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Over 250 Million players playing pinball video games on Steam!
Top of the Top, Year after year… Cine Star Deluxe was an excellent pinball table published by Beyond Games and first released in 2007.
Cine Star Deluxe Table is a pinball table that revolves around the theme of movie production, with all sorts of film-based items that appear on the 5 playfields!
The remake of this table is coming!
What is Cine Star Deluxe Table?
From, a platform where pinball enthusiasts can share their video game knowledge.
There is no code or serial numbers, everything is free and legal.
Cine Star Deluxe Table includes:
– Cine Star Deluxe Table
– Movies and movie trivia
– Images of movie props and movie-themed pinballs
About The Game Download Cine Star Deluxe Table for free!
“I’m so glad my pinball playing skills came to the Play Store! I might do a game for other Beyond Games pinball tables soon as well!”
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About The Game Support
Beyond Games customer support via the official forum on Steam.

How to download Cine Star Deluxe Table for free?
Thank you for buying the game and we hope you have a lot of fun playing it 🙂

Cine Star Deluxe Table
Name: Cine Star Deluxe
Theme: Movie shooting
Production year: 2019
3 playfields
5 flippers
3 pop bumpers
1 hole
1 kickback
1 spinner
3 ramps
1 tower
1 captive ball
1-bank spot target (2)
4-bank spot targets (1)
5-bank spot targets (1)
1-bank drop target (4)
About The Game Zaccaria Pinball – Cine Star Deluxe Pinball Table:
Over 250 Million players playing pinball video games on Steam!
Top of the Top, Year after year… Cine Star Deluxe was an excellent pinball table published by Beyond Games and first released in 2007.
Cine Star Deluxe Table is a pinball table that revolves around the theme of movie production,


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