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Playing the drums can be a noisy activity that is sure to bother the neighbors. Hydrogen, however, is a digital drum machine that minimizes the level of noise and gives you the power to actually record the track you’re playing.
Drum patterns for your own music style
The app has a simple interface that is quite easy to figure out by all users.
Thus, you can create several drumming patterns through a simple measure-based interface. You may choose different types of drum sounds, such as kicks, snares (jazz or rock), crashes and even hand claps. These can be arranged over the file and overlap to create a complex sound with up to 192 ticks per pattern.
There are several types of instruments available, including multiple types of drumkits, each with their own special sounds.
Metronome, mixer, and export options
The app includes an advanced tab-tempo, visual metronome and song position tags. Also, it comes with an extensive music mixer that enables you to modify the volume of each instrument, as well as the sound balance.
There are several additional options available for this program. Thus, at launch it can be set to load the last used song and you can adjust the maximum number of bars for each track.
Furthermore, the program can load samples in various file folders, such as WAV, AU and AIFF. The sample editor comes with basic cut and loops functions.
A few last words
The bottom line is that Hydrogen is a nice tool that can help you create nice tracks with a great tempo. Inexperienced individuals should quickly manage to figure out how to manage each feature, thanks to t the intuitive layout of the GUI.







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Create a track, play it, and record it, all in Hydrogen! (Engine discontinued)
Play your drum track and record it by manually adjusting the notes and velocity of each hit.
Drum Kit:
Quickly and easily create drum tracks and save them to your Hydrogen Files folder.
Drum and Bass:
Instruments include kick, snare, crash, clap, and hi-hat.
Drum and Bass Loops:
Includes over 500 pre-set acoustic and electronic drum kits.
Drum and Bass Samples:
Download and edit samples of everything from 90’s hip-hop to 80’s new wave.
Use Hydrogen’s MIDI capabilities to play and record using your keyboards.
Mix audio and MIDI in Hydrogen, set the volume and balance of each instrument, and add mix effects.
Play Modes:
All modes are accessible at all times, from track to solo and from speed to groove.
48-tack MIDI sequencer
Drum Patterns for Your Own Style
MIDI mode
Advanced tab-tempo
Song position and volume tags
Adjust maximum number of bars
Layers of sound
Mixer adjustments
Loop offset and length
16-bit audio quality
Library of samples of all sorts
Drum Kit options
Undo feature
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Drums and Mics are Best Friends! Create Your Own Rhythmic Music with Native Instruments’ Drumkit Builder!
Your musical creations are only limited by your imagination! Native Instruments delivers the most powerful & creative drum kits of any other drumming software. Generate your own drum sounds, arrange drum patterns, layer different sounds for more diversity, and record your own music.
Drumkit Builder’s powerful features help you create music in amazing detail, in a fun and intuitive way.
Unlimited Drums & Drums and Mics allows you to create up to 128 drums and 64 mics, and the available drums and mics have never been more varied and versatile.
Drum kit editor allows you to quickly create drum patterns and arrange these to your liking. You can even choose the way your beats will change with the tempo. You can

Hydrogen Download

Hydrogen is the most complete drum machine ever created. It will keep you up-to-date on your beats, drums and rhythms and save tracks for use in the finished mix. Load instrument presets or just create your own sounds using its configurable knob control instrument matrix. Set the sequence to advanced or popular, then create your patterns with up to 7 sections. Use the new loop recording feature to record drum sessions for any song you need, then arrange the drums in mix-engine using the song’s existing tempo. [Neon Roll]

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Drum Machine.
Music Player.
Drum Song Recorder.
Drum Sequencer.
Drum Music Editor.
Drum Sound Editor.
Drum Jamming.
Drum Mix.
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Windows, Mac and Linux

Hydrogen is a nice app with over 400 titles designed to help you make songs that you can share with your friends, or even post on YouTube.
The features are pretty basic, but since the price of this app is $9.99, you will likely not find a better tool for the song making.
The app comes with all the tools required for you to make music.
Hydrogen offers a number of features, including a complete setup wizard that will lead you to the most streamlined setup procedure.
The app is located under the Music submenu. All of your commands are available from the main Hydrogen icon.
Main tabs
The main Hydrogen window features a number of tabs, including the Hydrogen Settings tab.
The tabs are then arranged into five categories that include:
• Hydrogen – contains the main application elements
• Audio – contains settings for your audio engine
• Sequencer – contains the advanced sequencer and mixer
• Mixer – contains the mixer tabs
• Preferences – contains the program settings
Hydrogen Settings
The Hydrogen Settings tab features different settings that can be adjusted while you are using the application. This can save you the hassle of having to adjust the settings every time you launch the program.
The Hydrogen Settings tab can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon to the left of the main icon.
Settings for each user
Each user of the program can have its own unique set of preferences that can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon at the top left of the main Hydrogen icon.
The preferences window features all of the settings for Hydrogen.
You can add and remove favorites, set the default engine, and choose from the following settings:
• Desktop sounds
• Text color
• Insert effects
• Read from music files
• Storage system
• Audio samples
Using Hydrogen
You can use Hydrogen by simply selecting the song you want to create or the folder containing all of your music files.

What’s New in the Hydrogen?

The Visual App for musicians and music producers
Make that drum sound you want…
Create drum instruments, sounds and beats
Drum instruments: Make your own beat by programming drum sounds and scenes in the easy to use drum kits included in the Hydrogen Toolkit.
Create your own drumkit with presets from the great packs of drum sounds and scenes. Or use the kit creation tools to make your own beat on the fly.
Make your own beat for your songs, beats or training sessions.
Here’s what’s new in Hydrogen:
• Draw and design drum kits easily with the new and expanded kit editor!
• Use the special drumkit libraries to create drum instruments right from scratch with this new feature. With presets, you can easily play, edit, create, and arrange drum beats for drum performance by clicking on instruments or arranging drums in the drumkit.
• Session templates include your drum instruments and drum clips as placeholders, making them easy to load up to use as drum tracks.
• Begin creating drum sessions right now by creating a new drumkit and dragging all of the drum instruments into the drumkit scenes.
• Add dynamics, effects, and other customizations to your drum instruments using the Audio Unit Instrument Editor.
• The Effects tab in the Instrument Editor provides effects, including modulation and parameter controls.
• When working with presets, you can easily change the assigned key, percussion, and location, allowing you to immediately retarget the drum instruments to a different key, percussion, and location.
• Clicking on a kit name in the Kit Editor will now automatically select the drum instruments for you, allowing you to make changes to the drum instruments by simply selecting your own drum instruments and then editing the kits.
• Export your drum instrument presets so that you can quickly use them in other apps.
• New drum kits from the creators of Hydrogen are automatically updated in the kit editor.
• Make drum sounds available to any part of your song using the new drum kits and drum sounds.
• New drum instruments and sounds will be released in the near future.
• Every drummer, percussionist, and drummer-in-training should look to Hydrogen to become the best drum performer in the world!

Drum pattern is a drum pattern software which is perfect for drummers to create, arrange and play their own drum patterns. Drummer can record drum patterns through MIDI Instrument tracks or record audio directly to Audio Track. With drum pattern software, drum

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Processor: Intel Pentium CPU 400MHz or greater
Memory: 64 MB RAM is recommended (Memory must be installed in DRAM)
Hard Disk: Minimum 1 GB free hard disk space
1280×1024 or larger monitors
Sound card
Internet connection
DirectX® 9.0c
Input Device: Keyboard, mouse, joystick
Display Device: 1280×1024-pixel monitors
Minimum Windows® system requirements: