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The new fantasy action RPG is set in the Lands Between, a sprawling open world, where challenging dungeons and various kinds of fields, including plains and hills, are connected by bridging or by cliffs. You play as an Inquisitor, who wields the power of a great dark mage that has passed on from the past. Your character is an Elden Lord from the ranks of the Elden Ring. Your weapon is a blessed sword called Fated, and your magic is called the Power of Divine Grace.


Even before starting the game, by selecting “Online” from the option to the right of the “Map” button, you can play in synchronous and asynchronous modes, and try various Online features as described below.

Asynchronous Multiplayer

The game allows you to play with people who are not on the same Internet connection, even if they are on the same computer.

By selecting the “Play Online” option on the option to the right of the “Map” button and choosing from the “Play Online” tab to connect with the server that is most suitable to you, you can enjoy asynchronous multiplayer at the same time as you can. By choosing to play with friends, by selecting “Start Asynchronous”, or by continuing the online party while on the map screen, you can play in asynchronous multiplayer at the same time as you play the game.

The current version of the online server is currently planned to be compatible with the PS4; however, the number of connected players will be limited and the level of the experience may differ from that of a party of players with the same number of people that are connected to different PS4s.

Please check the following section to confirm your Internet connection in advance.

Synchronous Multiplayer

If the online mode is not selected, you can play with other people within the same city, that is, someone who is on the same house/school/public Internet connection. If you have a PS4 2, play with your friends who are also on the same house/school/public Internet connection.

Synchronous multiplayer allows you to enjoy a variety of social services such as party chat, instant message, and voice chat by connecting to the same Internet connection. If you wish to play with your friends, select “Start Asynchronous” on the option to the right of the “Map” button, and play


Features Key:

  • Open and expansive world
  • Fulfill your charm by challenging missions
  • Unparalleled player character customization
  • Lose yourself in the fascinating and complex multilayered narrative
  • Discover ancient ruins while adventuring
  • Delight in epic battles against other players
  • Delve into large dungeons
  • Interact with others in a multilayered story
  • Just as you form your own squad in the PvP role (videogame mode)
  • Authentic turn-based strategy combat
  • Customizable scenarios for skill tests
  • Create and promote your own guild to polish your skills
  • Feel the bonds of friendship through an online universe
  • Experience the thrill of exploring different worlds and interacting with people
  • System Requirements

    • Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
      Memory: 2 GB RAM required for the game. At least 8 GB of free disk space is recommended. Other requirements of the game are described in the Hardcore difficulty settings.
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core CPU
    • Hard disk space: 15 GB or greater.
    • Video: DirectX 9 hardware is recommended.

    Recent changes:

    Version 0.5

    Search for Elden Ring

    Control on the roads

    Vast new content added to CACTUS & HOBBIT*   

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    Elden Ring was released for the PS3 last year. Seeing a version for the PS4 is a big accomplishment for this game. It’s a big improvement but at the same time it has a few small issues that kept the game from it’s full potential.

    This game, for the most part, is an action RPG, where you fight enemies and explore dungeons in a first person view. While this is a great format for the kind of story being told, there are a few issues that keep the game from reaching its full potential.

    First off, a lot of the dungeons are really just overgrown locales with a hero’s path that looks like a runway. The environments are beautiful, but the dungeons are a bit empty when you’re not fighting. Another problem is that the dungeons make use of far too many quick time events, which tend to make a dungeon feel like a series of unrelated rooms with very little in the way of progression between them. Finally, the story is kind of random, with chapters happening between battles. This is not a bad thing, but it does detract from the great story that the developers seemed so intent on telling.

    There are a few elements of the game that are of a higher caliber than its peers. This includes the character development, the VO, the voice acting, and the animation. The character development is truly unique, with hundreds of choices to be made as you customize your character. The voice acting and the character design are both spot on, with the only real detractor being that you can’t create your own character. Finally, I really liked the animation in this game. It’s a great way to immerse you in the world and cut the gap between you and the hero. All in all, it’s a great RPG that you should at least give a chance. – PSLS

    Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that will take you through an action heavy adventure while exploring a vast world filled with unique dungeons.

    Using a unique combat system and character progression, you will unlock new abilities while unlocking new endings depending on your choices.

    While I am a huge fan of the game, I feel like its shortcomings are difficult to overcome. I understand that the decision to make the combat style and the world so vast must have had reasons behind it, but at the same time I feel like the choices that the character makes are almost irrelevant to the game itself. You will go from traveling through land


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    • Be a warrior and take on battles.

    • Be a mage and guide the spell barrage of your party.

    • Grab the special role of a character designated by the Mage in the party.

    • Explore the world with a group of adventurers.

    • Break the game world down into multiple layers.

    • Begin your adventure with limited equipment.

    • Increase the amount of equipment in the world to explore it more freely.

    New Features ELDEN RING game:

    – Characters can take jobs.

    – Up to 16 party members can be formed.

    – Characters can move between party members.

    – Characters can also have jobs.

    – You can enter a dungeon to challenge the boss.

    – The battle results of a dungeon also influence the overall game.

    – The number of elements you can influence in the combat is adjustable in different settings.

    – There is a content that influences the abilities of your character.

    – The difficulty of dungeons is higher for those who are exhausted.

    – The world can be explored as you like and the time can be freed up.

    – Although all the map data are saved on the PC, it doesn’t affect the amount of saved data.

    – Updates will be done without a specific time period, so it is possible to immediately visit the latest content.

    – The amount of party members and the number of devices of your character can be freely set.

    All the data on the store page are sold in US dollars

    Release date: May 12, 2018

    Price: 1,200 – 1,500 NIS (tax in) [VIP Package Cost including Premium Content]

    ■ Service:

    ◇ You can order the import version of the game via the game’s official website between May 5 (Japan time)

    ◇ You can also receive your purchased content via download on the day of the game’s release.

    ◇ The posted price will be the purchase price of your purchased content.

    ◇ You will receive the content within 5 business days since the order confirmation via e-mail.

    ■ Main Features

    – A New Fantasy Action RPG.

    – A New World Full of Excitement.

    – Create Your Own Character.


    What’s new:

    Dangers Linger in the Woods and Ruins.

    Fighting Monsters and other Challenges.
    A large, dangerous and varied world. Monsters vary greatly in strength, so it is very dangerous to venture in the unknown. Known varieties that you can play as include monsters that can reduce you to half of your life, and high-level monsters that can cause a status effect to other party members.

    The forest and ruins can be dangerous areas for you. You must be careful, as enemies can lurk in all parts of the world.

    Dangers are randomly generated, so even if you are careful, there may be situations where you are betrayed from behind. Therefore, it is important to be prepared.

    Roguelike elements.
    The game has a certain type of the action RPG with a roguelike element. Threats are randomly generated every time you start the game, but there is a certain amount of content included in this randomness.
    You may need to repeat the same areas in different ways until you find the right solution for troubles you find.

    Online elements.
    Have you ever felt the thrill of getting to something you thought was impossible? Have you ever been to a dreamland in one game, but wished that you could make it come true in another? I want to create a dream, I want it to be somewhere out there in the world. The dream is the adventure in the Lands Between.

    The Lands Between are a kind of temporary, fluid undefined world for you to experience. They are wild, and where the sun cannot reach, there is endless darkness. All that is left is your imagination.

    You can assume the role of a hero, but, if you are under a certain age, you cannot assume the role of a Blackhole. However, by exploring the Lands Between, you could find a scene that allows you to be the Blackhole and sink down into the Earth.

    You will be able to experience the thrill of being a hero.


    Please feel free to express your opinion on this product.

    Please do not give us a low rating for no reason at all! You must have some reasons for using this rating system!


    Free Download Elden Ring Crack + For Windows

    2.Extract the archive to game location.
    3.In game, you will be asked to run game as administrator or install for the first time; if you are administrator, enter you password and agree to the agreement.
    4.If you are first time, you will be shown options to download updates or not. Always go to update mode and install latest version.
    5.Enjoy the game.

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    Always check software from the vendor website before you install it.

    Please read before you buy! 🙂

    You need to have DirectX 9 installed to run this game.


    The game contains:

    The new fantasy action RPG
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
    Create your own character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
    An epic drama born from a myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    Unique online play that loosely connects you to others
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    Elder Battle Online PC game – Review

    Super easy to install. It looks like the developers were trying to do things differently by making the installation so easy


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download & Install the game from the link provided below.
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  • Elden Ring Crack:

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    RAR Support:

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    System Requirements:

    For Mac users, a newer version of OSX is required (Mac OSX 10.8.5/10.9).
    Minimum GPU: GTX 650 or ATI Radeon HD 7870
    Required CPU: Quad-Core Intel i3-2350
    Memory: 6 GB
    Minimum Ram: 8 GB
    Recommended Ram: 12 GB
    For Windows users, a newer version of Windows 7 or 8 is required (Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8).
    Minimum GPU: GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD