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Mercenaries Vr is a sci-fi adventure, set in a future-world that has changed forever. You are standing in the middle of it all as a mercenary and your job is to complete missions for money and advance your career. 
In this futuristic sci-fi VR game, you will:
– fight in VR in a variety of different ways;
– travel to multiple locations and complete interesting tasks;
– learn useful skills for your mercenary career;
– engage in different operations with your team.World Border © 2016 – 2018 VPL Group Holding BV
Design: Patrik Heidis
Programmer: Jacob Mertens
Coding: Martin Wiegand
Graphics: Martin Wiegand
Concepts: Jürgen Bode, Frank Reinthaller
Inventor of the Thermal Add-on: Johann Casimir Schuhmann
Operation: VPL Group Holding BV
Tekken © PS2 Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.
3D environment © Panda3D

Back to the Future Part 3: Back to the Future

Back to the Future Part 3 is a first person shooter video game by Atlus.
It is the sequel to Back to the Future Part 2 and takes place after Marty McFly has travelled back to 1985 from the future, and the game covers his time travelling back to the year 1985.
Basically the game is a first person shooter and does not involve any fighting.
You will go through the game equipped with a hoverboard and the objective is to make it to the ‘present’ by travelling through three time zones.
Each time zone leads to a different section of the game and the time zones in order are ‘the future’, ‘the past’ and ‘the present’.
The gameplay and the game are based on the time travelling abilities of Marty McFly, which is introduced in the game’s level design. For example, you will see that the scenery does not change in the future, while in the past the level design changes to resemble elements of a different era.
Physically, the movement is unlimited and there are no restrictions in movement or time travel. As there are no moving parts or any physical limitations the game also functions in third person view.
Left-handed support
About The Game Back to the Future Part 3:
Back to the Future Part 3 is an action-packed game that also provides an in-depth tour of the time-traveling abilities of


Features Key:

  • Includes a train similar to the 1989 version of the 377 train with a significantly expanded timetable


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Music from Spa Space Raiders. Several tracks that will remind you about the game but also give you a good daze.
MP3s/WAVs and Music in flash, you can select from list.
Assisted in translating the Intro.
English and German version.
If you like this song, you can buy it on Google Play Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, etc
License: Free to use music for personal non commercial purpose.
Share your creations too! ☺
Have fun,
Lee P.

Game info

Play Space Raiders with your sound on. Watch your spaceship follow a star in a fiery fall. Use your skills and conquer the screen. Feel like a pro!

Battle yourself with a friend in your TV with music, if you wish.

Tons of variety. Every race of the galaxy is available.

More features to come soon!

Используйте фоновые звуки для игры в Space Raiders. Последний в дистанции от Солнца облако огромного газа раскачивается.

Вы можете выигрывать с другом на телевизоре с музыкой.

Набор комплекса, уникальный для вас для последней игры.

Еще много полезных функций отсюда позже и вы получите его под ру


Blind OST Free [Latest-2022]

01. Algorithm:
Engine runs optimized pseudo random sequence.
01.1. Every revolution the sequence will be changed:
01.2. After every switch the sequence will be restarted after the number of switches is back to zero.
01.3. Other sequences will always be generated.
01.4. The sequence will be generated correctly either one time or one revolution.
01.5. A sequence is generated correctly after a game.
01.6. It’s not possible to cheat.
02. Game logic:
02.1. Player gets a cube.
02.2. The center of the cube has a random shift.
02.3. Player must shoot the cube.
02.4. Each turn all players shoot one of the cubes.
02.5. In each turn player has 3 times the chance to shot:
02.5.1. cube of his color
02.5.2. green cubes
02.5.3. blue cubes
02.5.4. random green cube
02.5.5. random blue cube
02.5.6. random green cube
02.5.7. random blue cube
02.5.8. random green cube
02.5.9. random blue cube
02.5.10. random green cube
02.5.11. random blue cube
02.5.12. random green cube
02.5.13. random blue cube
02.5.14. random green cube



4 Aug 2015, 02:10

I think i have the only correct one.


6 Aug 2015, 20:40

You have 5,6,7,8,9.


6 Aug 2015, 22:55

Thanks for the help guys, I’ve realised my mistake. Thanks.


7 Aug 2015, 00:06

Originally posted by SolidSnake2013
I think i have the only correct one.

Your right there are 5 correct ones, but who actually “invented” this game? I’ve got a few ideas.


7 Aug 2015, 05:35

Originally posted by zyklos
Thanks for the help guys, I’ve realised my mistake. Thanks


What’s new in Blind OST:


User Rating:


1.9K Ratings

2304 Ratings Showing 1-15 of 260 Ratings

Class 0.1

Adrift in space, no life to feel safe in, they are forced to undertake the most dangerous and exciting journey ever known. Guides build safeguards to protect them. Slaves to the will of the guardians, they selflessly see them through. Their most important mission is to find other life in this harsh and unknown universe.

You are a starship AI (artificial intelligence) maker and you enjoy making ships and change the galaxy. You lack the imagination to make interesting ships but you are now your own expert ship designer and a fortune has been invested in you to make you understand the galaxy in a more detailed way. Every ship you make is a story about survival and beauty in interstellar space.

In the game you get to explore: Galaxy, space battle, trade, fights against Space Pirates, AI alliance of ships to explore the galaxy, set up aid for other starports and space stations, fight against giant space pirates, space battles, research and make your own ships, interstellar trade, battle space rage and more.

You follow an epic story as you try to upgrade your own ship (artificial intelligence) making it larger and more capable. After finishing the main game you follow a solo campaign of 50 scenarios that lead to an open world where you can build your own ship any way you want. You do that by adding modules, utilities and decorations. After finishing those scenarios you head into space for a series of hi-scores, replay missions, weekly goal and special events.

Each module can also be placed with another ones (for a bigger ship) and they can also affect your ship’s performance or your hull. You also get 3 utilities to use on your ship.

Some modules and utilities where rarer and more expensive but luckily you now automatically upgrade to any ship of the same type. You do that by upgrading it to the max category. Do this to have a ship that it performs the best for you as a developer.


80 / 10090.0

The biggest challenge we had was managing the scope of our experience through making major updates to a massive video game at a decent pace. Open World was a key driver of this, creating thousands of unique scripted scenarios and freeform experiences in a natural environment.



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Veronica West was one of Hollywood’s leading ladies in the 1940s and 1950s, known for her comedic roles in a wide variety of movies.
In the late 1970s, Veronica moved to the Isle of Man with her young son and embarked on a successful career as an island entertainer.
After her son vanished, Veronica moved back to Los Angeles and died at the height of her success.
Was her tragic death the result of an accident, a suicide, or worse?
Are the clues and the people who knew Veronica already pointing to a certain suspect?
Unravel the mystery of Veronica West in this unique murder mystery, exclusively for the App Store.

Your device does not support the game experience.


Customer Reviews

Despite the criticism and the poor audio quality of this particular chapter, I still appreciate the game for its creative and original look. In addition, the free bonus chapter is worth it for the bonus game alone! The final chapter is worth getting to see and solve.


By Brettie45

Its a fun game. Many words and sometimes a bit confusing, but it can be fun if your into the mystery.



By Rafe_1314

this game was okay i think but the problems being the later the other chapters came out there seemed to be no more of this story. i like it but u need to make the new chapters come out every other or once a month or something to keep it interesting

Not worth the money


By sjwjtjh

This game is average at best. The free bonus chapter is horrible. Very poor, written, and narrated audio. In the main game, it lacks a lot of the features you would normally expect. It does give you a good idea of a chapter, but there’s a lot of learning on your part before you’re allowed to use the deduction ability. And at the end of the chapter, the game suddenly ends before the resolution. You’re out $5, and you have to either pay $6 or $7 to get the rest of the chapters. Yeah, the game is worth $6, but not $5.

User Reviews

User Reviews


By FlaWSmRo

The story line in this version is different from the previous versions. My very first thought was this really


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System Requirements:

Any computer running Windows 10 and up
Preferably with dual monitors
Capable of playing audio from more than one application at once
Intuitive control of all volumes through the OS (min/max, balance, etc)
Able to use the media streaming software provided
System Requirements:
Windows 10 and up
Dual monitor (preferably)
Able to use software provided.


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