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FilterFormula is a useful and easy-to-use Photoshop plugin designed to help you create your own filters.
With its intuitive interface, FilterFormula enables you to select an existing filter or create a new one by specifying the name and enter the filter source code.
The plugin helps graphic designers who have not yet found that particular plugin filter that satisfies all their preferences.
Note: You need to access this link to get a license key.







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+ FilterFormula Product Key is an application for creating your own filters
+ The interface is very intuitive, allowing you to create or modify a filter in just a few clicks. The filter code is entered directly in the appropriate field using a special mechanism
+ You can apply a filter to any image file and any color space
+ The program makes it very easy to modify any of the filters
+ The filters are created using a powerful script that allows you to adjust the color and various other parameters of the filter to create the perfect one for your needs.
+ The plugin has a collection of 55 sample filters that you can choose from to get an idea of what you can create with the plugin
+ New filters can be created in a few seconds
+ All filters are included in the program (approximately 500 different filters)
+ You can download the plugin and check out filters of friends or colleagues
+ The plugin has an update system that always keeps it up to date
+ All filters can be customized using the powerful Open Source Gimp scripting language
+ Some filters can be easily edited using the gimp (see below)
+ The plugin allows you to export the filter into PNG, JPG and GIF format
+ You can associate any filter with any color space or rgb (red-green-blue) color mode
+ The plugin is also available for the Linux platform

Login to get a license key.

+ By installing FilterFormula from this repository you are agreeing to the repository terms and conditions and license that you must abide by as described in the folder files LICENSE
+ To update or download the latest version of the plugin:
+ GitHub:
+ You may use the Gimp to edit a generated filter:
+ The license allows you to share the plugin with others
+ FilterFormula is designed to be a good add-on for the previously mentioned plugin:
+ Typology

GitHub Project:

GitHub License:
MIT License


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– Create your own filters
– Support a wide range of filter sources
– Easy-to-use interface
– Select a pre-existing filter or create a new one by specifying the name and enter the filter source code
– Ability to specify the filter source
– Ability to specify the filter source
– 6 filter sources (bitmap, canvas, vector, raster, swf, @media)
– Filter saves created asset under a specified name
– Support GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, HTML5, and PDF-A

Adobepd version: 1.2

Adobe Photoshop 2019 + Elements 2019 macOS + Windows


Had this same issue and just discovered a solution:

Just download the tutorial and install. The site has instructions.
(Although you’ll need a licence key to actually use the filter engine)

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FilterFormula Crack + Free

This product is developed as a standalone plugin. A separate license is required to make this product usable. Purchasing a software product or a product that has free trial and/or access to demo for 30 days indicates your acceptance of the license agreements for that product.
What’s new in this version
  Version 1.1.1 is a maintenance release, supporting the latest version of Photoshop, and including a couple of minor bug fixes.
   Added – Assign event for saving preset file
   Added – Assign event for opening preset file
   Added – Assign event for exitting plugin
   Fixed – Keyboard shortcuts not working properly
   Fixed – Changing picture setting to “Save for Web” is not working
   Fixed – Make sure to have the Scripting Library installed
   Fixed – Make sure to have the Scripting Library activated
   Fixed – Don’t crash when resizing picture
   Fixed – Slightly adjust make_filters.css file
   Fixed – Make sure to have a “Preset Files” folder in the folder specified in Filters folder of Photoshop
   Fixed – Delete FilterFormula folder when “Preset Files” is deleted
   The other minor bug fixes and improvements are:
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use FilterFormula” tips
   Added – And scroll down for “How to use Filter

What’s New In FilterFormula?

-​- A Photoshop Plug-in to make filters by specifying and generate (download) a filter code
-​- Increase the productivity of developers
-​- Create a filter with simple coding experience
-​- Save time to find the appropriate filter
-​- Share your creations
-​- Filter names are customizable
-​- Option to save a filter file
-​- Option to save a filter source code
-​- Option to compress and save filter source code
-​- Option to share your creations or existing filters
-​- Option to filter both files in a folder
-​- Option to manage the filter history
-​- Option to add unique filter IDs and random filter filenames
-​- Option to select the color format for your file
-​- Option to convert image files to filter or vice versa
-​- Option to open the dialog by using a file
-​- Option to generate random or fixed filter IDs
-​- Option to create either a copy or link to a file
-​- Option to create a filter from an existing PNG image
-​- Option to import EXIF data from a JPEG file
-​- Option to create a TXT file with filter codes
-​- Option to save filters as PNG or JPG format
-​- Option to rename filter files
-​- Option to import the folder contents into an existing project
-​- Option to import folder contents into a new empty project
-​- Option to add layers to a filter
-​- Option to view/create a filter in the Photoshop workspace
-​- Option to create filters from an existing Photoshop document
-​- Option to copy filters
-​- Option to generate a Filter Formula
-​- Option to search the filter source code on the Internet
-​- Option to select the size of the image files
-​- Option to generate the import filters library
-​- Option to preview the new filter
-​- Option to import the filters from a folder into a project
-​- Option to export a filter
-​- Option to remove unused filters from the project
-​- Option to backup the Project in a text document
-​- Option to export the current Project in a text document
-​- Option to run in Photoshop application
-​- Option to filter the entire folder
-​- Option to filter the specific folder

System Requirements For FilterFormula:

OS: Windows XP or Windows 7 (64-bit versions only).
Memory: 6 GB RAM.
Processor: Intel i5-2400 or AMD equivalent (2.5 GHz).
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 or AMD equivalent.
Hard Drive: Minimum 15 GB available free space.
OS: Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 (64-bit versions only).
Memory: 8 GB RAM.
Processor: Intel i5-3550 or AMD equivalent (2