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◆The first person camera angle will make you feel like you are actually present when you play the game, while the smooth 3D environment makes it fun to explore and fight the battles.
◆Meet other players in battle to team up to overcome monsters and other players in the Campsite.
◆Complete quests in search of information and items, with the assistance of other players who share the content that they have obtained.
◆Earn resources to increase the level of your main character, and pick up useful items during the leveling.
◆Equip weapons, armors, and accessories that affect your skills in battle, as well as various other items.
◆Pick up various items in the Campsite and craft them into better equipments.
◆Use the skills of your allies to finish quests.
◆Unlock new quests as you play, with the help of other players.
◆Build a party of warriors and Mages and take on the dark forces that threaten the Lands Between.

◆3D Medieval-style Battle System
◆Command your army of dozens of warriors and mages with comprehensive capabilities.
◆Get the depth of a realistic 3D battle experience by using a 3D camera angle and animation that blend with the character’s action and reaction.
◆Use special attacks to defeat your enemies and eliminate them easily.
◆Possess a large variety of Attack Skills to deal a blow to the enemy.
◆Equip different weapon types and use a combination of them for a dramatic effect.
◆Level up your equipment with resources, to increase the stats and acquire new abilities.
◆Unlock new skills through leveling up, and use them to develop your character’s functions.
◆Explore a variety of dungeons and fight the fierce monsters that inhabit them.
◆Reward currency can be used to purchase useful items.
◆Improve the Global Quest Rank with the currency that you earn through play, such as exp and items.
◆Battle players in an asynchronous manner in a field of thousands of players.
◆Earn glorious rewards while bringing honor to the name of the Elden Ring.

◆Joining a Clan
-Clans are groups of players that work together for a common goal and share their unique clan services. A clan consists of members of the same faction and is composed of a captain and a leader.
-When you create a clan


Features Key:

  • Experience the Advanced Elements of Action Role-Playing Games
  • Select a Character Uniquely and Create Your Own Adventure
  • Combat with Simple, Intuitive Controls
  • Use the Included Weapon Partially for Unfamiliar Regions and a Variety of Attacks
  • Two Player Cooperative Challenge
  • Innovative Response System: Movement, Attacks, and Fighting Ability Use in Real-time Response
  • One Character Limit
  • Faster, More Beautiful Game with New Graphics
  • Relive the Story of the RPG




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    – Create a Player Character

    ○ Equip Weapon & Armor & Items

    ○ Create a Character Background

    ○ Select a Class

    ○ Purchase Skills

    ○ Develop a Character

    Solo Campaign

    ○ Over 15 Game Chapters

    ○ 15 Quick Missions

    ○ Boss Missions

    ○ Puzzle Battles

    ○ Puzzle Mode

    ○ Online and Synchronized Multiplayer (10v10 Boss Battles)

    ○ Party Play


    – Arena

    ■ Battle for the Future of the Elden Kingdom

    Battle against AI opponents in a large arena filled with traps and monsters. Defeat their bosses to earn special points that can be used to increase the value of your character and items.

    × ○ Archers

    ○ Guns

    ○ Knights

    ○ Giants

    ○ TBA

    (2) Create a Player Character NEW CHALLENGES + STRATEGY AVAILABLE ARENA (1) Battle for the Future of the Elden KingdomNEW CHALLENGES + STRATEGY

    – Customize Character Data


    Tuning Ability Progression

    Weapon & Armor Proficiency

    Creating Your Own World

    † Family System

    † Kingdom System

    † Tiledmaps

    – Tailor Your Playstyle to Your Character




    ○ MAGIC

    Customize your character.

    Select from dozens of skills such as attack, defense, and magic.



    Skill Tree


    ACE +






    ○ MAGIC

    – Explore a Beautiful World

    ○ Over 15 Game Chapters

    ○ 15 Quick Missions

    ○ Boss Missions

    ○ Puzzle Battles

    ○ Online and Synchronized Multiplayer (10v10 Boss Battles)

    ○ Party Play


    Skill Tree

    ■ Skill Customization �


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Are you ready to bring glory to the realm of Elden?


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      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • For Windows and Mac, extract everything you downloaded.
    • Double click on C’D, and select where to install Cut into the dorrectory
      • (i.e.. C:
        • For Windows
        • For Mac

    Select Extract, and save the dll files on your desktop.Note: If you already launched the game, you can extract it using any other software.
    1. Open the file installer.exe and run it.
    2. When the game launches, it will automatically launch Steam
    3. Wait until Steam finishes launching.
    4. Close Steam without cancelling the preloaded installations.
    5. Right-click New Gamelauncher.exe, select Open, and then locate the C: –Game Launcher 2.6.0 Files folder.
    6. Extract all the dlls (i.e. all the non-license files) into the Game Launcher 2.6.0 folder.
    7. Start the game and enjoy 🙂

    Elden Ring Description: