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Football fans worldwide are already familiar with “HyperMotion Technology” as it is used by a number of top-tier professional soccer leagues, including the English Premier League (EPL), and many college, amateur and youth soccer teams around the world.

In FIFA 22, the addition of “HyperMotion Technology” will enable developers to recreate football gameplay in ways not previously possible.


In FIFA 22, gameplay simulations will more closely mimic real-life football and teams will be able to practice defensive positioning and movement via new training features. These new training features will be included in the game, but will not be available in every training mode.

Fans will also be able to practice long-range shots and dribbling skills from FIFA 22’s new training mode, Training Ground. Available in FIFA Ultimate Team, the Training Ground offers new dribbling and shooting drills that gamers can undertake to sharpen their skills before stepping into a real-life match.


In FIFA 22, dribbling has been improved even further by improving responsiveness and speed of change in the ball’s trajectory. Gameplay simulation will also more closely resemble real-life conditions. The ball will expand and contract in response to contact, and will behave more like a true football as it comes in contact with players and the ball will rebound differently.


The dribbling feature sets in FIFA 22 also deliver more options to players when trying to play the game in style. In addition to four dribbling preset styles as featured in the demo, players can now customize their own personalized dribble according to their playing style. For example, they can choose to play with a short touch pass or long pass, speed up or slow down the ball and more.


Goalkicks will also be improved by offering more controls with the ability to choose the direction of the ball and customize how the kick is delivered.



Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Engage in the world’s first true Player Reaction Engine – “P.R.E.” – in FIFA 22. Fans can experience the same authentic moments, in-game, as the real world by witnessing Player reactions during press conferences, official training sessions, live events and in game.
  • Reinvent the All-Important Striker role with the introduction of the striker engine. The Customisable Striker empowers you to change the key attributes of your strikers’ attributes. Master the key positions like Striker, Attacking Midfielder, Deep Playmaker etc and create world class strikers.
  • FIFA Football Experience is rewarded by gaining fans and followers with an improving Player Boost. Gain fans by playing well on the pitch, marketing and recruit them into the game, and generate followers with social media engagement. Grow your virtual community and gain unique items and playstyle rewards.
  • FIFA Official Moments brings new challenges at every turn in an effort to show how the real world rivals and meets the game. Tackles are more intense and unexpected. Technical are more responsive and effective. Stickers take on new meaning and are preserved in player appearances as they would be in the real world. Use FIFA Journeyman Kits for any customisation.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team generated. Create your own squads of real-world heroes with FIFA 22’s new content, cards, features and much more.

FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 20 Combos

FIFA 20 Special Teams Tries

You can either download or buy the FIFA 20 All-Stars Edition which includes FIFA 20, FIFA 20 All-Stars Edition. FIFA 20 All-Stars Edition is now available to buy on Xbox Live and for WindowsPC on June 16th.

FIFA 20 All-Stars Edition purchase includes:

  • Full Season of FIFA 20 All-Stars Edition
  • FIFA Ultimate Team GOLD
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Unmissable Offer


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FIFA is a football video game series originally released in 1992. It follows the FIFA World Cup, with games released in the series every four years during the competition. It is known for its deep gameplay mechanics, graphics, gameplay modes, presentation and soundtrack.

Over the years, the game has featured a range of gameplay modes, from dribbling to passing, tackling and heading, with goals scored by touching the ball into the net.

The FIFA series is EA Sports’ top-selling sports video game series and is recognised as the highest selling sports franchise of all time.


Innovative Men’s and Women’s Teams – New each year to reflect the current state of football, teams introduce and play a new generation of players, featuring the best that the world’s elite clubs can offer.

New Game-Mode – Community Manager Mode. From domestic teams to UEFA Champions League teams, players can discover the history of their teams in a new episodic story mode, including the fascinating and often bizarre rise to success of clubs like Juventus and Maritimo.

New Players – FIFA 20 introduces an exciting new generation of players that have never been seen before in a FIFA game. The game’s best-ever match engine creates more realistic game-play, resulting in increased reaction and stamina, allowing for more realistic dribbling and through balls.

Unrivalled Match Engine – The new FIFA Match engine is the most advanced and realistic to date, creating the most realistic football ever. This means improved artificial intelligence, the most detailed goal celebrations and the most immersive commentary ever.

Soundtrack – An orchestral soundtrack features authentic songs and music from each of the 2019 FIFA World Cup Host Countries.

Presentation – with new intro sequences, reworked game menus, a new cel-shaded graphic style and new, fresh-looking game-intro cinematics for this year’s FIFA World Cup Host Countries, FIFA 20 is the most vibrant and eye-catching FIFA game yet.

Gameplay – FIFA 20 introduces the FUT Draft, a revolutionary new gameplay mode that lets players decide who they want to play with, then simulate their performance in a custom draft to manage their player relationships.

Key Game Modifiers – as a power player, players have the ability to change the conditions on the pitch. Alter the weather, create scoring loopholes and more.

Depth of Play – FIFA 20 lets you play a match from your hands, creating a tournament-


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Choose from over 700 players and use your skill and your gold to build the ultimate team. Tons of new players, features and gameplay improvements make FIFA Ultimate Team the ultimate gaming platform.

FIFA 22 is also the first entry in the FIFA video game series to be developed by the new FIFA Studios team in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Special editions
There will be two special editions of FIFA 22, a Standard Edition (as pictured above) and a FIFA Ultimate Team Deluxe Edition. The only difference is that the Deluxe Edition contains various items and accessories in box form.

Season of success
On August 31, 2017, EA Sports revealed that the “Season of Success” would run from September to December 2017, with a free update to be released in August 2017. This seasonal branding and theme has not been used since the EA Sports World Championship held in Lyon, France in June 2003.


FIFA 22 was met with positive reviews, with a 72/100 aggregate score on Metacritic, based on 55 reviews.

The game was awarded “Best FIFA” and “Sports Game of the Year 2017” by the Game Critics Awards. It also won the award for “PlayStation Game of the Year”.


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