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The story opens with Henry Oliver’s Uncle Bill reading him a bedtime story about a small boy named Brownie who came from the past to the present to give Henry a present. Uncle Bill is also the town librarian and runs the local library. He meets him in a foggy cemetery outside town with gold horses and gallops away to deliver the present.

Later, Bill runs into a local homeless man and gives him a ride to a local diner named Bill’s Food Shack. He is given a meal of stew and blueberry pie and is observed by the other customers. Some things were picked up by the locals like the red bucket said to have been there for a century (really?), and a paper airplane with a note in it.

While walking on the property of the diner, he finds a book sitting on a stump and decides to take it home to read to his nephew the following night. As he continues on, he encounters a boy named Ford who tells him about an adventure they had out in the forest with a mysterious creature and a child who was with them named Madeline.

Upon reaching home, he heads up to his room to read the book. As he begins reading, he notices Madeline’s little head peeking out from behind a picture frame and without knowing why, he continues reading. After finishing the first chapter, he goes to bed and is awoken by a small sack with a ticking sound in it being thrown over the edge of his bed.

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Even though it was an original story, the dinosaurs were computer generated, so it doesn’t count. My favorite dinosaur was the pterodactyl.
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