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AnyFlickr is an application that allows you to easily search and view photos from Flickr.
■ Adobe AIR


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■ AnyFlickr Crack saves and loads album, photo, tag, comment and favorites in a nested
list structure.
■ The search results list is sortable
■ Detailed description of each photo
The application is developed under linux using the command line java environment and Air.
The application was created using AS3 with the help of the “AnyFlick” library and my own
code. The application makes use of the “LocalStorage” library to store the information about
each item in the application.
The application uses a simple algorithm to search in the photostream to find each photo,
thumbnail and comments in addition to the favorites that were saved. The application allows
you to modify a photo directly through the application. You can add tags, sort them, modify
and delete tags, move them around, set the favorites and more. The application also allows
you to delete photos directly from the application. The application is very well organized with
a very clean code.
Also available:
■ The music application for the Android mobile phones, you can find it on playstore:
AnyFlickr Feedback:
Please share your feedback about the application, errors you’ve found, questions you’ve
Feedback is very important to us as it helps us to evolve and improve the application,
and to appreciate the work of developers. If you’ve found any problems, please leave your
feedback about:
– The error and how you’ve managed to solve it,
– Suggestions on how to improve the application,
– Any suggestion that you’ve found on your own.
-We appreciate all the feedbacks that you’ve been sending to us, so far we’ve received
more than 20000 positive comments about the application. We will respond to your
feedback with more information if any of the problems are solved.
AnyFlickr License:
This application is free to use for personal and non-commercial purposes. The source code
(the code you need to compile and run the application) is available for download.
This application uses a third-party license, the full license information is available in
the LICENSE file.
AnyFlickr Source Code:
If you’d like to take a look at the source code of this application, or change some of

AnyFlickr Free

Simply enter a keyword to search for photos by that keyword, then select images from any of the specified locations. When there are multiple hits, the application will list them for you to choose from and you can immediately preview the images. Once you have found images you like, they can easily be downloaded from the website as well.
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MLT Links is an iPhone app which provides information about iPhone MLT Web movies, and MLT Streaming and download links.
■ Streaming movies from iTunes or iCloud
■ Fast downloads from iTunes and iCloud
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■ Cellular and 3G Streaming links available
■ Support for iBookmarklet
■ Redirects to the official MLT site for downloads
Where to find MLT Links?
MLT Links can be found in the App Store. Search for “MLT Links” or “MLT Links” (without quotes).
Any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

PRC is an iPhone app designed to help PR’s provide better service to their clients by letting them know about the progress of their order.
PRC Description:
PRC is a simple, easy to use iPhone app that will let you know about the progress of your order. Your iPhone or iPod Touch can be used to track the progress of a large order. You can access the status of your order via a web connection. Based on your location, a map will be displayed where you can view your order in a graphical format. Your iPhone can also be used to update your status as well.
PRC Features:
■ Real time status updates
■ 5 Day forecast
■ Status change updates
■ Reprinted information
Any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

Fudu is an iPhone app which allows you to select the best business name.
Fudu Description:
Fudu is an iPhone app which allows you to select the best business name. As you input your business name, Fudu will calculate the best match according to certain factors.
Fudu Features:
■ You can enter your business name
■ Three different layouts – More, Less, and Custom
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■ More than 100,000 names and more
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The AnyFlicki…

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What’s New in the AnyFlickr?

■ AnyFlickr is the most complete, visual (and the easiest to use) application to search and view photos from Flickr.
AnyFlickr Features:
■ User-defined search results based on tags, locations, date ranges or anything you can think of
■ If you want to see a photo, simply double-click on a photo or use the right click menu to copy image link
■ Browse photos by tags, locations, date ranges and anything else
■ Drag and drop photos onto the screen to browse or create photo albums
■ Share photos via e-mail or use an Ajax request to upload photos to other sites
■ View and save photos in the original size or scaled to a variety of size ratios
How do I get started using AnyFlickr?
■ Download the adobe air installer here:
■ Install the AnyFlickr application like any other AIR application
■ Go to create a free Flickr account if you don’t already have a Flickr account
How do I start using AnyFlickr?
■ See any tutorial videos on Youtube
■ After you login to, you will need to press the “Sign In” button in the upper right hand corner to access the AnyFlickr application.
■ If you register the AnyFlickr application as a free user, you’ll receive a phone call to verify your identity.
■ You are granted access to all the features of AnyFlickr.
■ You may like to set a password to access your account.
If I use AnyFlickr, will I loose my Flickr account info?
■ You will not loose your Flickr account information. AnyFlickr is completely separate from your Flickr account information.
■ AnyFlickr is a FLICKR-PRO application. You can still be a free FLICKR user.
If I start using AnyFlickr, what’s gonna change for me?
■ For the “free” AnyFlickr account, you will get 4 free photos a month. This is based on your location, date range and any other filtering criteria you set up. This means that some photos may never appear in your photo albums.
■ If you start using the “premium” AnyFlickr account, you will get unlimited “free” photos. This means that you will see all

System Requirements:

Recommended Requirements:
Supported Formats:
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