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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 3046 votes )
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Players battle out their destiny in a fantasy world on the brink of destruction, one the stories of the former light elves, Tarnished, has long been lost. As the villainous Dao Warriors encroach upon the lands, the once proud people of the light elves now fight to survive. The Lands Between teems with monsters of all kinds-big and small, friendly and hostile. As a light elf you will experience all of the Lands Between through the eyes of a dark elf.
Tarnished is an action RPG that takes you on a new journey. Enjoy a vast world full of exciting situations and enemies, with a non-linear gameplay system that allows you to freely engage in combat as you see fit.

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Elden Ring Free Download World is a sandbox style RPG where the world is your playground. You can freely explore the world using your powerful abilities as a light elf. Encountered monsters will react to your actions. So your relationship with the world changes depending on what you do.
Experience the Lands Between from a variety of perspectives as you battle and play your way through an expansive world.


Developed using the Unreal Engine 4, Tarnished is powered by a revolutionary graphics engine that faithfully recreates the world of the Lands Between. The massive and detailed map of the Lands Between is seamlessly filled with beautiful environments such as grassy plains, snowy mountains, and waterfalls. The rich musical score of the Lands Between that harmonizes with the atmosphere of the game brings music to life and magnifies the suspense and excitement of the game.


Elden Ring Online contains a unique online multiplayer structure. You can directly connect to other players from around the world through an online lobby. You can play cooperatively or competitively with other players from around the world while experiencing the same awesome gameplay that you would experience with the game.


In addition to multiplayer, an online element that allows you to directly connect with other players. Online asynchronous multiplayer allows you to feel the presence of others and experience the new RPGs reality in a meaningful way, regardless of where you are playing.

As light elves, you can freely travel through the Lands Between in the form of a celestial steed, a magical dragon, or a cat in the sky. The Lands Between


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 3046 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Gameplay Video – PS4 Pro & XBOX One S.
    Our video series that reveals key features of the game through practical gameplay.

  • Play footage – Stunning graphics, intense game play, and a distinct story worthy of a post-apocalyptic fantasy.
    Play footage, which we recorded with PS4 Pro and XBOX One S, shows the play of the PS4 version on these various platforms.

  • Character Transmigration
    Wish for a specific character to appear in your party after connecting online? Through the use of a special item, you can even help a character to appear in your party, such as a character in a different race.

    You can use special armor and weapons that allow the characters that appear in your party during the game to be changed to your desired character.

    Trailer – Elden Ring: Wolverine Man

    WolverineMan: Fight against “the famous”‘wolverine man!’ from “the Land Between,” a new world populated with unique monsters in a fantasy setting.


    Enjoy a detailed story that we set forth.

    The place is made so you can settle easily and the world is beautiful.

    You can enjoy the musical rhythm and atmosphere that is a carefully designed fantasy.

    Visitors can go to the place through her friends and family who are connected to her.

    Enjoy the explosive martial art beat of the first person shooter camera.

    Greed is a staple of a vocation with various styles of weapons.

    Follow up the lively action of the hero in the beat of the various enemy’s attacks.

    The skills that can be learned form the established planet.

    The energy experiment of the world’s


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    “In the online RPG game, we are able to access the game maker that our created characters in the game and the map. We can also see the data of our body information. Moreover, we can also enter and exit the game worlds.”

    “The game’s contents are fun to play in and even to enjoy the sense of achievement.”

    “As it is an online RPG game, there is an image where you are not in the game at all, but a character.”

    “The massive open game environments and exciting characters are really fun, and I want to play it again.”

    “The exciting elements of the action game are supported, and the created character development is really fun.”

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Developer : Gamania

    Publisher : Gamania

    No. of Players : 1-4 / 5+

    Genre : Open World / Online

    Produced by: Development: Team Leader: Doo-Hooyoung

    Release Date : 2017/09/08

    Language : Korean, English

    Developer Website : asia.playstation.com

    Gamer Websites : Gamania Website

    Facebook Page : facebook.com/GGames

    GameSpot Page : playstation.com/en/games/ddps-gamania-gloss/

    Galaxy Website : thegamania-gplus.net

    Game Categories : Role Playing

    Game Modes : Singleplayer, Multiplayer

    System Requirements : PlayStation 4™ (PlayStation®VR mode), PlayStation®4 System (PlayStation®4 Pro), PlayStation®3, PS Vita (PlayStation®Network), PSP (PlayStation®Portable)

    Detailed Information :

    Recommendations :

    This game contains in-game purchases but all the


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key Free

    Chapter 1: Awakening
    The Shadows – The Elden Ring – The Librarian
    Chapter 2: Burnt Shadows
    Chapter 3: Fire of Shadow
    Chapter 4: Mists of Shadow
    Chapter 5: Dark Mirror
    Chapter 6: Subterranean Abyss
    Chapter 7: Witches of the Depths
    Chapter 8: Lost Kingdoms
    Chapter 9: Final Reflection
    Chapter 10: The Remaining Shadows
    Chapter 11: Ancient Sorrow
    Chapter 12: Eternal Flame
    Chapter 13: Darkness of Despair
    Chapter 14: Shade of Despair
    Chapter 15: Lights of Sanctuary
    Chapter 16: Eternal Life
    Chapter 17: The Ground of Sunrise
    Chapter 18: Endless Madness
    Chapter 19: Hell of Shadows
    Chapter 20: The Stolen Treasures of the Underworld
    Chapter 21: The Awakening of the Sun
    Chapter 22: The Wickedness of the Night
    Chapter 23: The Face of Sunrise
    Chapter 24: The Darkness of the Night

    [Chapter 1: Awakening]
    The Shadows The Elden Ring The Librarian How the Temple Exists
    The Temple of the Elden Ring
    • When the power of the Elden Ring weakened and was sealed away, the hierarchy and the retainers belonging to the Temple were scattered to various locations.
    • The Librarian originally ruled over the Temple, creating the endless cycle of the game’s story.
    • The Temple and the Librarian have a mutual relationship, and the Librarian’s power is kept as a counter-balance for the Temple.
    • The Temple’s destruction is inevitable.
    The Elden Ring
    The Legend of the Elden Ring
    The New Story of the Elden Ring, an Adventure
    • The Elden Ring is a grand legend connected to other legends.
    • The Elden Ring is a fictional world and a fantasy realm.
    • You are the main character of the story, and you are an Elden Lord.
    • You live in the Lands Between, a devastated world filled with the festering ruins of the Elden Ring, and you must make the right choice and choose your destiny.
    • You live in a fantasy world where Elden Rings exist, and you must prevent the destruction of the world.
    The Elden Ring – The Elden Lore Project
    The first mission of the Elden Ring Lore Project is the defense of the Elden Ring against the Shadows, a demonic race that threatens to destroy the world.
    • The defeat of the Shadows is not the only purpose of the Lore Project, but


    What’s new:

    7. Lords of Elsweyr-Like it or not, there are some who don’t like to play as Yordles due to people’s discrimination of them and their conventional look. Its time for you to shed your worries by joining the Yordling Race in The Elder Scrolls V: @OfficialESV

    Some people dislike playing as a Yordling due to people’s discrimination of the Yordlings and their conventional look, but now it’s your turn to join the fight against them and become a Belegarthian.

    The Old Kingdom is filled with ancient ruins, towering pyramids, and breathtaking landscapes. In the center of the most prosperous civilization of these regions stands Kumori – the city of stone. Home to over half a million people, it is the most famous city in Khajiit.



    Slave Era

    The Province of Seyda Neen

    After the coming of dragons to Khajiit, the Shivering Isles and their domain: Seyda Neen was liberated from a long slavery.

    Region Name




    Frostwyrm Deeps -A area surrounding the city of Kumori and the Slave Era District. It had a complex underground, labyrinth-like terrain built to withstand attacks from the dragons.

    Astral Plateau – This is the central region of Khajiit, situated in the depths of Seyda Neen in North Tamriel and is home to both Mistral and Khajiit people. The original inhabitants of Seyda Neen, known as Irn, have devoted their lives to investigating and combating the war against the dragons. The gigantic Ice Shepherds, the source of the Midnight Sun, now live in the mountains surrounding the city.

    Arulmajiva – This is a city located in the province of Seyda Neen near the forests and wetlands south of Kumori. It is one of the few cities in Tamriel where the Yda Tree thrives.

    Desolations – The ancient ruins that had been left behind by the Khajiit which had been enslaved for two thousand years before the liberation of Khajiit from slavery. Historians claim that the remains were created by the Neo-Maktoi, a grand civilization which once existed in the frozen regions which were wiped out by the dragons.

    Kumori –


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    1. Install game
    2. Go to Documents folder
    3. Open eldenring.exe
    4. Proceed with installation
    5. Uninstall game

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    [1] Start to play
    [2] Random item drop
    [3] Loot
    [4] NPC interacted with
    [5] NPC equips
    [6] Change to another NPC
    [7] Fight
    [8] Fly back to where are were
    [9] Finish fight
    [10] You woke up in bed
    [11] You break down the door
    [12] You see the door crashed
    [13] You choose “smash”
    [14] You smash the door
    [15] You see the game over
    [16] You die
    [17] Now you see the main character
    [18] You are on a boat which is the ship where you were captured
    [19] You close the door
    [20] You open the door
    [21] The screen is different
    [22] You see the prize


    1) Make the doors keep the door won’t open

    2) The screen with the unknown box

    3) Adding more NPC’s to the game


    1) Open game
    2) Select dump option
    3) Open the files and select “new folder”
    4) Search for “alloc.dat”
    5) Move it to your local Steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\Local
    6) Delete the “Alloc.dat” and rename the new one to “alloc.dat”
    7) Run the game and start playing


    1) Insert Game disc into the computer
    2) The game will start downloading the required data for the emulator
    3) Once the download has completed the game should be installed.
    4) The “gui.cfg” file will be required
    5) Open the file in notepad
    6) Find the “algorithm” line
    7) Uncomment the line
    8) Save the file


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – Mac OS X 10.5.6 or newer
    – 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    – 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
    – 1024MB VRAM (1GB recommended)
    – 2GB hard disk space
    – Sound card with DirectSound support (such as the VIA VLK)
    Once a waveform and filter are selected, all the following commands will require ALT-M or ALT-W to be pressed to select and act on the mouse movement options.