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Malicious software can cause a great deal of damage to your computer, making you lose important files. These can also be lost due to accidental deletion or drive corruption. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications like Back2Life you are able to easily recover lost data from your hard disk drive or removable storage devices.
Lightweight and easy to use
The application requires little of your system's resources in order to be installed and to properly run. This is a plus, as it becomes accessible to a large public.
When it is launched, it lets you quickly accommodate due to the cleverly simple design. Useful tips are displayed in case you have no previous experience with other applications of its kind.
Run a thorough scan of your hard disk drive
No additional windows need to be brought up in order to recover lost files, as the main window is equipped with available features. A side panel displays storage devices connected to your computer and with a few mouse clicks the process is put in motion.
Depending on the damage level of your storage device, you can choose from two scan methods. The process can run a quick scan that displays recently removed files or those that can easily be recovered.
A thorough scan can also be put in motion, with the possibility to set cluster range for search to be conducted. Result is displayed in a new screen, split into a tree view of folders, as well as a detailed list populated with files.
For easier identification, you can choose to display only deleted items. Furthermore, an integrated search engine lets you quickly look up files in case you remember any related details.
Unfortunately, the application only allows you to recover files to a different drive, so in case you only have one partition, have a removable storage device ready.
To end with
All in all, Back2Life is a small and practical application you might want to keep around so that your files are on the safe side. The interface lets you quickly accommodate and available features make sure nearly any removed file can be brought back from beyond recycle bin.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Back2Life 2.31 Crack+ [Win/Mac]

Windows Backup is a system and an operational tool that is designed to perform regular backup of your important files. This tool will do a complete backup of your complete system and operating system (all data, documents, settings, applications, and more). With this step, it will back up the information in the hard disk drive. After the backup process, you can store the backup on different USB flash drive, CD or DVD. Additionally, the backup is a complete backup, so you can retrieve this backup.
After the backup file is copied to the backup files, you can restore the backup file from the external device by using the same device on which you performed the backup.
Back2Life Support
Back2Life Windows Backup Support
Windows Backup Support
For some reason, I don’t have the option to restore the backup in the backup tool.
Back2Life Backup Options:
System Backup
Full Backup
Different options of back up
Running time of backups
Stop Running Time
Backup This Time
Repeat Backup
Backup Frequency
Restore File
Select File
Select File Backup
Select Backup Device
Select Account

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TY for the reply, TY for the help.

You can restore the backup from the backup tool itself, you can go to “All Files” folder and you will see the backup files there.
Restore File
Select File
Select File Backup
Select Backup Device
Select Account

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I have no idea how this might happen but when ever I try to open windows Backup it just keeps looping the msg window and then it seems like it crashes and the window then closes.

Hi, thank you for making this post. I was looking for the same app and I have found this:
Are you sure that you are interested in the same, and that the first one that you found is different from the one you are looking for?

You’re welcome.
I have tested all of them, and I have found my favourite one:
It’s for free and it’s a really easy to use software.

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Back2Life 2.31 PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

Back2Life Crack For Windows is a powerful data recovery tool used by data recovery experts to recover lost data from hard drive, memory card, phone, or any other storage device.
Key Features
Back2Life supports data recovery from most storage devices:
· Hard drive
· Memory card
· USB drives
· JFS/NTFS formatted hard drives
· SD card
· SDHC card
· U disk
· Removable storage device
· Flash memory (including memory card and USB flash drive)
· Solid state drive
· RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 7
· Hardware RAID 0/1/5/6/7 (including smart cards)
· Mass storage devices (including pen drive, solid state drives, drive enclosure, integrated drive electronics, hard disk drive enclosure, portable hard disk drive enclosure, digital camera memory card, digital camcorder memory card, mobile phone memory card, etc.)
· Any other physical storage devices
You can fully recover deleted or formatted files, system partition image backup, lost files with the help of the following methods:
· Hidden partitions (NTFS format)
· Empty files
· Short and long filenames
· Strong passwords
· BitLocker protection
· BIOS password
· Boot sector password
· Data previously stored in the event
· Data previously deleted by anti-virus tools
· Data stored with special file encryption keys (BitLocker and truecrypt)
· Data lost due to accidental removal
· Data restored by Windows during backup
· Data stored in unreadable media
· Data stored in inaccessible or damaged media
· Uncorrupted Windows operating system
· Uncorrupted Windows system files
· Data stored in removable storage devices such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, optical drives, and eSATA drives
· Data stored in formatted hard drives or removable storage devices
· Data restored from overwritten areas or damaged sectors
· Data stored in compressed files
· Data stored in encrypted files (Crypto file system)
· Data stored in spanned files
The following versions are available:
Back2Life Standard Version:
Recovers files from hardware memory card, USB flash drive, memory card, Flash memory, Solid state drive, mobile phone memory card, hard disk drive, solid state drive, Solid state drive, drive enclosure, integrated drive electronics, portable hard disk drive, digital camera memory card, digital camcorder memory card, mobile phone memory card, and

Back2Life 2.31 Crack + Activation

Back2Life is available for FREE download. You can download and try the software for an evaluation period of 14 days.

My name is Alexander and I would like to share my satisfaction about the quality of product “Back2Life” which I have purchased before a few days ago. The Back2Life was a nice surprise for me, because it’s a powerful and useful software. It’s really efficient and necessary. It is great and suitable for everyone in order to recover deleted files. Back2Life is a nice program to recover deleted files.

Thank you very much, Stephanie!
Back2Life is a useful software, because it’s a powerful and fast recovery tool, with a lot of options and the ability to scan different structures of your hard drive. Its price is reasonable, and it’s available for free.

This is the best backup software I have ever tried.
I was stuck with my Back2Life 4.1.14 trial version for a little longer, but then I decided that Back2Life just needs the ultimate version now.
So I bought the Ultimate version, which is the most expensive one but it was worth of it.
Now I got a fully working and stable software.
I have to recommend the Back2Life software in general!

This product works excellent but there is a minor bug that I have found. The problem is that when I have the Advanced search feature turned on, the Back2Life window will leave a gap every time I have found a file. It also doesn’t pause and allow you to search for anything. If it’s possible to fix this glitch, I would greatly appreciate it.

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First of all – Back2Life is a very impressive software. It is actually incredibly easy to use and requires only a few clicks on the mouse before the process

What’s New In?

Photos, videos, music, documents and other files are saved in the form of a video. You can bring back lost files from your hard disk to another drive, camera and removable device.
The application’s functionality is achieved through a USB key or mobile phone camera. An initial preview screen is used to confirm that the file is part of your multimedia library. A scan button lets you start a search. Files found are marked with a green cross on the media.
A field for title is made available on the media display screen. You can enter a descriptive title for your multimedia album, which will be displayed when the scanner is started. A file repair feature is made available through the application. This is a tool used to restore photos and the like.
The scan is made more efficient by a procedure which gives results in under a minute. Recovering files can be easily put in motion even if you don’t have a camera or a USB key connected. You can use an external drive for your multimedia collection or simply use another USB port for this. description:
If your website runs on a single server, but is designed to be hosted by an online service or shared host, such as,, or, your site’s database files can be subject to loss or data corruption. was designed to keep your site and your databases safe against this kind of disaster.
This software is used by hosting services to keep your hosting files and databases safe and protected against data loss. Description:
By utilizing a USB key, you can easily transfer and move your files and folders between your computer and the removable device. The software also has a security tool built-in. The tool keeps track of file times and can automatically remove corrupted files. By installing the software, you are able to view and access your files and folders from anywhere. Files and folders can be opened with the software using a basic file explorer and transferred between your computer and the USB key.
Eraser description:
This software has a utility designed to be used with an external drive. If the drive is lost or damaged, you are able to recover lost data from the external drive in the event that you have the latest version of Eraser installed in your computer. Eraser is accessible to users of all levels and has a built-in scanner to scan your drive and locate hidden files and folders. By scanning your entire drive, Er

System Requirements:

Not Recommended:
Mac OSX:
1. How can I install or use this addon?
Open the addon package and place it in /user/games/ or somewhere in your Steamworks folder. Afterwards it’s available via the “Steam Overlay” under games.
2. Why isn’t my video and audio in sync when playing the game?
When using Windows, the Steam overlay has no way of telling you if the