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And just always changing them.


You’re mixing two flavors of file structures. There’s the one you described, an archive with lots of files inside a single folder, and there’s the flat-file approach where you have one file for each individual row in your database. These are two very different kinds of file structures and shouldn’t be combined.
If you’re using a flat-file structure, then there’s no need for tar — just import your CSV file into SQLite and re-export it again in the way you want to.
If, on the other hand, you’re using an archive structure, then that’s fine, but you’ll need to extract the files one by one — using stuff like unzip and Perl’s Archive::Extract module.

George Cann

George Cann (21 August 1911 – 11 August 1985) was an Australian rules footballer who played with Carlton and Richmond in the Victorian Football League (VFL) during the 1930s.


External links

George Cann’s profile at Blueseum

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Category:1985 deaths
Category:Carlton Football Club players
Category:Richmond Football Club players
Category:East Perth Football Club players
Category:Australian rules footballers from Western Australia
Category:South Fremantle Football Club players

This is important:

We are talking about a baby, not a fetus:

A 15-week-old fetus is not a baby. It will not be born for some time. And if we do give it a real, live, live-saving, live-donating actual baby body, we will not let it die of neglect. It will have doctors and nurses to care for it. And it will have lots of loving parents to talk to it and hold it and sing to it and play with it. It will have lots of food and drinks and make-believe.

This is what we will do:

We will provide the family with an opportunity to speak with volunteer medical professionals and their families and discuss the history and diagnosis of the baby and its options. They will be asked if they are interested in an open c-section. If they are, this will be performed immediately. After this, the baby will have an artificial heart for as long as it may need it. It will then have another surgery to have the dead-heart removed. It will be brought back

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The numbers are just the md5 checksums of the actual files in the archive. The archive can be inspected on any normal computer to confirm this.
Some “compression” programs also compress the MD5 sums, but unless they are unaware of the relationship, this won’t help you. (Such compression programs are likely to make duplicates of the first few bytes and compress them further, for example).
You should be able to use unrar to open the zip and inspect it. If you need more detail, ask for it.


Possible to use database users in mysql

I have a laravel project which I’m trying to connect to a mysql 5.7 database. I create tables in my mysql database without having to add login, password and user. Is it possible to use the database users that come with the mysql installation in laravel?
It seems that the laravel framework wants to create database users when it creates the tables. If I create them manually, what do I need to do to connect to this database?


Yes, you can use the users table created by MySQL to authenticate against.
You can find the users table in the mysql database.
The full source code is available here


What is meaning of name asm in Java

While I was going through the code of one application using JNI, I came across the following line of code.

Is it some kind of a optimized way to write goto label in Java code? If so, then are there other usages of asm such as in bytecode verification(which one I’m confused)?


This is not JNI code, but bytecode-related stuff. From the Oracle’s website:

The Java virtual machine executes Java bytecode that it is provided
(except when the virtual machine is explicitly told not to).

The purpose of the goto VMRET command was providing better control flow of Java applications; see this answer:

A goto_label command causes the JVM to stop at a certain point in
the program, and jump to the address of label. The command is
available on most architectures. On the x86 and x86-64 architecture
it will transfer control to the address of the label, but on other

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