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The Lord of Elden Ring is an action RPG created by Arkancide. The game primarily takes place in an open world where the player creates a unique character and explores vast fields in search of hidden treasures and a way home.

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Features Key:

  • Elden Ring
  • Bloodbath Action
  • Surreal World where Your Imagination Can Take You Anywhere
  • Skill Onboard
  • A Vast World with Complex and Three-Dimensional Designs
  • Build Your Own Character
  • About Degica

    Degica Corporation is a developer of the action RPG genre. We’re joined by deep-pocketed investors with vast experience in the publishing industry, including a stellar development background. Our mission is to develop a range of products that consistently surpass the expectations of our audiences. Our mission is to develop products for our fans that leave a long lasting impression.

    Our CEO Daichi Hosoda is a passionate genre fan and developer who has been developing action RPGs and creating world first products since he was a high school student, combining his experience of RPG experiences, fighting game activities, and the trends of the rhythm-based games and puzzle game industry.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    * ERIKA: E-Dragon Quest (V NGF142) for Android.

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    • The Prophecy of the Platinum Crescent
    “Sixty-six years have passed since the world was torn asunder by the brutal reign of the Emperor. The new land of Elior and his true clan, the Akirah have come into being. However, the Silver League was completely wiped out, and yet the only one who could have helped them was the holder of the Platinum Crescent, the Emperor. [He] has, in the dark silence of this land, been carefully waiting to come back to this world…
    “This dark land, which was shattered by conflict and abandoned by its people, was nothing more than a setting for a slow-paced turn-based strategy RPG. Nevertheless, it was simply a player’s dream…
    “The constant turmoil of war and discord was eliminated, and an atmosphere of great tranquility and peace washed over the countryside. At this time, Elder II saved his crown to help with the world’s recovery, and he created a new nation that could carry on the true traditions of our people.”


    The Land of Elior

    ▼Character’s Achievements and Experience Points▼




    English, French

    ▼Classes & Combat Pattern▼

    Default Classes:

    Healer, Ninja, Paladin, Wightling.

    The Ninja class is designed to aggressively take advantage of the opponent’s defensive capability with swift movements and attacks, while the Paladin class is a support class that relies on the support of other classes. The Wightling class is the fastest of the classes, but is at a cost.

    The default Class Linker is the Paladin, as it best fits a four-class party. If you want to have a 5-class party, you can decide to link a weaker class to an “ultimate” class, such as the Healer or Ninja. If you want to have a 6-class party, it is possible to link the Master (◇) and Ninja classes, and it is also possible to link a weaker class to an “ultimate” class.

    ◇◇Character’s Abilities▼

    The Land of Elior is a country created to protect the people, and


    Elden Ring Crack + Download PC/Windows

    -Access the World Without Restriction
    Explore a vast world on your own and make new friends through the Sparring Match system.
    -Make the Difference
    Develop various character classes in order to change the way you play, improve your stats, and enhance the features of your equipment.
    -Wield Your Own Elden Ring
    Equip a variety of weapons and armor. The armor you wear has various effects, enabling you to become an all-rounder.
    -Unique Character Classes that Evolve
    By leveling up, you will specialize your character class and enhance its abilities.
    -Friendly Interaction through Sparring Match
    Meet new friends through Sparring Match and communicate with them through chat.
    -Fantastic Battles that Make the Heart Pump
    Endure the fury of your rival’s attacks during a Hero vs Hero (HvH) battle.
    -Epic Religions, Ages, and Views
    Tempt fate to such a degree that you find yourself in a “boring life” or “traumatizing life.” Choose to live as you want, making your own rules.
    -Innovative Way of Playing: Online and Offline
    Play the game as you like. Asynchronous online mode is for those who like to play online.
    -Themes and Covers for All Ages
    Read a high school romance or the classic fantasy novels of years gone by through the eyes of the Elden Lord.

    ■ Contents
    ■ Character Creation
    ■ Choice of Hero
    ■ Character Level Up
    ■ Customization
    ■ Battle
    ■ Sparring Match
    ■ Exploration and Maps
    ■ Items
    ■ Themes
    ■ Cast
    ■ Summary
    ■ Introduction
    ■ Hero Levels
    ■ Hero Equipment
    ■ Hero Special Abilities
    ■ Weapon Effects
    ■ Armor Effects
    ■ Equipment Effects
    ■ Hero Skills
    ■ Item Skills
    ■ Item Effects
    ■ Hero Traits
    ■ Attack Abilities
    ■ Character Traits
    ■ Actions
    ■ Hero Movement
    ■ Adventure
    ■ Equipment
    ■ Summonable Characters
    ■ Character Traits
    ■ Set Battles
    ■ Event Monster
    ■ Effects
    ■ Sparring Match
    ■ Single Player
    ■ Online
    ■ Bonus
    ■ Characters
    ■ Game Overview
    ■ Characters
    ■ Character and Class Items
    ■ Magic
    ■ Attacks
    ■ Equipment
    ■ Enhancements
    ■ Skill
    ■ Traits
    ■ Skill Enhancements
    ■ Hero Skills
    ■ Monster Skills
    ■ Setting and Storyline
    ■ Adventure
    ■ Single Player


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Giant Corporation will unveil the Trails in the Sky Third in North America and Europe on November 22nd 2015.







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    + La guarida comienza

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    + El lanzamiento

    + Comunidad y cronometraje

    + 3D – Completa

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported OS:
    Windows 10 64bit or later
    Mac OS 10.6 or later
    Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or later
    Android 5.0 or later
    A device with either Bluetooth or wireless capability.
    The output will be in different format (PC, Mac, Android) depending on the device you are playing on, the sound format and the connected sound system.
    Supported Audio Samples:


    Download Setup + Crack » https://tlniurl.com/2squLy

    Download Setup + Crack » https://tlniurl.com/2squLy

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