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More and more families don't have the free time to tend to their house cleaning. Therefore, cleaning jobs are highly demanded and it is imperative that you should invest in a software utility that would make your management task feel like a walk in the park.
Cleaning Service, as the name implies, is designed to help you run and manage your cleaning service business as efficiently as possible.
Intuitive interface
With the help of its user-friendly interface, you can record and keep an eye on each cleaning task your employees have done. Whether your line of work ranges from window washing, carpet cleaning, floor care, custodial training to other branches related to the ever growing cleaning industry, Cleaning Service does the job for you.
Schedule cleaning jobs, compute revenues and alert workers
Using the scheduler allows you to arrange appointments with clients, view dates, times and how far-distanced services are from one another.
Client information, such as address, telephone number, email or comments, is safely stored in a database and can be easily accessed from within the customers main screen menu.
Fast decisions can be taken, as the application offers you assistance when it comes to calculating the "fee charged" for each completed task. In addition to that, you can alert your employees about the jobs they have to do by creating reminders.
If you come across a client that is already registered in your database, when creating a new task his contact details will be automatically filled out.
You have control over payments, daily incomes anytime you want. Moreover, you can export data to MS Outlook, as well as to various formats, like Ical, XLS, TXT, HTML, XML, PDF.
In case of power failures, computer crashes or virus attacks, you can configure Cleaning Service to automatically backup data. Old or obsolete archives can be removed as to make space for new ones.
The program runs on a low amount of CPU and memory resources. Also, since during our tests we haven't come across any issues, we encourage you to try this program.







Cleaning Service Crack+ Free [Win/Mac]

* Perfect for cleaning companies and cleaning professionals that work on a contract basis
* Charge your clients for cleaning jobs in 1 click
* Schedule, contact, track and follow client’s cleaning
* Email reminders to your cleaners
* Automatic invoicing to your clients
* Export data to MS Outlook, various format

Version 13.00, 19-May-09

v13.00 – “Empty Cap” and “Nothing to clean” areas added.

v12.00 – Fixed system stop bug on Windows XP.

v11.00 – Fixed “Mark all” and “Clear all” options.

v10.00 – “Reset all” fixed. Added text “No cleaning to do”.


Cleaning Service Cracked Accounts is cleaning software program for Windows. We provide an application that is easy to use, quickly install and is affordable. With the help of our software program, you’ll be able to deal with customers, earn more money, schedule cleaning jobs, record all your cleaning activities and more.

Cleaning Service is a cleaning software program for Windows that will help you manage and administer your cleaning business. Cleaning Service is ideal for cleaning services, companies who provide cleaning services, janitorial services, floor care companies, maid services, carpet cleaning, housekeeping and window cleaning services. We offer cleaning software that will automate your cleaning business and help you manage and administer your entire cleaning business. Cleaning Service is your cleaning business management software that can help your cleaning business grow with advanced features and automated cleanup. Its intuitive interface makes managing your cleaning business a fast and easy task. With this software you can automate and manage your cleaning business, track cleaning tasks, offer services, receive payments and attract new business. Cleaning Service’s powerful features and functions enable you to manage your entire cleaning business and perform many other tasks.

Scheduling jobs is fast and easy thanks to our cleaning software. Cleaning Service will automatically notify you when you have a scheduled cleaning job, making it easy to track your cleaning activity and contact your client. You can view all of your cleaning jobs in one place and schedule new jobs easily. Keeping track of your scheduled cleaning jobs and tracking your customers can be done in one place in Cleaning Service. You can view all of your clients and keep a check on all of your contacts. Your clients, contacts and times are all easily managed with Cleaning Service’s intuitive interface and tools. You can easily view and manage all of your paid cleaning

Cleaning Service [32|64bit]

Cleaning Service is a powerful and intuitive software designed to help you run and manage your cleaning business as efficiently as possible.The software provides you with an intuitive user interface, a scheduler, and a clean and organized database where all your information is stored in real time.
Each job gets its own room in the database and each client in the database gets its own screen where all their personal data are stored, so you can easily manage your clients in any order you want.
The software handles the whole process of task creation, client monitoring, calculation of payments, task management, tracking down of data on different locations, viewing of report’s, and many more.
If you have previously used cleaning software before or if you would like to give our product a try, you can download a free demo version of this application here:

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Cleaning Service Full Version [Updated] 2022

Cleaning Service is a program that was designed to help you run your cleaning business as effectively as possible. You can schedule jobs, view dates, times and distances, check customer details, keep inventory, create clients and manage your workforce.
What Is Cleaning Service? is a powerful cleaning software for managing your cleaning services business. Cleaning Service is designed to keep you informed and help with all your important business processes. Check out the features of Cleaning Service, and how it can benefit your business:
Scheduling provides clients with a unique schedule. The scheduler allows you to view the appointment schedule for as far back as 2 weeks. You can easily add your current and any upcoming jobs, all from one easy to use interface.
Client Management automatically records client contact details, including their schedule and payment history. When you receive a new client, you can immediately fill out their details using the cleaned contact form.
Inventory Management
Have a large client base? Make sure you are not running out of cleaning products by tracking inventory and reordering. allows you to add, view and edit current inventory levels. Import, export and export formatting.
Full-time Status / On Call
Not available for every cleaning business? provides a full-time status feature that lets you see who’s working and who’s not. With On Call feature, you can assign employees to a particular job with just a few clicks.
Staff Management
Give tasks to your staff with just a click and monitor their activities. allows you to keep track of all your staff’s cleaning activities and payments. Additionally, you can keep a list of all your clients and their payment history.
Job Tracking allows you to track every single job from start to finish. Record the date, time, and location of each job, what was done and how much was paid. will track the whole job from start to finish and allow you to ensure nothing was missed.
What’s New in Cleaning Service
We have added an innovative and easy to use online scheduler. The online scheduler can help you stay on top of your job schedules.
We have added a calendar to the main screen which allows you to see the clients and their schedule in one place.
The program is constantly under development and we will

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System Requirements:

The minimum recommended system requirements are:
OS : Windows 7 / Vista / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit
: Windows 7 / Vista / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5 6600 / AMD FX-8350 or above
Intel Core i5 6600 / AMD FX-8350 or above RAM : 8 GB
: 8 GB HDD: 50 GB
50 GB GPU : Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA GTX 1060 3 GB or above
: Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA