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* The hero of the game, Tarnished, is an Elden Lord and belongs to the ‘Elden’ race.
* The Lands Between between here and the Ruins of Elden City is filled with a variety of islands and strange creatures, and the process of conquering and expanding the continent is a story of the struggles of Tarnished and a brave warrior who are on a journey of a lifetime.
* Other players can form a journey with Tarnished, and even part of the story is made available to other players on an asynchronous basis, allowing you to experience an epic drama with unknown characters from another continent.
* The battle system is action-oriented and free of special moves. All attacks are done with the CPU-controlled party, and so if the player is victorious, they earn experience points and obtain more capabilities. (A difficulty choice is also available. “Easy” is relatively easy, “Normal” is normal, and “Hard” is tough)
* The game takes place over a vast world.
* Tarnished can be controlled with the left mouse button, so that the movement of your character is relatively easy.
* The enemy is also controlled with the left mouse button, and so your attacks can be effectively executed.
* The game uses a new game engine that offers a variety of features, such as the following.
– Characters

– Large maps with deep basements

– Dynamic events during battle

– Hunting of monsters

– A map where all of these events occur


· Explore the world, discover, and be guided by grace, to become the greatest hero.

· In order to unlock all content, use your efforts to obtain EXP
· All activities earn experience points
· The game does not require the use of skills or special moves


· Works well on most Android devices.
· The game offers multiple difficulty options.


“Elden Ring” by The Endless Bummer

1. Meditation

2. Crest of the King

3. Tarnished’s Theme


Tarnished’s “Trunk”


Development director: GenUpy

Co-director: Asura


Features Key:

  • Concern
    – Earn gear parts and level-up, and continue your journey between the real world and the world of the game.
    – You can interact with your doppelgänger in an evil node to learn the dark knowledge you need to become an Elden Lord.
    – Vast world of the game.
    – In this world, you can easily discover dangerous areas such as dungeon nodes and the hells.
    – The ability to progress the story via two different storylines.
    – As you progress, you can discover new gear parts in monsters of the real world and the world of the game.
  • Battle
    – Battle with other monsters using your equipped gear to succeed.
    – Open world with a continuous mission system for seamless gameplay is a really refreshing change. You can play using weapons, armor, magic, and skill more freely, while the main battling elements will match the story more efficiently.
    – If you lose your equipped gear, you can replace your gear through a quest that you found in the real world while leveling up. It is a revamped version of the fight method in previous Elder Scrolls games where you could buy and sell equipment in the market.
  • Story
    – Embark on an adventurous journey between the real world and the world of the game. Transform into an Elden Lord on the way.
    – You can collect rare materials from the world of the game and use them to develop each of the character’s four characteristics. It is also a great method to customize your character to create your own style of play.
    – Access to the world of the story through the game’s two different storylines.
    – You can talk to the doppelgänger in the world of the game. Hearing his story can deepen your understanding of your character, and it is an excellent opportunity to obtain meaningful information. You can view the advance information from the doppelgänger’s perspective, allowing the development of the story and character more smoothly.
  • Action
    – Enjoy the action of a fantasy RPG while participating in both online play and an empty rate (a full portion of the story).
    – You can be among the combat players who recognize a different battle from all of


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

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    Open Beta

    For Android users who have an Android phone with the Google Play Store or interested in the Android version, we have an open beta testing coming up in the near future. If you are an Android user, please let us know that you want to participate in the open beta by following the instructions below.

    We’ve also started a fund-raiser to collect some precious items for open beta testing. If you don’t want to use any of your Pocket Gems, please go to the PGE official shop at and spend your Pocket Gems there.

    Many of the values in those items are on a mission system, so if you spend 100 Pocket Gems, for example, you will get a mission from the mission system that will let you spend just 100 more gems to get the rewards.


    Where to find us:







    Online game rules and terms of use


    1. What does it mean to play the PGE Online game?

    This game is made by PGE. PGE is a game production company whose goal is to create contents that have high quality and high appeal, while respecting other people’s intellectual properties.

    We are not a game creating company that creates games based on other people’s intellectual properties. We are a company that creates games based on our own intellectual properties, and we ask you to respect these intellectual properties. These are legally protected, and all of the contents in the game, including images and text, are the property of PGE, and we have the right to use them.

    Please read the contents of this notice carefully. If you are playing the game without complying with it, or deliberately playing the game to damage PGE, you will be reported to the protection department of PGE.



    Elden Ring Download [Mac/Win]

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    Pickup for items ordered online, will be within US continental limits.

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    Payment can be made via:

    Credit Card, PayPal or Bank

    Thank you for choosing and supporting us.

    – NexonQ:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Supports of our World

    As we provide the players with a beautiful battlefield in a world that takes great pains and consideration for detail, we also take care of the players by enhancing various features. We guarantee that our game offers the most immersive and exciting battle experience.

    1. An Updated Version of the Battleship Game (Online Multiplayer)
    The battle variety in Tales of Zestiria has exponentially increased, thanks to Adventurers Guild, an organized group where players can connect with each other in order to battle it out successfully. A Constant, Successive Battle is about to Break Out

    To be the X-Class Adventurer you need to be stronger than ever. The previous version of Adventurers Guild will soon cease to function. All of your friends are waiting in a brand new online battle space called Adventurers Guild. You’ll be launched into the heat of battle by the participation of allies in new combat scenes. Only 1 per class. Truly exciting moments ahead!

    2. Adventurers Guild: 5 Classes of Skill Increase
    The shared space is called an Adventurers Guild. It was first developed for Tales of Xillia 2, and finally implemented in Zestiria. The battles that players enter go into a set battles that are realistic and exciting. However, because of the limited number of available classes, the number of days waiting to enter the battle is too long in the online world. Now with Adventurers Guild, Online Players can set the number of classes, the pace, and not be limited by nothing. They can run individual adventures at their own pace and enter fight scenes at any time. Adventurers Guild is intended to ensure very diverse combat.

    3. Adventurers Guild Features 2 Classes for Each Party Member and Discovery of Classes Are Undecided

    The Adventurers Guild offers you the opportunity to enjoy a sophisticated and varied battle with a fresh angle. The game also opens up the same Adventurers Guild with 2 classes for each of the main members and will open up an original method of class discovery for users.

    4. Battleship Engine, Among The Best Talent of Worldwide Gaming

    The battle ship engine is optimized to bring the newest advancements in customization engine and engine of Japanese development studios. The utilization of nvidia’s graphics engine with our engine is perfect to satisfy the enjoyment of challenge for the PCs of many


    Free Download Elden Ring Crack

    1. Install WinRAR and have it installed on your system
    2. Run Setup.exe and run the program
    3. Click Next until it asks for game location
    4. Point to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\elden_ring”
    5. Click Install
    6. Then go to your EA Games folder (Ex. X:\EA Games\Elden Ring)
    7. Double click on “BETRAYAL”
    8. Run the EXE
    9. Click Modify
    10. Click Install
    11. Go to your “BETRAYAL” folder and double click on “EpicEngine.exe”
    12. Follow the instructions
    13. Go to Steam and add the game
    14. Download the necessary files for the.cracked
    15. Go back to “BETRAYAL” folder
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    How to learn game/mode:

    1. Start the game
    2. Press ‘{`
    3. Play
    4. Press `}’
    5. Play
    6. Use the LMB to move
    7. Press `}’
    8. Wait for confirmation
    9. Press Esc
    10. Wait for confirmation
    11. Press `}’
    12. Use the Z-axis to move
    13. Press `}’
    14. Wait for confirmation
    15. Press Esc
    16. Wait for confirmation
    17. Press `}’
    18. Use the LMB to shoot
    19. Use { and } to move
    20. Shoot
    21. Use { and } to move
    22. Move with { and } to shoot
    23. Press esc
    24. Repeat


    1. 1v1
    2. 1v2
    3. 1v3
    4. 2v2
    5. 2v3
    6. 1v1 2v2
    7. 1v1 2v3
    8. 1v1 2v1
    9. 1v1 2v2 3v3
    10. 1v1 2v2 3v4
    11. 1v1 2v2 3v1
    12. 1v1 2v2 3v4 4v4
    13. 1v1 2v2 3v1 4v4 5v5


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit OS)
    1.5 GHz Processor
    1 GB RAM
    32-bit or 64-bit DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
    Internet Explorer 10, Chrome (Windows) or Safari (Mac)
    You will need a free Steam account to install and play.
    Minimum Specs:
    Powered by NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU
    Powered by AMD Radeon HD 7850 GPU
    Windows 7, 8,


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