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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






The technology has been in development for two years, and aims to improve everything from ball physics to artificial intelligence algorithms, ensuring the game looks and feels like the real-life version.

“Overall, the solution we’ve been developing over the last two years has been super-exciting,” explains the game’s Creative Director Steve Aschieris, who also worked on the iterations of FIFA 12 and 14, and FIFA 16. “In terms of how it works and how we can take what we’ve learnt from it, it’s a huge leap forward.”

“We’re always striving for the best physics, and I think this is the best physics to date. I really do. And we’re finding things that people have not experienced in a football game before. We’ve had the Physical Sensation update for a while now, and it’s finally reached the point where it’s able to feel like a real football match.”

One of the more important elements of HyperMotion technology is how players react to tackles, and how their movement changes post-tackle. “I think it’s been interesting to learn that when you make players good passers, they don’t necessarily pass more. They find more options,” says Aschieris.

“The movement that you see on the pitch is the most relevant for them, because they want to get the ball to their teammates. So that’s what we want to portray in terms of the player movement – the relevant action, the speed and the reactions you see in real life.”

In total, FIFA 22 features more than 150 in-game animations.

“All the animations you see on the pitch, whether it’s passing, shooting or sliding into a tackle, those are actually very similar to a real football match. They’re a bit more simplified, but the goal is that you feel like you’re in a real football match.”

FIFA 22 introduces a new Skill Stick aim, which allows players to perfectly time their passes, headers and volleys. It also features a new “Zoom-to-Dribble” function, allowing players to quickly divert a ball into space.

As players sprint past their opponents, the new acceleration feature gives them a


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Enjoy new ways to play, including All-in-Play Moments that give you an action-packed experience whenever you’re in-game.
  • Discover and play as over 350 players featured in the game, including elite club legends and real-world football stars – some of whom you may have already played with in FIFA Ultimate Team – as you create the best team on the pitch and dominate on the field.
  • Complete deeper, more expertly-crafted gameplay systems to control the outcome of your game, such as ball control and shot mechanics, making every action in FIFA more rewarding and unforgiving than ever before.
  • Improve as a player by using enhanced fitness attributes and systems, including pace, acceleration, stamina, strength, and touch.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s leading sports simulation and is available on PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, Xbox One®, Wii U™ and PC via Origin™.

FIFA is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc.

EA SPORTS FIFA is for people that love soccer.

FIFA is the leading football simulation. Learn more at


The player now gets a clear first-person view of every infraction and may be challenged directly by the referee. By hovering over free kicks, corners and penalty kicks, the first-person view highlights the final direction of the ball and when the kick takes place.

Referees can now set the angle of free kicks, corners and penalty kicks using the new shot routines with a shake of the head or tap of a finger.


New refinements and tweaks to player faces and body type bring each player to life. From the amount of hair on a player’s head to body type, these elements allow you to create the perfect player that looks and performs just as you want.

As players move throughout the game, their face shape will stretch and contract according to the situation they are in. As well as this, you can now choose the exact angle of their jaw, making their face look just as you designed.


The team mode, now with fully 3D crowds, is back and more flexible than ever with an all new dynamic event mode called Match Day. You can now build your own custom fixture calendar using the Fixture Designer and create your own bespoke games against your friends and teams across FIFA clubs. The Match Day calendar now allows you to adjust the length of matches to your schedule and choose to play friendlies at the same time as domestic and European matches, meaning you can choose the game type that fits your timetable.

Each matchday starts with your chosen team’s first match, which runs continuously until the final whistle is blown, so the match never ends. In addition to new game modes, new vignettes can be activated which provide a mini scenario for each club or tournament.

You can now play the entire 24-hour matchday with the clock running in real-time. Set the


Fifa 22 Crack +

Build your dream squad from a cast of real players, then level them up and add them to your Squad. Manage your team in-match, choosing your tactics, substitutions and more. Then take them into UEFA Champions League matches where you compete for honours against the very best.

FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals – Kick off the rivalry by challenging your friends to friendlies. Each match can be played with only one captain, and will feature unique rules with cards such as substitutions, extra-time and penalties.

IFA – Ultimate Team of legends – To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the brand, play all of the most iconic characters from IFA as they are today. From Pele to Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, you’ll get to play the real heroes as you build and upgrade your squad to the level needed to unlock their FA Cup superstar legends.

Virtual Pro – Invite a friend to experience your gameplay in a whole new way. Create a Pro or a Virtual Pro and then challenge each other to head-to-head matches with your very own custom-made Managers.

EA SPORTS Football – The latest version of EA SPORTS Football is packed with all the tools you need to play the beautiful game on the Xbox One. Use the Player Vision to zebra align your players and gain the upper hand on your rivals. The new Player Assistant gives you real-time advice on when to break and attack, while the Player Intelligence keeps you focused on the right things.

Action Sack
The new Action Sack will run on the Snap Mode feature that allows for easier and faster gameplay. Snap Mode requires constant loading of the game from the disc and loading back in afterwards. Here are some of the improvements you can expect when you play in Snap Mode:
· Added focus frames to the game (allowing you to see the ball in play, the teams around the ball, and important players)
· Fixed an issue where camera focus could be off after switching back and forth between players when using Snap Mode
· Fixed an issue where the game could crash and/or reboot when players were brought into proximity with one another on the field
· Fixed an issue where the game could slow down when a replay was entered
· Fixed an issue in which the game could lock up when progress was saved to a new save slot
· Fixed an issue where the GAME OVER screen could display in some languages
· Fixed an issue where a missing double slash was used in the card graphic for the “O


What’s new:

  • FUT, FUT PUTTBALL, Premier League – ⚽️ Add your own captain by predicting future results. Win Ultimate Team cups by selecting the best available players in the transfer market.
  • Competitive Seasons – All progress and records from last year’s game are retained as you jump into the season in FUT.
  • The Team of the Year – Pick the best from last year’s Golden Team and design your own line-ups using more than 250 official kits and updated squad images.
  • World Class Moments – Capture the ultimate-like goal recreations from the top international clubs.
  • Treble Predictions – Predict who will capture the Europa League, Club World Cup and FA Cup!
  • Tournaments – Create and manage your own tournaments and customize them with your own regulation changes.
  • Transfer Market Rankings – Filter for upcoming players or refresh your contracts list and make use of your FUT currency to buy the players of your dreams.
  • Quick Cuts – Quickly find your favourite goals or score against your rival from inside the game without having to open up a separate window.
  • Touch Pitch Controls – Use your touch controls on your TV screen – easy and intuitive!
  • Players, Teams & Matches – Feature all the teams and competitions from around the globe in Ultimate Team!


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FIFA is the world’s most popular video game brand with over 100 million players, and with EA SPORTS FIFA 22, and FIFA on mobile, you’ll get the authentic, authentic FIFA experience. This award-winning series creates and pits teams of players against one another in the most authentic, fast-paced version of football ever. Now, with new features including new player kits and in-game tools, as well as additional gameplay advancements, FIFA 22 delivers an exhilarating brand-new experience.

Build your Ultimate Team with FIFA Ultimate Team. Put together your dream team of real players, including legends and top-rated athletes, then compete in exciting tournaments and fight for your piece of the global soccer spotlight. Earn rewards, make your Ultimate Team on the road, and work your way up in the FUT Pro-Soccer Prestige System.

Battle in the Face of the World’s Best. Create your dream team in Career Mode, go head to head in weekly and season-long online tournaments, and become the best player in the game in the new FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons mode. Look for new cards to upgrade your players with on the field, and use the brand new FUT Draft to bring in a brand new look to your Ultimate Team.

Create and Compete in Seasons. Accumulate points to climb into the new FUT Pro-Soccer Prestige system, earn accolades and rewards for your team, and fight for the titles in new, exclusive FIFA leagues.

Experience the Ultimate Team Experience. Create your very own legend in FIFA Ultimate Team. From coach and goalkeeper to outfield stars – choose any positions at any time.

The Return of Champions. Not only does EA SPORTS FIFA 22 offer the greatest card collection in the history of the franchise, including cards inspired by the first ever FIFA Mobile game, it also returns with the same match-making system used in FIFA 19 and gives you an even more complete experience with returning Champions to go head to head in the new Be A Pro competition. And to ensure you’re always on top of the latest global soccer news, be sure to keep up with the daily FIFA Insider competitions.

Designed for Mobile. FIFA delivers the most authentic experience in any mobile game on the market with FIFA Ultimate Team, and the new FIFA Mobile app lets you play and manage your team anywhere you go. The app also includes new ways to compete against friends and the world.

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