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Conloco is built as an Open Source application that is targeted towards users that have to constantly re-install the operating system.
It will help system administrators and end users keep the software packages up to date and will help make full re-installs faster and more efficient.
Windows does not have a good way to keep track of the current version of software installed on a user’s system.
That job is left up to two sources: the applications themselves can be auto-updating, or it is up to the user to constantly check for updates to their favorite software packages.







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ConLoco is a Web-based utility that allows you to easily keep track of which, and how many, packages have been installed or removed on your computer.
It will keep track of any installed package and how many times it was installed and removed.
Also, it will automatically keep track of your favorite packages and how many times they have been installed and removed.
You can keep track of all installed packages on your system right from your browser.
When you remove a package ConLoco will also notify you of changes in the system so that you can update your personal preferences.

ConLoco has a support for commercial software packages.
You can even keep track of your favorite packages from your Web Browser.

ConLoco is an Open Source project, you can contribute by supporting the project or by translating the package descriptions.

Update on 2008-09-16:
Thanks to everyone who donated.
I really appreciate it.

I still haven’t added the commercial support, but it will be done in the next few days.

Update on 2008-09-30:
ConLoco has been included in SidSys.

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Conloco is a collection of utilities that is able to identify and remove obsolete packages from a user’s system.
It is a versatile and complete suite of tools for helping with package management.
Conloco comes with a software updater and a package manager that can be used to install, update or remove packages that are obsolete, installed or configured in a user’s system.
Conloco does not add or remove any packages, it simply identifies them and tells you if they are installed or not.
Conloco will not uninstall any old packages from your system, it simply tells you which packages are no longer needed.
There is no need to reboot or even log out to use Conloco. It will use the current session instead of restarting a new one.

What’s New in this Release:

A Quick Start guide for new users is now available for installation.

This release includes a new tray icon that can be used to display information about currently installed or unwanted packages.

Version 2.0 of Conloco is based on the package manager ITPackager.

Conloco needs no configuration to be used. After a first installation it is just a matter of starting the “Conloco Update Service” (see below) to get the software updater started.

The update service can be started to update or re-install packages and its associated uninstaller.

If the updater terminates, it is no problem. The service can be started again and everything will be fine.

To make sure the Update Service can be found, Conloco needs to be run as an application. That means that Conloco should be started in the system tray instead of being run from a command prompt.

To make sure the update service will always use the current session, the updater will start a new session if one is not already active.

There are also some minor improvements in the update service, especially for packages that were marked as broken, installed or updated.

Conloco User Guide – Explained

Conloco is a versatile utility for system administrators and end users that is targeted towards helping them keep their software packages up to date and remove them if needed.

This release does not contain any new features. Instead, it is based on the code from Conloco 2.0 with bugfixes and improvements.
Conloco supports Linux, FreeBSD and macOS.

Conloco needs no

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ConLoco is a program that will help you keep track of all the packages, system settings, and files you are using on your computer.
It is created to help administrators, so you can create a central repository for all the software you install on your computer.
If you need to re-install a system, you can re-configure the operating system to match your preferred settings, and to include your preferred software packages.
ConLoco uses a MySQL database to store the information on your applications and settings.
You can install and run ConLoco and create your own personal repository of software and files.
You can also run ConLoco on any computer within your LAN.
You can use this software by logging into a web server and entering the IP address of your computer.
If there is an update available, this application will download it and add it to your personal library of software and applications.
ConLoco does not always install a related security application.
The decision to install a security application is at the discretion of the software publisher.
Installing an update to this application will not always install a security application.
Only ConLoco, and the applications listed here, will install new software.
ConLoco Description:
ConLoco is a tool for tracking applications that are installed on your computer.
It provides a central repository where you can add, update, and delete various software packages, settings, and files.
This application is a very easy to use tool for administrators.
If you have ever installed a software package, and didn’t check for updates to that package, then you probably noticed you were missing some of the files that came with the application you installed.
This is caused by ConLoco being unable to determine if there are any updates available for your installed applications.
If you install the application on a computer that already has software and settings installed, ConLoco will not install any new applications or change any current settings.
ConLoco is a tool for system administrators.
If you are an administrator working at a company that uses Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, you might have to install ConLoco on your work computer.
If the administrator of the company you work for does not install ConLoco, you can use the personal version of this application to help you with the same tasks.
You can use the personal version of this application on your personal computer, for family and friends, and on any computer you need to look at what the

What’s New in the?

Conloco is a visual user interface that will keep you informed of the current software update status of your favorite packages.
The idea is to minimize the work required from users by letting them know when it is time to re-install (or update) their software.
Conloco has been developed with the goal of being a general application that can be used by users of any GNU/Linux distribution.
In fact, Conloco has been developed with the help of Debian developers.
However, Conloco will work and install on any Debian or Ubuntu system by doing a “point and click”.
With Conloco, you can see the current version of your favorite software.
Conloco Installation:
Puts a icon in the Gnome bar that will list the current packages, their current version and help you install the latest version.
The icon can be managed from the “Applications” menu or the “Configuration” menu.

Conloco has now been tested on Ubuntu versions 10.10, 10.04 and 8.04 LTS.

Conloco is a project supported by the Open Source community.
If you like the idea of helping on open source applications and would like to contribute,
join us at:

What is a ‘backport’?
A backport is a computer program, an operating system, or a piece of hardware that was designed for one particular computer architecture (microprocessor, for example), and compiled for that architecture only.

In most cases, backports are unofficial, and as such are not supported by the people who backported the software, or the manufacturer of the device. However, users have found a way around the problem.

If you are getting errors from one of your apps, such as “No protocol specified”, it might be because a protocol isn’t implemented in your OS. This is most often a Debian backport-specific issue. Go here for more information:

Change history
2.2 (11-04-2010)
– Updated the version number of Conloco.
– Fixed the package description.
– Removed the dependency on LibGlade-2, as the version of LibGlade included with the Debian package is too old.
– Added the file list of current backport software in the files section.
– Fixed some of the icon sizes.
– Fixed the “Con

System Requirements For Conloco:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later
1GHz or faster processor
1024 MB RAM
1024×768 VRAM is required for Turok’s best performance
Setup and Installation
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