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FPUS is a universal measuring tool. It has more or less any application you need, from measure
a doorknob to draw car components to measure one piece of an airplane component.
Its operation is simple, easy to use and reliable.
Designing/Engineering Times
The number of cases opened for FPUS has made number of improvements. The latest version of FPUS is more than double the old version.
*Open Cases in Record/Replay (*Lets you record and play back same measurements on the same dial by hitting only one button.)
*Open Cases in Trim/Insert* (*Specify the region to open cases. Case for example, Axis X/Y, Y/X*)
*Open Cases in Axis X/Y/Y/X* (*The case will open along direction axis of the case axis by region)
*Open Cases in Edit* (*The case will open in rectangle defined by marks in dial. For example, Drawing axis, Car axis)
*Load Measurements* (*The source of the measurement from X-axis/Y-axis is automatically detected for each dial as an indication of X-axis/Y-axis.
Load the measurement on the dial, measure it and press the scale button to reopen the case on the scaled axis, etc.)
*Compare to Scale* (*The measurement of the dial will open in mark mode, and you can compare it to the scale. Measure at the scale, press scale, and compare the values, etc.)
*Adjust to Scale* (*You can adjust scale setting of dial by pressing the scale button, which will open the case. Set scale, measure, and compare the values, etc.)
*Clear Scale* (*The dial scale will move to zero position.)
*Open Case* (*The dial scale will return to zero position.)
*Save Measurement* (*Store the measurement to the file. The measurement will return to load page after closing the case.)
*Save Measurement to the File* (*Store the measurement to the file. The measurement will return to load page after closing the case.)
*Load Measurement from the File* (*Loads measurement previously stored in the file.)
*Change Scale* (*Change the scale of dial by clicking the Scale button, the dial scale will move to the new scale position. For example, the scale position of the starting dial will adjust to zero or full scale after opening the scale button. Close

Field Precision Universal Scale Patch With Serial Key

1.The enlarged subwindow design makes the evaluation of the measurements of these
areas more convenient.
2.The level indicator can divide the distance into dozens of divisions.
3.The level indicator can also be used as a gauge for measuring the heights.
4.It is accurate to the thousandth of a millimeter.
5.It can be used to measure the dimensions of a variety of objects, including graphs, drawings, objects inside photographs and medical images.
6.It is made of high-quality and durable materials.
7.The hands can be easily adjusted to a variety of measurement areas.
It is also a scientific tool for measuring objects, and has been widely used in various areas such as drawing, measurement, and construction.
* All-In-One Model: convenient to use.
* Universal Function: Widely used for measuring.
* Stability and accuracy: It can measure on the floor, and also has a large measurement area.
* Product Specifications:
Brand: Field Precision
Part Number:
Weight: 1.27g
Package Size: 15.5×15.5x8mm / 0.56×0.56×0.32in
Package Quantity: 1pcs
Package Contents: 1x Universal Scale / 1x Instruction Manual
Package Material: Plastic
Product Name: Universal Scale
Packing: 1pcs/Unit
Measurement Method: Indirect
Color: Yellow
Package Contents: 1x Universal Scale / 1x Instruction Manual

This Universal Scaleset consists of four types of universal scales, all of which are made of aluminum alloy. They are designed with a hanging scale function, a simple lift scale function, a long arm and a shortened arm. With the hanging scale function, it is possible to measure any object that hangs on the wall. With the simple lift scale function, it is possible to measure any object that cannot hang. It also includes the long arm and shortened arm, and it is possible to adjust the length of the arms. With these functions, it is possible to measure objects such as people, carts, tables, and chairs. Moreover, with the simple lift scale function, it is possible to measure small objects such as car parts and assemblies.
Universal Scaleset Specifications:
Package Size:

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What’s New in the?

With this universal electronic tool, individuals across a wide range of careers can accurately measure objects, and calculate volume, heights and angles in a snap. Its quick, intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes calculating basic dimensions a breeze. This handy universal tool is ideal for:

* Body measurements
* Position measurements
* Object measurements
* Product measurements
* Home measurements
* Vehicle measurements

**Additional Features:**
– Measure up to 12 inches
– High-precision measurement of over 300 surfaces
– Measurements up to 1,000 g
– Test your weight and calories
– Equipped with 5 magnets to detect metal objects
– Automatic auto-off feature in case of power outages
– Calculates maximum weight, weight of a student, or maximum weight of a passenger, if a child seat is attached
– Equipped with a handy keychain
– 360 degree digital compass to set a point of origin
– The unit is equipped with a built-in altitude meter
– LED shows current measurement, which is a great accessory for determining the height of an object
– A very light-weight design and durable metal construction
– Equipped with a retractable, free-angle ruler
– Equipped with a magnetic pen for precise and easy measurements
– Equipped with a viewing screen
– Equipped with a pointer
– Equipped with non-slip feet for better grip
– Equipped with a lock for security
– Equipped with a handy outlet cover
– Equipped with a volume gauge to track small volumes

**More Features:**
– High-quality, precision-cut steel scales
– Equipped with a retractable, free-angle ruler
– Equipped with a magnetic pen for precise and easy measurements
– Made of food-grade materials
– Installs quickly and easily

**Safety precautions:**
– Do not use near foods or liquids
– Dry the surface with clean paper
– Do not use while sweating
– Avoid rough surfaces and abrasive materials
– Static electricity can interfere with the measurement and cause a malfunction

– Small to medium size
– Small to large size, box size is small to medium (2-3 cubes)
– Large size, box size is large (4-6 cubes)

**Power Outage:**
– Power outage will not affect the measurement

– Will be delivered within 1-3

System Requirements For Field Precision Universal Scale:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
Processor: AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core or Intel i3 Quad Core (or higher)
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: 1 GB graphics card
Network: Broadband internet connection
Hard Drive: 20GB of free space
Additional Notes:
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