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Elden Ring is the third game of the Elden Ring series, which was previously released for smartphones in Korea and Japan, and is slated to arrive in 2017 in the West for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Europe and the Americas.


Elden Ring – an action RPG with a fantasy theme where the drama unfolds through the story of the protagonist Harn and his companions.

Available in 3D and HD, with a rich, diversified world.

The action RPG features a unified system of battle and exploration, and effects on the battlefield will be reflected in exploration.

A host of weapons and armor, and various combinations thereof.


Elden Ring introduces the faction system that lets you change your character’s appearance.

This action RPG uses unique faction mechanics that bring out the best in Elden Ring by allowing you to freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. It also lets you freely customize your character’s appearance, letting you develop your playstyle according to your preferences.

In addition, new characters are added to the party.


With an interesting fantasy story told in fragments, the new action RPG allows you to enjoy the combat with all your party members.

The supporting characters of your party that grow with your party, and give you added support in battle.


The game allows you to create your own character in addition to freely customizing the appearance of your character.

Open to people of all ages, this game contains no violence, however the content of the game may contain violence and strong sexual content.

Everyone is vulnerable, so please think of the players’ safety before accessing this content.

To show our appreciation, and thanks for using the content in Elden Ring, we’ll release a special set of purchasable Elden Ring goods for everyone.


The faction system that lets you freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.

In the newly released base version, it’s the ability to change the appearance of the party members that gives the faction system its characteristics.

Elden Ring’s different party members


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Dungeon Encounters: Quests for physical levels on a single screen that take the form of a multi-layered RPG.
  • Achievements: As you progress through a quest, battle against countless foes, and discover power, you can earn achievements.
  • Four Unique Job Classes: Master the basic form of battle, the Elden Lord, the graceful swordsman, the military swordsman, and the Elden Heart Lord, a class that uses magical action skills to obtain new moves.
  • Formless Students: Levels of a thousand classes, enough for each of the four job classes.
  • Four Unique Job Classes: Temporary Manifesto.
  • Creation of a Private Room: A safe online space where friends meet.
  • Release Date: December 24, 2014
    Tokyo Jungle is now available in Japan for Windows PC.
    Danganronpa is now available in Europe for Windows PC.


    • Region restrictions apply
    • A set of conditions may be applicable to you due to your place of location, and apply to the purchase and download. For details on your region, contact us.


    Game price: 360,000 yen

    — The listed purchase price excludes sales tax. Final price varies depending on sales tax.

    — PC download only

    • Xbox 360 release:
    • Winter 2014

    — Be sure to compare prices with other retailers (e.g. Amazon, etc.) as prices and services offered by our store may vary.

    — If you have a valid Japanese gaming license, please purchase the title, as it is not available in English. Visit Nintendo’s English website for more details:


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    RELEASE DATE OCT/13 – Pre-order bundles.
    "Wow, this is a game full of fun. In fact, it’s so goddamn fun I can’t help but laugh and smile. I may not have an RPG soul, but I have a fun soul." — JapaneseGamer
    "Anyone who’s even slightly intrigued by RPGs will want to try this game out." — Famitsu
    "I’ve played games like this." — Famitsu_Review
    "This game was surprisingly good. I loved it." — Drewmen
    "Fun action RPG with a nice story." — GameNu
    "If you’re an RPG fan, you will enjoy it." — Rotten Tomato
    "An action RPG to really sink your teeth into." — IGN
    "This game is exactly what I wanted in an RPG." — JapaneseGamer
    "The battle system is a system that can actually challenge players and rewards players that don’t slack off." — GameNu

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Crack and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Under the direction of the graphics team at Square Enix Osaka, Visual Works of America Ltd., and Crystal Dynamics, the game features a new shadow rendering technique that faithfully reproduces the intense explosion effects and detailed characters and objects in a smooth and lively manner, making the images more lifelike and vivid.
    The battle scenes feature precise and accurate animations and detailed models, making the battles against the forces of the Elden Ring all the more thrilling to watch.
    The background graphics is designed to best fit the action scenes and appropriate music and sound effects are used in specific sections and events, enhancing the overall atmosphere and giving players the feeling of being in a new world.
    Based on the visual novels ‘Eden Ring’ and ‘T


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    Base on Grimand’s ENOBLAST PROJECT
    & Devil’s King’s GRIMAND
    –> Keyword: Adventure, Fantasy


    Episode 1: Apprentice


    Show your potential and become an apprentice!


    Battle Rules:

    ◆ Classes:

    Knight and Hero

    ◆ Strength


    ◆ Attack


    ◆ Magic

    ◆ Support

    ◆ Combo

    Light Swordsman and Heavy Swordsman

    ◆ Melee Attack

    ◆ Magic

    ◆ Support

    ◆ Combo

    ◆ Special Attack

    ◆ Special Support

    ◆ Special Combo

    By the way, Please contact our staff team if you find any inconsistent operation. Sorry for inconvenience.

    ◆ Characters:

    ♠ Apprentice/Master & Gym

    ♠ Hero/Knight & Boss

    ♠ (GM): Notification

    ◆ Appearance:

    ◆ Playstyle:

    ◆ Unique Features:

    △ License 1:

    [About: The License]


    1. Application and License

    1.1 Application

    ◆ Setting:

    >The applicable age is 15 years old and above. (The minimum age is 15 years.)

    >The applicable languages are Japanese and English.

    >The playable races are Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Goblin.

    >You cannot use your main character to do the rival job of the player you are connected with.

    1.2 License

    ◆ Conditions:

    1. Character Creation

    1.1 After the starting of the server, the server shall create a name for the character.

    1.2 After the character has been created, the server shall create a character name according to the character name.

    1.3 Character name and the name for the battle room must be consistent.

    1.4 If the character name and the name for the battle room are different, the server shall back out the creation of the main character of the client.

    2. Connecting with an assistant

    2.1 After the main character has been created, the server shall ask the player what assistant he/she wants to connect with.



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    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10(32bit)
    • 1.6 GHz Processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 1366×768 Resolution
    • Sound Card with a minimum of 2 Channels (16bit)



    System Requirements:

    Base: NVIDIA 1050 TI
    CUDA 9.1
    8GB RAM
    320GB SSD
    AMD Accelerated Graphics Drivers:
    AMD Radeon Software Version: Version 16.12.2
    Win 10 64bit
    Base: NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti
    CUDA 9.2
    16GB RAM
    1TB SSD
    Base: NVIDIA GTX 1080