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A casual game that will entertain millions of players worldwide.

CATO is the story of a feline whose job is to kill. A simple job, but it comes with its share of challenges, since to avenge their owner’s death, the cats of the council have sworn to eliminate the most skillful assassin. The renowned assassin Cato, who is called Cat because of his great skills, has been hired to settle the conflict, and he has very few allies.

A simple game in which the object is to see which cat can kill Cato before the end of the game.


Cato: The cat who won’t lose


At the end of the game, a cat will be the most skillful, according to its statistics in the ranking. The winner is the cat who is rewarded with the most points. All cats are registered in the ranking at the beginning of the game, and there will be rewards based on their rank.

The game consists of two phases: Classic and survival. The classic phase is not really a game: it simply serves to increase the stats of your character, and to allow you to see how this will affect your ranking. In survival, you will be in a class with other cats: for instance, you will fight with cats that are ranked 1 to 10. You have four cats in the game, two of which are hidden: the cat that will be attacked first is the one that will be dressed, and the one that has the highest rank will be the one who gets the first shots.

It is also possible that the first shots will be directed at an incapacitated cat: if you see a cat with an unfriendly sign, you have the chance to aim at him and reduce his score.

These fights are not simple: for the first rank, the hit rate is 50% for the first shots, the second 40%, the third 35%, the fourth 30%, and the fifth 25%. The last rank has the lowest rate of fire. The amount of damage is also different for each rank.


CATO THE CAT (referee):

Cato, the cat, is the face of the game. He is the strongest cat at the start of the game, and his main skills allow him to take fast and long shots. Since his code is 009, he is the one who will win the game for the first rank.



Features Key:

  • Experience a story of players on three different routes
  • Customize your own team with diverse heroes and unique attributes
  • Research and develop the attribute system to become the next hero legend
  • Purchase advanced technology for your team
  • Prove your worth in 5 game modes including Score Contest and Ranked Match
  • Develop the role of your hero by acquiring relevant skills and improvements
  • Play weekly updates to enhance the attributes of your heroes
  • Create a robust training team to support the 3 routes


Cockroach Planet Survival Full Version Download

Driftland takes players on an enchanting journey in a world of magic. Players get to craft their empire in real-time with open construction tools on and over islands and waterways in the world. Players battle through campaigns to build their floating city into a large nation with their guilds and allies. The best players can win amazing titles and rewards in Driftland.
Key Features:

Build an Island City
Each player can build islands in the overworld to create an entire floating city. Players get a chance to pick islands from the two factions. Players can boost their buildings and units with their magic potions.
Toggle the Firstperson Camera!
When on an island, you can toggle between the third person and first person camera views.
Factions & Guilds
Players can build their own guild or join others to forge partnerships. Players can battle other alliances for power or trade. Players can forge alliances based on friendship, magic, religion or political beliefs.
Magic Perks
Players can summon various elements in their empire in real time. They can also use special flight spells and increase their base’s speed.
Real-time Combat
Players can create units and they can take part in PvP as well as PvE. Players can use spells on their enemies to beat them in PvP battles.

Retrocity 2 is a historical city builder game where you are the owner and manager of a city. You have to build the city from nothing and turn it into a prosperous one. Retrocity 2 is much like Simcity but this time you are the owner and manager.

From the creators of Sushi Go!, here is a sequel with delicious sushi. The city management simulation lets you run your city and educate children. You also need to run as smoothly as possible in the political aspects of the city and economy.

A delicious restaurant simulation game where you need to manage the restaurant. You need to cook ingredients and sell them. You can even expand your business using robots and resources. You will need to carefully plan your cooking schedule. Also, customers will be coming in every day to eat some delicious food.

Mushrooms are growing stronger, sun is shining, insects are coming back into the forest. You have to care for the animals in your forest in this fun and relaxing game. Try to raise farm animals, feed the boars and preserve the forest in this simple and relaxing sim game.

This game is an excellent choose-your-own-adventure scenario where you can control the


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– Click, Click, Click: Remember to click as fast as you can to dodge the ever-reeling challenge!– Produce & Upgrade: Don’t worry, your mining ship will repair damaged metal that is too close to your factory, by installing and producing new metal!– Battle Mode: Leave no ship idle – it’ll ruin your mission, and you won’t be able to repair it!– Incredible Environment: Tile and ocean spaces, boost up, slip between spaces – you have never seen such a huge and colourful clicker.– Battle Upgrade System: Learn to use the battle upgrade system to keep your fleet up to date.

You’ve been given the responsibility to find a way to escape planet after planet, to find your way to the final of all…but beware! It’s a dangerous journey and in your way are dangers of every type.Control Freeware:

Unmanned mines, robot tanks, and the entire fleet of the TNC: You have to escape the deadly planet. The only way to do it is to collect the precious resources and upgrade your army of robots. Take control of thousands of AI controlled ships and engage them in battles of epic proportions.

This game is different in many ways. The main one being that you will enjoy playing it in co-op mode with your friends. The game is set in an environment where your main goal is to collect as much money as possible, as fast as possible! There are other objectives that the game provides, such as collecting goods, destroying buildings, and having a fun time of it! In Multiplayer mode, you can earn goods, destroy buildings, or just have a blast.

Featuring:-Three different online modes: PvP,vs and Co-op-Multiple objectives and gameplay modes-Main game with the main goal to collect money to keep playing with more free resources

The One you can play with your friends, more your friends, more fun, more speed, more action, more fun…The One you can play with your friends, more your friends, more fun, more speed, more action, more fun…The One you can play with your friends, more your friends, more fun, more speed, more action, more fun…

As many people know, Sim City 4 was a fantastic sim city game. Unfortunately though, it had some problems that kept people from buying it. Our team worked hard on a remake of this game that was better in almost every aspect. We hope


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