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The art depicts the world in a living, breathing environment.
The colors depict various situations and characters with a subtle visual theme.

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Concept: ELENT Design Team
Song: “The Spirit of Stone” : QPSystem (www.qpsystem.com)
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    In Ultimate Fanfic, Hanako and her mother decide to embark on a trip to their home country after resolving their problems. When the story begins, the heroine is vacationing on the west coast of the country. She receives a call from her childhood friend, Yuji, who has known her all her life. A happy reunion ensues, and the game begins.

    It is a story about friendship, memories, love, and truth.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Fantasy Roguelike
    Fantasy Roguelike 今年の年を切り話題として,イラストを描いたノベルゲームです。

    WE (The Big Sac.) now!

    Play Fantasy Roguelike. A game where a species of rare monster grow up greedily,


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