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import (


// LayerSet is a set of layers as defined by the commit
type LayerSet struct {
// Specifies the reference to use for the layerset.
Reference *distribution.Reference
// Stores the layers inside this layer set.
Layers map[string]distribution.Descriptor
// With this mutex we ensure that only one goroutine has pushed to the set at
// a time. If multiple are running then the push will block until the first
// takes place.
mu sync.Mutex

// hash function
hash function

// LayerSync represents a list of layers in the state a given layer Sync
type LayerSync struct {
// Used to sync this sync.
// Used to make sure only one goroutine is operating on this at a time.
mu sync.Mutex

// All the referenced layers.
Layers []distribution.Descriptor
// Reference for all the layers in this sync.
Reference *distribution.Reference
// SyncCtx is the context the sync will be launched in.
SyncCtx context.Context

// The version of the sync. This is used to ensure the layer is a
// valid version. This should be zero when preparing a volume.
Version int

// newLayerSet returns a new layer set.
func newLayerSet(reference *distribution.Reference,

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✔ Easy-to-use
✔ Exchange up to 3 WHOIS details for a single IP
✔ Store exported info to a text or XML file format
✔ Domain or IP checking
✔ Possibility to save results for later usage
✔ Configurable proxy and WHOIS parameters
✔ Multithreaded mode
✔ Work with international domain names
✔ Export to DOC or XLS file format
What’s in the box:
– Atomic Whois Explorer
– User manual
✔ Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
✔ Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 18, Chrome 21Fascinating:>Yodachrome SlideProjectionYodachrome is a brand name of a popular family of coloring and imaging films used for slides since 1938. Yodachrome uses a specially developed proprietary combination of chemical ingredients that creates colors and images that are far superior to anything currently offered by other film manufacturers.Monday, April 28, 2011

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Minaya declined to comment about how last year’s payroll — with $72.7 million of debt — affected the team’s ability to sign players. But the roster isn’t any better this year. The Mets finished last season with the second-

What’s New in the Atomic Whois Explorer?

Search thousands of domain and IP addresses to find which one is your actual IP address.
Find your current IP address in a couple of seconds. Enter your current IP address or domain name to find out the real IP address. You can also choose to find out the IP address from a list.
Atomic whois ip address will show you the IP address and provide the associated information of the domain name or IP address you enter.
Can also be used to find a source IP address of the client’s computer.
Find your current IP address. Enter your current IP address or domain name to find out the real IP address.
Can also be used to find a source IP address of the client’s computer.
Atomic Whois Explorer License Key:

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Atomic Whois Explorer

Atomic Whois Explorer is an advanced software application designed specifically for helping you perform searches throughout a global WHOIS database in order to extract email addresses, phone and fax numbers, country names and expiration dates. The tool also offers support for a multi-threaded mode so you can explore domains in a fast way.
User-friendly looks
You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive GUI that adopts a ribbon-like layout. You can easily switch between the main features of the program, such as explore domains, check out a domain list, and export data.
Importing mode
Atomic Whois Explorer lets you manually enter a domain or IP address or upload the information from plain text or CSV file format. It is important to mention that the application is able to work with all types of geographical and commercial zones, as well as process international domain names (IDN).
You may start or stop the current extraction process and start the extraction of the selected domain or process all domains with a single click.
Exporting options, searches, and filters
The utility gives you the option to export data to a text file, copy it to the clipboard so you can easily paste it into other third-party programs, as well as save it to DOC or XLS file format.
Atomic Whois Explorer reveals information about the domain or IP address, registration and expiration date, modification date, WHOIS server, as well as reg name. In addition, you may perform searches over parsed domain’s info and filter data by phone, fax or address.
Configuration settings

System Requirements For Atomic Whois Explorer:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP 64-bit, 2000/NT/ME/98/95 32-bit
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 9.0 capable
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound: DirectX 9.0 capable, 100 MB free hard disk space, 4 speakers with
stereo or higher audio settings, Microsoft Sound System compatible sound