documents hidden in the shadows.
• Probe hidden passageways and carefully follow their twists and turns.
• Hidden surfaces and objects hidden in plain sight to discover to unveil Stéphanie’s private life in the city’s darkest passages.
• Use the city of Paris as the detective’s witness and create a unique story.
• Expose the truth and steal Stéphanie’s last secret, before it’s too late.
• The Greater Good: Discover the dark secrets of Stéphanie.
• Darkness is all that is left, the rest is erased from your memory. Are you ready to face the truth?Third party presidential candidates continue to win the national popular vote. In fact, there has not been a presidential election since 2012 where the national popular vote did not clearly favor the winner of the electoral college.

Since Democrats have won more of the popular vote in every presidential election since Jimmy Carter in 1976, the Democrats will obviously continue to win the popular vote (although, if I lived in a swing state, I might vote for the Republican as a safety net to prevent another four years of Donald Trump).

The irony is that Democrats still fail to win the popular vote every single time, despite running an extremely unpopular incumbent president against a more popular Republican challenger.

Since 1980, there have been eight presidential elections. In each election, the losing candidate received more of the popular vote than the winner.

The election of 1980 was the exception. After a 1980 campaign in which Ronald Reagan ran a highly disciplined campaign that focused on one thing; winning the election, Ronald Reagan won the election.

In real-time, that looks like this.

(Trump had a smaller edge than he ended up with in the popular vote, but you get the point.)

He also ran the 1980 presidential election in real-time.

Reagan appeared to be the candidate who promised to make America great again. He campaigned on


Features Key:

  • STEAM Greenlight supports the indie game Steam Greenlight. Developing an indie game by full documentation, showing game development with assets and documentation. STEAM works for PC, MAC OS, Linux and more.
  • Slideshow: a very cool slideshow to show off the game.
  • Menu: simple Menu page like on TV shows.
  • Change the playlist around: you can see all the screens either by screen, type or asset. The menu also offer to change the screens, videos and assets around to show a different version.
  • Export the timeline(s): you can export your work as text file, HTML page, GIF, PNG or JPEG to show your work.
  • Export the timeline(s) in DVD: you can create a DVD to show off your work.
  • Export your own menu screen: you can open a dialog and add the menu screens. You can also export them as PNG.
    !Warning: This is something you should only do if you know what you are doing!
  • Check the feedback!: You can see how many times the game has been played. This shows how many “players” that played the game in total.
  • Review of your game: You can get feedback from other people and also different details, such as how many times the game was played, even the most unplayable timings. It even offers to unlock other consoles and keys.
  • Export the feedback: You can export all the feedback you got. Screenshots of this can appear as news on the frontpage of the website.
  • Rate the gameplay: Make others feel good about your game by giving your feedback! You can give


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    DoN is a Nature Simulation Game about Animals, Plants and Ecology.
    The main objective of the game is to explore ecosystems, learn about the different ways animals, plants and bacteria interact and ultimately share a positive, more sustainable relationship with nature.
    In DoN you have to learn to manage ecosystems. DoN encourages players to investigate the nutrient cycles, the atmosphere and the deep oceans. By playing DoN, you will discover new ways to sustain the environment.
    DoN is about asciilife, ecosystems and biodiversity. So, expect to see both animals and plants that live together in harmony, while at the same time experiencing lots of realistic insects and other organisms that help to balance the eco-system.
    Additional gameplay
    Sandbox mode, in which the player can freely plant species and start little ecosystems. This gives the player the opportunity to create a natural paradise that the enemy must eradicate.
    Habitat mode, in which you can collect resources and use them to build custom landscapes.
    Build mode, which allows you to design custom floating islands that you can populate with your collected species.
    Inventory, which allows you to inspect individual species and their abilities.
    Achievements, in which you can accrue achievement points to receive new items and customize your character.
    An Eco-School project, in which you can interact with an educational doppelganger that leads you through the game’s eco-friendly subject matter.
    If you have any other suggestions or ideas for DoN, we’d love to hear about them.
    The game was built using Unity 4.4.2, the MonsterGame Creator Framework, Uservoice, and the Magic.AI engine (used to handle all AI scenarios). Unity and MonsterGame Creator are open source tools.
    DoN is available to download on Steam. It features the option to play offline (playable without online connection), and is compatible with both Windows and Linux.
    Some events (especially in Sandbox mode) may not be available depending on the region and/or your internet connection. We suggest connecting to internet to play every now and then to avoid the game crashing and having to start over again.
    For all legal inquiries contact DrunkOnNectar.com
    A Steam About Page
    A Steam Forum
    A Youtube Channel
    A Facebook Page
    A Twitter Account
    This game is all about ecology, sustainability and democracy.
    During the game you will work in a country that is used to


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    Amoral, possible psychotic, slow paced first-person shooter “Requiem: Avenging Angel”,
    by Secur-A-Team Software, is a the first of it’s kind in the video game industry, yet
    all the rage it has brought with it, has left many confused as to what all the
    fuss is about. The story, and the characters, are what this game is all
    about, and they are both telling and darkly humorous, and add a sense of purpose
    to the game and the plot. This game is one a well written and played first person
    shooter, which doesn’t sound all that fun to the average person. A great feature
    that should be sought after is the game’s angel powers, they’re a clever
    assortment of shooting your way out of tight situations, jumping on top of a building,
    or releasing a suppressive laser that takes out everything in its path. The only
    problem with them is they all act more like shields than weapons, and you can only
    have so many shields on you at once.

    Gale Force 2: Episode 1

    Gale Force 2 is an action-platformer game that involves escaping from a military-run
    psychological prison. The gameplay revolves around dealing with a number of weapons
    and objects, and interacting with various items. The game itself takes place in a
    separate universe from Quake, and is a cut-down version of the first game, both visually
    and graphically. The game is again developed by id Software, who also created the
    Quake engine, and the Quake engine was also used for Doom. The game is being “ported”
    to multiple platforms including the Palm, Psion, Nintendo 64, and PC. It was first
    released on July 8th, 1998, and has a score of 4 out of 5 on IGN. Game SpotSummary:
    Halo, Doom and Quake have all come a long way from the mayhem and hard-to-control
    protagonist named “Doomguy”, and “QC-B09”, and their now quite mature-looking
    enemies and weapons. Quake came first. The sequel to Quake, that was originally called
    Gale Force, was announced as an officially licensed PC game by id Software.
    The official name of the sequel to Quake is Gale Force 2, and it was supposed to be
    released in the Spring of 1999 for PC. The PC version is available for free from the


    What’s new in Ian’s Eyes:

    Peasant Knight is a fantasy novel written by American writer and poet Robert E. Howard and published in July 1933. Like Howard’s anthology Terror in the Old Testament, containing many of his earliest tales, it is intended as a precursor to his Conan series, The Hour of the Dragon. The subject is a thinly veiled version of the knight as a droving heroic figure, principally in the frontier West, and being destroyed by poverty, loneliness, alcohol and disease.

    The novel is a dissection of the hero. Presented as one lengthy speech by an unnamed bard to an audience of intractable peasants. The protagonist is to become a legend, enjoying myth status in the lore of his community. The bard’s gesture is to give identity to an anonymous person wandering the mountains: “He thought of many things: of the war of the Huns in the old times, when the land groaned with the power of great kingdoms. He thought of the young heroes who had marched westward with the Conqueror, of the great Earls who had battled with Julius Caesar, of Romans of great renown who had triumphed at the Ludus Magnus, or fought the Minnesingers, or crossed the Wall. He thought of the heroes of romance who had built their cities here in the haunted mountains, or had raided and pillaged and slain. And he thought of the naked children who had starved in the snow and died of cold. From the first man to have been born to the last to have starved in the snow and died of cold, the men of his tribe had lain unburied from year to year. Even the gods had forgotten them.”

    The story has received acclaim from scholars and fans alike.

    Plot summary
    The story is a series of monologues, told by the unknown bard, on the life of a man of his village and people.

    The Old Man
    “In the late spring of the very year in which he was born there came a wandering singer to the men of our tribe. He bore his pack, and upon his head was bound a circle of leather dyed with blood. In his mouth he carried a flute of bone. No songs he sang to the children of the tribe; none but memories of the things of a life gone. As his tribesmen waited for him and he played, he told of the wanderings of his people upon their ancestral trail. He told of wars and how they were won by the deeds of heroes.


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    DCS: A-10C Warthog Simulator is a PC-only flight simulation, but features extensive modifications to the DCS World module, allowing you to fly and fight with an unmatched DCS dogfighting experience! No external PC or monitor is required to fly, but all game information is displayed in a fully redesigned interface on the main screen. During gameplay, when in a suitable weapons / engine power state, the pilot will receive a correct audio, visual and haptic feedback, and feel just like the real thing. In addition to your movement, the player can also control the aircraft’s pitch, roll and yaw by moving the grip joystick, right analogue stick, or holding down a button on the left mouse button.
    • Full official Combined Task Force – Georgia, real-time mission releases.
    • 100+ fighter, attack, and transport aircrafts from all Western nations, and the most recent versions of the Russian aircrafts.
    • Lots of other ground vehicles such as tanks and armored personnel carriers.
    • Numerous air, sea, and land assets in the form of modern electronic warfare, radars, ships and helicopters.
    • First-person shooter game experience with a wide array of weapons and explosives.
    • Level-based missions: experience all the terrain from the realistic Strategic Map of Georgia, a fully scalable campaign mode, dozens of mission types (from simple reconnaissance to air superiority, tactical strike, air defense, and suppression of enemy air defenses) and dogfighting practice maps.
    • Mission timer. Mission objectives include such things as air superiority, ground control, destroying an enemy command center, defense of friendly forces, hostage rescue, escorting of a VIP and lots more.
    • 3D cockpits.
    • Realistic atmosphere of the DCS World environment, including wind, weather, and special effects.
    • Larger than life environments.
    • In-game mission briefing with voice-overs.
    • Tons of visual and audio improvements.
    • Various game modes including dynamic campaign, skirmishes, and time trials.
    • Lots of training modes.
    • Aircraft logbooks.
    • Equipment and weapon on/off.
    • Suitable for new and experienced players.
    • Install a DCS World module and install a campaign to your computer.Play with real teams, real time missions!
    • DCS World is a peer-to-peer network, meaning two players can play directly against one another, or against the AI pilot.
    • Also available in the cloud


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System Requirements For Ian’s Eyes:

Phenomena has a minimum system requirement of NVIDIA Quadro 4000 or higher. The recommended system requirement is AMD Radeon Pro 460 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, with recommended specs for the recommended system. Please refer to the Changelog for the current recommended minimum and recommended maximum system requirements.
Phenomena is available on the following operating systems:
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Mac OS X 10.10+ (


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