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The new physics engine allows for more detailed player models, enabling players to push and pull each other realistically – especially off the ball. Players also use more precise and varied movement while running with the ball, while being fast and agile in attacking positions, turning and battling to survive tackles.

The real-world data collected from the players is also applied to FIFA 2k19, increasing the variety and realism of defending strategies. The stadium animation has been improved, with more advanced crowd movement, crowd chants and overall player movement, making FIFA 2k19 more realistic and immersive.

Check out the video below to see the new features in action and listen to EA SPORTS in-game sounds.



Expected “Global Release” on 2nd September for the following platforms:

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


The EA SPORTS Football Collection contains all-new “FIFA 2k19” and “FIFA 22” content which includes the final and EASPAIR logo reveal trailer for EA SPORTS FIFA 2k19, the FIFA 22 hyper-motion match as well as the FIFA 2k19 Roster Updates for 10 clubs. The EA SPORTS Football Collection is available to purchase now at the price of £49.99 (UK) and €59.99 (EUR). (For Pricing and availability in other territories see


FIFA is EA SPORTS’ most popular sports franchise, with the ‘’FIFA’’ label holding 34 of the top 40 sellers in the genre1, more than any other sports franchise. The franchise has sold more than 259 million units worldwide, with players using cutting-edge, authentic, 3D-rendered likenesses in a true-to-life experience designed for all ages and skill levels.

1 According to the EEDAR, which surveyed the digital games market in November and December 2016. The study surveyed more than 30,000 gamers, more than 4,000 of which were millennials.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • True to life gameplay including authentic player feels, passing and taking tricks.
  • Exciting new game modes including trial and challange mode
  • Unprecedented customisation with more options than ever before, including Themed Kits, Stadiums, Premier League Contracts, Kit Customisation and Luxury Items.
  • Get closer to your favourite player with an all-new Player Showcase featuring real-life match simulation footage.
  • Starcraft 2 Working features including PhysX, Goalkeeper Boat, Visual Quality, Post-Processing and Cinematic Editor.
  • Unlock the 22nd and 23rd FIFA World Cup modes, as well as the FIFA World Cup Japan Qualifier mode.

2017 FIFA World Cup:

  • Known as The Showcase of the Century by FIFA, the FIFA World Cup is a tournament where the best players in the world compete for the FIFA World Cup Trophy.
  • The Showcase of the Century kicks off on Friday, 14 June in Brazil, and concludes with The Showcase of the Century final on Sunday, 15 July.


Fifa 22 Crack [2022]

“The best soccer game ever made” – Eurogamer

“The best soccer game of any kind ever made” – PCGamer

“Unquestionably the best sports game on any platform” – GameSpot

“FIFA is the most authentic, most complete and most graphically rich football game ever created” – Game Informer

“It’s one of the reasons why I had so much fun playing video games” – Rob Bowley, Gran Turismo

“It’s the pinnacle of sports games” – Keith Farnham, Le Monde diplomatique

“It has vision, originality and real players” – GamesTM

“This is no trinket you can buy and chuck at your friends, it’s… well… it’s PES” – GamesTM

“FIFA is the best football game in the world” – NVEurope

What’s new in FIFA?

Pro and Premium Season Pass Update


A brand-new, official FIFA license unites The Best League in the World™ with some of the most vibrant football cultures around the world in a brand-new gameplay experience. The innovative and unmatched FIFA license brings real-world teams, stadiums and real-world player names to the leagues of Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Germany. Available in FIFA 22 in all supported platforms, the Seasons Pass offers access to the new official license with all content included in all game modes. Download today!

Deep Changes to Clubs and More

Fans now have the power to re-shape their favourite club and train fanatics will feel the love in real time. Plus, with over 700 licensed real clubs and brands, the pure authentic experience of FIFA is now available for more passionate fans.

12 Skill Moves

Feast your eyes on new super moves available in every direction, including a new Aerial Football technique.

The Much-Needed Change on the Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper, the striker, and the defence can never be on the same page, and thanks to FIFA’s improved AI, there’s never been a greater need to define who your keeper is.

Better Technology in Every Way

From the fresh breeze in players’ faces to being able to accurately gauge how good of a chance a shot


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Build and collect your dream squad of the most talented athletes on the planet. Compete against your friends and millions of other football fans in the ultimate online experience to become the ultimate football manager.

Matchday – Build your strategy and make key tactical decisions to earn maximum points in the most exciting game of tactics in FIFA history. Train the players, set formation, and then share your tactics with the community. This year, we’ve introduced a “Coaching Simulation” that puts you right at the heart of the action, and provides you with the tools to manage the team on the pitch.

New Gameplay Features

New Skill Games: Enjoy 30 new skill games all inspired by real-world techniques and with improved controls that make everyone a better player.

Pause: Use the new Pause button to easily control the flow of the game and pause the action without losing a single moment, or take advantage of the new slide tackle ability.

Improved Ball Control: Easily put your player skills to the test in new moves like the Botched Shot and the Super Shrug.

Better Ball Physics: Enjoy the best ball control in the game, and more realistic passes and shots.

Dribbling: Master all the new control options for a more realistic and enjoyable experience.

New Skill Games

Sliding Tackle
In FIFA 22, players will experience a new mode of play: sliding tackles. Inspired by the common technique of sliding tackles in the game of real soccer, sliding tackles help players in critical moments in football matches. Sliding tackles are an agile maneuver employed during a physical encounter against an opponent, in which the player executes a sliding movement towards an opponent and knocks him off his feet before tackling the opponent.This new technique is controlled with a short press of the right analog stick. It offers new tactical options and more fun in battles between players.

You must be signed in to an EA Account in order to access downloadable content for FIFA 22. Access to the FIFA Ultimate Team community is free and requires a valid EA Account and internet connection.

Note: New content is not compatible with “Save Game Files from Live” or “Replays”

New Player Reviews

Madrid (Spain)

Alejandro Hidalgo


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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • The new three-point system
  • Adidas Power Player Ultimate Edition
  • Improved dribbling controls and player animation on all-new ‘xG’ passing style
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Manager update
  • Greater playbook flexibility in the new ‘Capsule Attack’ playbook
  • New defensive system to provide better ball protection.
  • When using three-point shooting using the long-range shooting mode, there is also an increased probability of the shot being successful.
  • Reworked tutorial system to give you more control in managing your squad.


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FIFA is one of the most popular videogame franchises in the world and PlayStation 4 is the first system to offer FIFA owners the most authentic and deep football experience ever, featuring gameplay innovations and innovations that deliver on the promise of the series.

Inspired by the real-world footy season. Focused on fun.

The most authentic and deep football experience. A new season of innovation across every mode.

Play with your friends on both of PlayStation 4’s updated online experiences, and go head-to-head for the first time on any console with new offline and online friendlies.

Game Features

THE REAL WORLD: A one-of-a-kind football experience that is true to the real game.

ENGINE 2.0: Speed things up and go from scrimmage to the final whistle at up to four times faster than previous versions of the game.

CONTROL THE ACTION: Individual controls for players, with no pass animations. Touch to pass, control your run and dribble. Kick on the run and slide tackles to control your opponent with new “Time Player” controls.

RUNNING: Realistic in-game running animations, sprinting off the ball, creating space and offloading from a through ball.

MOST WANTED: A new all-out offensive option.


FACEBOOK: Players can upload their custom training programs to Facebook and share them with friends. The more they use your goals, the more you’ll unlock.

PLAYER PROFILE: With Player Pro, players can share their achievements, upload photos and show off their skills.

FUTURE PLAY: Online player ratings will be used to identify better players to play against or for you to play with as you progress.

PLAYER PROFILE: With Player Pro, players can share their achievements, upload photos and show off their skills.

FUTURE PLAY: Online player ratings will be used to identify better players to play against or for you to play with as you progress.

OPTIMAZE FOR PROFESSIONAL: Move up the pitch and get into more advanced positions with new off-the-ball control. And with Player Move, use any object in the game as a ball or wall, including the ball or goal itself.

EXPERIENCE THE REAL WORLD OF FOOTBALL: Play as either team, experience a full


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core (or better)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Networking: LAN with broadband Internet
Graphics: GeForce 470 or higher
Storage: 4 GB available space for installation and files
Controller: USB-PS4-BT Compatible PS3 Dualshock
Additional Notes:
The Last of Us Remastered will support the following controllers:
DualShock 4: PS4 Controller
Gamepad Pro: PS4 Controller


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